On The Road…

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Stickied until 1/31:

Originally posted on 1/20:
I’ll be doing a pond jump with the family today-expect sporadic updates for the remainder of the month.

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a fan

Out of shere curiosity, what’s a pond jump?


Crossing the pond . . . i.e. the Ocean.


Hey: I want to try signing up for the starwood amex again… But all i could see is one with fees after a year! Im 18, i gonna want to keep this card for a while to keep my credit. Is there a card you could recommend?

sorry for all the questions so often. amex denied my aplication last time. i want to see if i could negotiate with them this time to get the card, albiet with a lower credit limit…



I’ve gotten koshernet, and it denies me access to your site. They catogorized it as sales and therefor denied access. You ought to complain to them.


If any one can help please, im leaving soon and i want to use my phone as a modem, and the hack Dan poseted back then i cant figure it out, i do every thing and then when i have the program it fails. I rather if some-1 can help me do it with a Mac, or PC.


Dan, you once posted a message about “passangers bill of right on flights” – how far the airline can go with delays on the runway etc. is it still on your site? My sister way stuck on the runway for close to 4 hours on a flight from Ft. Lauderdale-Philly because of a problem with the plane and then had to make an unexpected stop in Baltimore they arrived in Philly at 4am instead of 11 pm I was wondering if she can do anything



I saw online tht my amex open was billed its annual membership fee of 395.00. However there was also a 250.00 credit, again!
So what do you think, is it worth 145.00?? (I am tempted just for the airport lounges alone…)


there needs to be a 2nd in command, so posting can continue?


leave him alone and let him enjoy his vacation!
Im sure the posting will resume to normal within this week…….. and for now just appreciate the times he posted multiple times daily!


Any eBay users here? You are probably pissed to find out that although eBay wants us to believe they are lowering fees, they are actually raising them.


mendel s

Wouldnt be the CFO then it would be the COO….



In the promo code write: WIN2008 and search. I found free bus tickets to almost anywhere, for quite a lot of dates!

sprint modem

welcome back dan.

I am existing sprint customern about 6 months. assuming i can get out of early termination fee, how can i get my same tel # to a sero acct. i think you once wrote about it.

scrable: it will cost $20 but check out junefabrics.com for a program that lets you use your cell phone to access internet on your pc or laptop.