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I’m headed off with my beautiful and sweet wife Mimi to Hawaii (via Houston of course-the 3 story President’s Club there is a “must-do!”) where we’ll hit all 4 of its’ major islands (Oahu, then Kauai, Maui, and finally the Big Island) and then come back to Cleveland with stopovers in LA and NYC. (Gotta get the bast bang for the buck out of the mileage tickets!)

Posting may be sporadic for the next month or so, but thanks for hanging in there and keep checking back because it will be updated!

Stay tuned for a report on Continental’s BusinessFirst service to Hawaii

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loyal reader

have a wonderful time and a safe trip


Dan, have you been to hawaii b4? I can give you some tips on honolulu.


have fun u 2! 🙂


I’m so Jealous!!
Connections or Stopovers?
More than one stopover, than I am very impreased!!


hi dan enjoy your honeymoon!

just one question,
i know how you can get free
flights, hotels, car rentals, gas, and even some spending money,
but how I ask do you have a free MONTH???

(anyway we’ll miss your posts!)

GG Checkpoint Line 53

Have a wonderful time together.

Hope you dont miss any state-side excitement while youre gone!


Have a wonderful, fun, safe (and kosher) trip. You both worked hard at organizing all the travel, hotel and food arrangements… now ENJOY!!!


thanks so much for your hard work for as all

a vacatoin well deserved


Mazal Tov
Enjoy your vacation to its fullest
When You do come back-if you can please post some good desktop deals I need two of them.


dan im just curious how many miles did the flights alone cost (not the htels)


Correct me if i am wrong, I would say 75,000 miles each ticket.


hi I hope you are enjoying it there

p.s. I’m begging you on behalf of all the mobile users to make this website mobile friendly pleeeeese thanks



ps-how long does it take for delta to post those bonus miles i got, back by the 67,000 miles promotion??


Yehuda, It’s called Opera Mini, it allows you to view web pages just like you see them on a computer. Try it out – free download.


@YankyDoodle: where from? i only found a demo free (30 days)

and the one i found doesn’t really work on my phone (wm 6.1 smartphone)


on your mobile device type in http://www.operamini.com and the first option you will see is to download opera mini V. 4.2 Click download and enjoy! (As far as I understand it works for all mobile browsers but no guarentees)


you need opera mobile for wm 6.1 but there is a much better one called skyfire. it is a free downlaod not a demo.


Never been to Hawaii but I hope you’re having an awesome time.


Hey Dan Its Been Almost A Week !Still On Vacation? Were Losin Money Here Where Are The Deals???



Do You know of any downloads for the palm centro?