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Originally posted on 04/18:

Post stickied.

I’m on the road for Pesach.

Updates will be sporadic until 04/29.

I’d also like to take this time to congratulate O.T. on his “Dansdeals inspired wedding.” What’s that supposed to mean? Well, here’s the email he sent me in the end of March that just made my day. I’m not going to use his full name in case he doesn’t want it to be published…


I hope you’re well. I stumbled upon your blog a long time ago when I was searching for information about the Starwood Amex card. I bookmarked your site and I’ve been checking it daily ever since.

About 6 or 7 months ago you blogged about a 1 dollar fare sale from Spirit Airline. I live in Los Angeles, so I figured out that I could fly to Guatemala for a dollar each way ($80 r/t after tax). The only catch was that I would have to fly in on a Wed and out 32 hours later on a Thur. It sounded crazy but fun. I called my (girlfriend) while at work, laughing on the phone, and she said, why not, let’s do it. Long story short, I hired a tour guide and private car for the day and we saw all of Guatemala City and Antigua within the span of 10 hours. (Just a little background info: My girlfriend and I had been talking about getting married in the months leading up to our trip and the thought of another cookie-cutter L.A. wedding really wasn’t something we were excited about.) When we were in La Antigua (45 min outside of Guatemala City) our tour guide told us we had to see a hotel there that was beautiful. We told him we weren’t interested and wanted to see more of the culture and not the hotel. He insisted. We gave in. As we were walking around this hotel (Casa Santo Domingo) we were enthralled and found it to be beautiful. At a certain point I looked at my girlfriend and said “this would be the perfect place to get married.” She was thinking the same thing. The light bulbs went off for both of us. That was 5 months ago. In less than 3 weeks we’re getting married in that hotel in La Antigua with over 100 of our family and friends.

Anyway, thought you might be interested to know what a post on your website can lead to!

Best regards,


That is one “Smoking Hot” deal indeed! Thanks for sharing your unique story and once again, congratulations!!!

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dan, dwasnt that the blog that you werent to happy to post but you only posted it so no one bothers you lol


DanTheMan! you are an inspiration to us all!
have a safe trip, a good time, and come back soon!
we love you


Yay Dan!


Happy to report that the wedding was perfect and that all of our guests that arrived from the U.S. and other parts of the world loved celebrating our union in Guatemala. Most people probably would never visit Guatemala on their own. Thanks again to you and if you ever get the chance…go experience Guatemala (especially La Antigua)!!!


get $100 and 4000 continental miles for opening a free key checking account
just choose the mileage debit card.

loyal reader

whats going on with continental airlines?…mileage to Israel went up from 100,000 each way to 125!!!
any new best mileage deals from nyc to tlv? I do have starwood miles too and would like to go a minimum of business class at the end of august.


mazel tov, O.T.


take it easy dan,
btw just curious, where are you?


I am planning a trip to Italy in the summer, I only have about ten days and i would like to cover as much as possible. Does anybody have any experience with Italy as far as where to go and what to see?



ive been there what are you looking to do and ill try to help


I am flying from EWR to Milan stopping in Paris for a day, My return flight is from Rome direct to EWR. I have an option to either stick in a flight from Venice to Rome at no extra charge or does it make sence just to take an overnight train from Venice to Rome?


What is your opinion on the new Delta American Express card?I think its called reserve. I belive if you spend $60,000 in the first year you get 30,000 MQM’s and plus you get 10,000 MQM’s after your first purchase

big dope

Dan, hope you have a terrific Pesach.

I need to get a round-trip airfare from either PHL, EWR or JFK to BUD for June or July using 50K Amex MR points. I don’t mind changing planes, but some of the layovers I am seeing are 10+ hours. Can anyone help me figure this out? Thanks.


I’m new to ur site & i have been viewing it for several mos now. Great sie! Like Levi, i too would like to know about the new DELTA RESERVE. Do u think there will ever be a promo like the PLAT($250 OFF/NO ANNUAL FEE-at least for the 1st yr). How can i enjoy the 10k MQM’s & then cancell the card?


good bye skybus!


I need to get a membership for the Continental Presidents Club. Please tell me which is the best option, Amex Platinum, Continental Presidential Plus card or just to buy the membership straight out??


The overnight trains in Italy arent very good. I took one from Paris to Rome with my boyfriend and we were uncomfortable the whole way. The train broke down twice along the way, and added about 5 hours onto our trip. Rome was beautiful! I would def reccommend you go there. You’ll love it!


italy is beautifull

AA Travel

Dan when you come back or even before you can share this with your readers, a full list of destinations for reduced milage for Apr-Jun if you are a AA card member,
Thank you,



Dan – I just found the best deal:
For every transcontinental flight flown on british until 12/31/08 you can get another free w/ a ba buisness account.
Its called on buisness, you sign up on their website and enter code BACOM8 and they give you 8000 buisness points for signing up which is enough for a free transcontinental flight (off-peak). You get the points after you fly one flight with them. They give you points for each flight flown after that – nothing too much, but it seems you can make a new account easily with a different adress. The signup is all online and i dont think they check into you too much, I put my social for the tax ID and they sent me an email in a few hours with my log in info.
The flight has to be bought on the us or canada sight, and has to originate in the us or canada, and you also get the normal mileage for the flight. It says that you have to put in your on buisness # when u book, but it seems you can claim after. This seems great for people flying to israel.
The flight must be in First F,A, Club J,C,D,I, World traveller plus W,T, Traveller Y, B,H, M, or V for points. The points seem to have all the flexibility of mileage. Dan, please check this one out and tell us what you think!