Musings On Black Friday…

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Tomorrow is one of the busiest shopping days of the year. Lots of crowds, plenty of questionable deals.

Earlier this decade, when stores like Best Buy offered mail-in rebates, there were true bargains to be had that were worth camping out for. They counted on the majority of folks never sending in those rebates. They could afford to give away electronics for next to nothing to the lucky folk who filled out the forms to get their rebates. Free cell phones without activation required were easy to score back then.

Those days are long gone. I just watched a CNN clip of people camping out from Thursday afternoon at Best Buy until they open at 5am. Seriously guys? You can get better deals online without fighting the crowds!

The last time my birthday (11/26) fell out on Black Friday was in 2004. That year I found myself on shlichus, teaching kids in Sao Paulo. And on that day, my 20th birthday, I started a little blog called and told some friends on AIM to check it out. 3 years after that it became and here we are 3 years after that. It’s been exciting to see it grow into a site reaching hundreds of thousands of visitors every month, saving people millions of dollars and helping people get miles to see the awesome world that we’re in for free. I’ve never spent a dime on advertising, so thanks to all you guys for spreading the good word!

I hope lots of you got free tickets and hotel stays earlier this week and were brave enough to trust me that it would all work out.  If you did post a comment about what you booked for free! I had the time of my life flying to Vegas for free, staying in a Bellagio suite for free, watching a Cirque show which I’m very happy that Expedia paid for, getting a comped dinner and internet from the Bellagio, and then seeing that $0 bill from them and the full refund from Expedia! Now that was quite the birthday present!!! Oh, and getting 10,000 Continental miles on the free ticket…now that is like icing on my birthday cake!

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and as always thanks for the best deals ever!!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!
I LOVE the site and yes, I am going to Vegas!
P.S. I like the deals like the Vegas one more than the Amazon deals 😉


Dude, you’re the man! That’s all I gotta say.


Oh, and happy birthday!


Happy Birthday 😀

Keep growing!!!


thanks for all that you do. of course no good can go without a neg comment so please lets see some NY air and hotel deals thats where most of your clics come from
Thank you and HB!!!
ur wife and future children should see lots of nachas from you!


Happy birthday and thanks for publicizing great deals. With an infant, we chose not to go to Vegas, but I booked a few trips from Boston to New York in order to snag $150 spa gift certificates. My birthday is this week so there’s my present. Thanks again!


I am on the plain to vegas thanks
dude one more I thing I booked 5 tickets and called delta and they refu
nded me on the ones I sed I can’t fly do to hospital reasons so I made 2 grand thanks dude I bet u did not think of that one


Happy birthday!
I got a free flight from Chicago to NY for the last week of December. Thanks.


Dan, can do you know where I can get a good deal on a 24″ or 26″ TV/DVD Combo? Something that will last, and a good company. Please let me know. Thanks! Happy Birthday!!!


@dude did u cancel within 24 hours of the flight or was it before that


looking for a good JCREW coupon like 50%


Happy birthday Dan! I Never doubted you on the Vegas deal but had no time to fly to Vegas, I wish I could have. I did get one spa certificate.


I used the opportunity to be at the Ohel on Hey Teives for free. Thanks Dan!


dan although a good deal of ur deals are legit and typical sales- price mistakes and the like are borderline stealing …its one thing if u did urself but also caused 1000 of other to do so as well—how does ur conscious feel?

im a big fan–but u def got to develop some sort of code of ethics here thnx


Thanx Dan I got 2 $500 TICKETS FOR $200 AND hAPPY bIRTHDAY!


Taking advantage of a deal is one thing, lying to an airline to scam them is another. That’s just wrong.


happy birthday! got some free tickets to nyc as chanukah presents for family members,thank you!


@Anonymous: dont b a wuss if u r gonna take a shot at dan say your name,


happy bday dan! we luv u!!


Happy Birthday! I have two rooms coming up at the Belligo but only need one. Can I get credit from the 2nd or combine then to get a suite? Its just for one night. btw what kosher food can Belligo Comp? please let me know. Thanks

Yeshiva in Phoenix

Hey Dan,
I am going on a recruiting trip together with the Rosh Yeshiva for our Yeshiva in Phoenix. We got two free tickets to Vegas with a hotel night minutes from the airport for free. Tizke L’Mitzvos!


Happy Birthday, Dan!
I got a free ticket to NYC, thanks!


Dani if i would walk into best buy without a receipt and try to exchange the webcam for $60 store credit, would it work?