Join Me And Thousands Around The Globe In Prayer And Fasting Until Midday Tomorrow

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Tomorrow, March 19th, I’ll be joining thousands around the globe in heeding the Agudah’s call for a day of prayer and fasting until midday (1:03pm in NYC, 1:33pm in Cleveland, etc.) to G-d above for safety from the COVID-19 plague that is attacking humanity across the planet.

Join me if you can, of course those that are weak or ill should not fast, and let’s unite in prayer during these uncertain times.

May we all see happier times, very soon.


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43 Comments On "Join Me And Thousands Around The Globe In Prayer And Fasting Until Midday Tomorrow"

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Thank you. Anyone have a link for hebrew English Yom Kippur Kattan?


You should of sent this out earlier before mincha

You’re supposed to be Makabel a fast for the next day at mincha time, not at 10.30 pm


No you should not be mekabel taanis unless you’re fasting the entire day


some poskim hold you only say the Mincha insert if you’re fasting the whole day


Nunu it is because of posts like yours hashem has sent Corona on us all


Positivity kindly


Lester, no one and I mean NO ONE deserves Corona Beer. It’s just…it’s awful. Coronavirus, sure! Some people deserve that!


Lester, since your G-ds secretary and you know exactly why G-d does and does not do certain things. Can you please tell us Why G-d lets the rest of us suffer from hateful posts such as yours


Isn’t it too late to join since it’s past Shekia?


The fast is meaningless if you didn’t accept it by Mincha today.




What does that mean? I’m not an expert in hallacha and fasts, but since when do you need to “except” a fast in order to fast?


God doesn’t listen without giving him warning first


This is not a halachik fast, if it was we’d fast the entire day. In halachah we don’t find a fast of half a day.


Not exactly. There is a concept of תענית שעות which can mean according to some meforshim, a half-day fast.

Hashem help



Are you guys serious? You can’t just participate in something or drop it? Why do you have to one up? We should be thinking of ways for us all to band together and not look to tear each other apart. Let’s all be part of a team. Klal Yisrael will be much better off.




Hear hear!! איש אחד לב אחד


Thank you for posting!


I have never posted on this site before, but I feel obligated to share my voice. Dan is sharing something beautiful about how the community is coming together. I think God cares more about us coming together then whether we were mekabel this before Shkiya. I definitely think that God despises the negativity.


+1. And you should post more often:)

Sibling Rivalry

No this is just Jewish unity. A family picture is always full of negativity and an overall unpleasant experience. But at the end of the day it is a FAMILY picture. And everyone is smiling on camera. Even the cousin that didn’t quite make it in. Achdus isn’t always sweet and romantic. There is something much deeper than “unity” that unites us. And it is stronger than any official gesture . It is an expression of a feeling of belonging to argue, you wouldn’t speak to a friend the way you speak to a sibling, but when it comes to dying for someone…


(Mipi Hashmua) I have heard that R’ Elyashiv held that a taanis shaos like this one does need kabbalos taanis b’shas mincha.


Thanks Dan. To the ones complaining about the timing, even five minutes of mefashfesh b’maasav is meaningful. Yes even for you.


Thanks Dan for posting this! Stay safe!


Thank you for the news, not really


Thank you. May our tefilos be answered!


Thanks. Bsorot Tovot




Thanks for posting


I wasn’t mekabel to daven shachris this morning…so I’m in bed all day! 🙂


Rebbe held to give tzedaka instead of fasting in our generation!


i thought the party line with Frum was that can’t declare something dangerous until rabbinic authorities say so. even now people have their heads in the sand. How many more people and lives destroyed and businesses destroyed because people are sheep. Baaa Baaa. The government wasn’t asking for you to commit incest you foolish lout. Pikuach nefesh hello

Bob dole

If Agudah is on board…count me out



I am fasting

Where can I find the special tefillos for Yom Kippur Koton? I’ve never said it before but I would like to start today.


I wanted to do this but alas… kids. I did unintentionally fast though because things are that crazy between working from home and being a teacher.


Dan, can you take a poll how many people fasted? Just curious.

Big macher

So, did it help?