Know Whenever There Is A New Comment On A Deal-Use Firefox Live Bookmarks!


Firefox’s live bookmarks are amazing-I have 20 of them set up in my browser!

To set up a live bookmark to keep track of new posts on this site click:

To set up a live bookmark to keep track of comments, in order of time of posting click:

These RSS links are always available in the bottom of the sidebar.

Firefox live bookmarks can be set up from any website that has the orange RSS logo displaying in the right-side of the address bar!

Still using IE?
Switch to Firefox and besides for being more secure, having built-in antiphishing protection, and being less vulnerable to spyware you can:

-Reopen closed tabs.

-Restore your browser session in case of a browser/computer crash.

-Have in-line spell checking.

-Have live bookmarks

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or even better – use yahoo to set up an alert to the rss feed. There are lots of rss to email services out there, but I have found yahoo to be the first one to deliver new stuff. I usually get an alert on new posts about 3 hours after its posted. Unfortunately, it doesn’t get faster…


i think ‘in case of a’ needs to be ‘when the’.

dont get me wrong, im using ff right now. im just complaining in general.


Or you could just get a mac and use safari (which comes standard). And not kill yourself every day with dealing with crappy PC’s.


Even better than live feeds… many smartphones support RSS feeds as well!!
That means you can get live updates on your Windows Mobile, Palm, Symbian or other compatible phone device!

Most RSS readers will also support embedded files such as mp3s (also known as PodCasts), which makes this sort of thing extra super cool and handy to have (my yeshiva has a weekly parsha podcast- goes straight to my phone, listen in the car!).