“How Many Miles Do You Have?”

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Uri asked in a comment,

“Question for Dan and other mile collectors: approx. how many miles do you have in total?

I ask this because I want to get an idea of how “expensive” it is for you guys to take such a trip. The more miles you have, the less expensive it is to use up 25,000 of them.”

Well, because you asked so nicely…

Contrary to popular mileage philosophy, I’m a big believer in spreading miles out across numerous programs and alliances. In this manner I greatly increase the odds of finding a mileage ticket when I need it. By having miles and elite status in all alliances I am able to access the mileage inventory of literally dozens of airlines, and travel in comfort when I find the award ticket.

Additionally, I basically never use 25,000 miles for a domestic coach ticket, there are significantly better values to be had by traveling in international premium classes than domestic coach…

Anyway, these are my lifetime earned miles (not necessarily how much I currently have in each account):

One World: (Current Status: AA Lifetime Gold, Oneworld Ruby)

AA: 1,350,000

Cathay Pacific: 795,000

LAN: 105,000

Skyteam: (Current Status: Continental Silver, Skyteam Elite)

Continental: 380,000

Delta: 130,000

Northwest: 4,500

Star Alliance: (Current Status: United 3P, Star Alliance Silver)

United: 225,000


Jetblue: 275 Trueblue points (100 = Systemwide RT ticket)

Airtran: (Current Status: Lifetime Elite) 1,600 A+ Credits (16 = Systemwide RT ticket)

Southwest: 48 RR Credits (16 RR credits = Systemwide RT ticket)

Starwood: (Current Status: SPG Gold) 300,000 Starpoints

Hilton: 40,000 points

AMEX MR: 60,000 points.

Avis: Chairman Status (Automatic free upgrade to best available car on the lot)

OK, Now it’s your turn! How many miles have you earned and what kind of elite status do you hold?

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Yossi at YossTek

Dan, I know you have probably mentioned it before, but is there a guide available that shows you how to attain these levels? How do you reach chairman status on Avis?


How in the world do you have so many A+ points, also Cathay and Southwest and LAN?….

I don’t know about lifetime but current:
United: 160,000
AA: 150,000
Starwood: 109,000
Continental: 85,000
AMEX MR: 270,000

And numerous little amounts (1k-30k) on others.

Much thanks to you for lots of this.

big fan

also same question how do you reach avis chairman status never even heard of that actually ???


Just started with mileage very impressive. I was just wondering how you got the chairmans club with Avis? I did and still do my share of rentals got preffered select awhile back then was changed to Avis First but even after bothering was never upgraded?


wooooow!!! tha is impressive. just wondering if avis chairmen can rent at 18 or if you have any other ideas how to rent at 18.


I have been Gold on AAdvantage numerous times, how did you become a lifetime member ? And if you become a lifetime member could you move up to Platinum ?


aa 83k
spg 77k
delta 50k
aeroplan 45k
united 50k

Most of this is thanks to you dan!! Keep it up!!


Same question how do you become chairman club with avis?

Also how did you earn so many miles, from spending or signing up to so many cards?


Avis Presidents Club
Starwood Platinum = 178,531
Hyatt Platinum
Continental Silver Elite = 234,536
Delta Silver Medalion
Jet Blue = 204
Air Tran Elite
And Many Other Amounts (1k-25k)On Others


Can u please explain what the purpose of this post was???? are we supposed to clap for u and say wow look how many miles he has??? do u want my numbers??? i don’t have as many as you so it really isn’t so impressive.
Oh maYBE YOU WANT TO SHARE YOUR MILES WITH SOMEONE? iS THAT WHAT YOU ARE TRYING TO DO? I can get you plenty of people that would be more then happy to take a trip with those miles (even I would)


air france-17(lost them to expiration, before i became a ctown fan)
delta-under 20


wow, i feel naked!!


Avis has 4 status levels. Preferred and First are the regular levels that can be earned through renting.
Presidents Club and Chairman are invite only.


The point of this post is simply to illustrate what a little churning creativity can get you…There’s no reason that every one of you guys can’t do what I did.

While obviously not all of my miles came via churning (readers from ’05 may remember how I got so many Airtran points, and bochurim.tk readers may remember how I got Cathay Pacific miles) but the vast majority did…

Best of all, 200 or so credit cards later and I still have a credit score over 750!


can you give a rundown on how?
1st) how you get a credit card without affecting your score?
2nd) how to get a invite to avis…
3rd) how to get all the Elite, Platinum, Gold… status
4th) a list of churnable credit cards


Dan, thanks for answering and WOW!!




how do u
#1 get all the cc(which ones do you sujest)
#2 how to attain so manny miles (which airlines to focus on)

Avid Reader

Wow! Dan this is amazing and very inspiring to all of us. keep on keeping us informed.

loyal reader

I have a question and perhaps you can help me get an answer.
Why do different airlines charge different amounts of taxes to accompany their mileage tickets. I am looking to use mileage with either continental or britsh airways. Both would be 50000 miles to fly from ny to London. Now, heres the catch, BA charges an additional amount in excess of $35o and continental charges $202. Arent taxes taxes? Each airline can choose what taxes to charge?
my Continental miles exceed 250,000 and my BA miles exceed 135,000. I have in 20000 sitting in Starwood. I signed up with LAN and got whatever bonus they gave to sign up.


dan, i signed up with LAN when you had that promotion for 5,000 miles. i never got the miles!

any ideas?



I second the question from loyal readr… I have seen differences between canada and the states. on air canada (aeroplan) the taxes were $100 and on united, for the same flight (star aliance) the taxes were $45!!!

If you have any insight, please share!

Yossi at YossTek

Guys, in both of your situations the taxes are for international vs. U.S. – the U.S. taxes are apparently cheaper than international…

Yossi at YossTek

To rephrase that – one is an airline that is international and the other is a domestic airline. Just my guess.


GREAT IDEA: Why don’t you raffle off like 50,000 miles a week to your readers?!? it’ll be like Ma’aser?!?!?



Can you explain Churning again?



I signed up for AE Starwood prefered guest and did not get the 10k bonus points. I called and the rep told me it’s because I already had a Starwood business card so I wouldn’t get the points. What do I do to get it?


Do you sell mileage at a discounted rate to shluchim?!

Zayt a mench

Air France FB PLATINIUM 605K
Delta 200K
Continental 50K
United 45K
Star Alliance 30K
AA 520K
Starwood GOLD 150K

Hertz Gold
Sixt Platinium
Hayat Hotel Gold


Opening credit cards has a very small affect on your credit score. The main thing is just to pay your bills on time and utilize a very small percentage of your total available credit.

Zayt a mench-that’s quite a collection!

Taxes on award tickets don’t differ between airlines. The difference is whether the airline charges a fuel surcharge on award tickets. It is rare for American carriers to charge a fuel surcharge, while it is common amongst European carriers.


can you please explain churning again or repost a previous article on it?

loyal reader

What is the 5% off code for continental airlines?


Are there any point plans that I can rent a car with. Can I do it with Starwood??


loyal reader, it is ONEPASS and you have to be using the continental mastercard and it has to be within the first year of having the card

Zayt a mench


Thank you for you compliment
I am a big Ctownchosid and dansdeals chasid to

keep in touch



Its time for you to do a credit card roundup.. Head to head comparison. Im a personally curious about american airlines, united airlines and delta airlines miles credit cards. starwood credit cards, thank you points credit cards.

Please, please, please do a credit card round trip. Now that I know aa has lifetime miles using credit card, i need to pick the best aa cards they got?