Introducing Your Feedback Wanted!


Voters and Commenters: I’m listening! The new site is an evolving work in progress, so keep up the comments and check out the latest changes!
Whether you love it or hate-Now is the time to sound off!

I am finally going to make the move off of the Blogger platform and onto my own host!

As part of the move I am considering a rebranding of the site.

I bought the domain name to be the main name of the new site.

Even if I go forward with the rebranding, and will continue to seamlessly take you over to

Before I do anything drastic I would like to hear your opinions!

So, first of all go check out the basic layout of

Please realize that it is far from the finished product. There will be a lot of improvements in the sidebars and there are some bugs that I’m working on, but it will give you an idea of what it will look like.

Then please vote in these polls, and leave comments with any suggestions that you have!

What do you think of changing the name of this site to
Go For It!
Stick With The Ctown Names!
Don’t Care Either Way. Beta 1 Voting Closed:

What do you think of the proposed site layout?

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dan jr

well Dan 1 the search box needs to be higher up and its to simple of a site this the way it is is nice I think you can get something nicer then that were will the ads be you need to have ads on the top of the page more to come dan and it can use alot more coloring

Yossi W.

If you ever decide you want to professionally design it, I can do the job for you. I do web design and web programming.

My website is

Yossi W.


i dont see the knowledgebase on the new one. i think its pretty neat, but make sure you go through each detail of whats on now to be in the new site…

i like the categories on the left…


short lines are much clearer then long ones & nicer to, so keep up with the new site, but text should be like old.
A big fan,
we love you, Dan.


i think a layout like slickdeals where you can see all the headings and just click on the one you want is cool

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I like the new layout.

although the long lines are harder to read (10 WORDS PER LINE IS MUCH EASIER ON YOUR EYES THAN 15+) its easier to read line after line in the current (ctown) format.


I like the new name, but it can use some more coloring for sure, the site looks so mature, or blunt, add some life to it,just my opinion.good luck in any case


dan i agree with dan jr.

i also think that you should
ad another type of categories list for deals that don’t expire
(e.g. credit card deals or car rentals,cell phone or computer deals, maybe x-fares and the likes

dan jr

Dan I think you can also use like knowledge base for like computers and cell phones and how thy work so people can know what thy need wen buying these things and like you do with the cc round up lease it will be amazing and Dan you did get a offer for it


“Meshaneh makom, meshaneh mazel”, all the best.


It’s ok but I think it needs a little more “white space” between things.


i suggest you contact menachem krinsky at to liven up your new site. he does a great job, his website is


too many buttons not every co. needs
a button just very general .and add
a little color but over all very nice



I think a new site isn’t a bad idea, but I think it’s there’s too much going on on the page. That’s what I like about the blog, it’s very simple, the likes are short and centered etc. If you make the changes to the new site then it will be better. (Remember, people liked google because of it’s simplicity).

All the best

dan jr

dan just to ad a bit also that the posts are better only to the left and make to thing to the right if you need and you can also put the woot html like you have on ioogle so we can see the item fom your site easy if you want


There is a bug which is known in some different asp and some other software that when you shrink the window (width) it doesnt format the text properly. You should probably also stick with lightly shaded side bars to be able to see the cut-off from the main content. Otherwise it is much better to host it on your own etc.


the new sites name is perfect!! the layout is not great, its too busy, too many things going on at once. there must be a way to make the page clearer and easier for the eye. good luck on the new site and cant wait for it to be up and running

Mr. Impact

Dan you can get a little help from this web site.


I would keep the sites separate, keep the Jewish stuff on ctown and try to appeal to a broader audience with dans. Affiliate is big business.
Good luck


I would go to .they makw beautiful sites.It is a shame -make a really nic e site