Mazal Tov Eli And Chana!

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I just wanted to give a big mazal tov to Eli Webster who got married tonight to Chana Samet in Toronto.

Eli singlehandedly created the awesome Dansdeals Forums where some 800 members have made nearly 17,000 posts in 1,800 topics and is a wealth of information and help.

It was even via the forum where I learned about the new LAN chart which allows you to use Starpoints for insanely low rates for short-haul flights to places like Canada, which I eventually used to get some tickets for Eli’s family to Toronto!

He has also helped me out on many occasions with the technical side of, even while getting ready for his marriage.

May you guys have a binyan adei ad, an everlasting home with only the best…thanks for all the great work, Eli!

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Mazal Tov Eli!!!


Mazel Tov!!!

rabbi p

mazal tov


Mazel Tov Eli, i love the forum!


Mazal tov!!
Just wondering, if he was behind it, why is he not one of the very active participants?

arlington ave. lakewood nj

mazel tov mazeltov !!!


mazel tov


mazal tov!!
Such wonderful news
may you be zoiche to build a BNB with much NBB and may you have TONS of STDSHMYA with e/t you DO
And may moshicach come really really soon


hey dan,
can i still do that transfer, and do you know if that great rate is still avail
also can i transfer just 10000 starwood
as i only need one ticket


Mazel Tov Eli! Keep up the good work.


starpoints to lan is the best. 20,000 Starpoints got me 3 roundtrip tickets from new york to toronto that would have costed over $1,000!


Yes, the LAN deal is alive and well.

8,000 Starpoints will get 16,000 LAN, enough for a round-trip ticket NYC to Toronto or Montreal on AA.

20,000 Starpoints will get 50,000 LAN, enough for over 3 round-trips.



Amtrak is cheaper: 6k points for r/t montreal-NYC (and no taxes at all)
BA is even cheaper: 20k SPG-25k BA- A trip like Montreal-NYC-MIA-Dallas-LAX-Chicago-Montreal with stopovers up to a year in each city.


Mazal tov. Just wondering …. How many starwood points did you get for “closing the deal” with Chana?


i have about 100,000 starwood points. any way to turn that in to a business class ticket to israel? i know 100,000 would be 120,000 american miles but thats still short for a bus class ticket. any way to do it with lan?


Not with LAN, but you can easily get a business class ticket and then some with that many Starpoints.
Check out for more discussion on it.


I was at the wedding last night. It was an AMAZING Simcha!!!For an AMAZING Chosson and Kallah. Everyone danced like it was their brother and sister Too bad no one elas can get the AMAZING deal you two guys just got Mazel Tov Eli and Chana!



Eli W

Thank you everyone for the Mazel Tov wishes. And thanks to everyone who came from far and near for the Wedding.


mazel tov


can i get a discount on binyan adei ad. so far the full price hasn’t worked out for me


mazal tov eli