Have Any Israel Tips Or Great Itineraries? Please Send Me An Email!


I will be going to Israel with 2 of my brothers for the first time next Thursday-We will be there for 3.5 weeks!

If anyone has any helpful travel hints or any past itineraries that have worked out well, please send me an email!


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hoffman tours has pretty good israeli itineraries

bye the way I just missed the Alitalia price mistake and I was just wondering how it is that you always manage to get these great deals on time. Do you have another site that you check for this kind of stuff or do you just get a lot emails from people


we would love to have you 4 shabbos!
Be in touch


hey rabbi dan when you go will you still make updates or will it be shvach

Chaya Tamir

Jerusalem is beautiful and you can spend a lot of time there, don’t waste your time in Eilat, eat A LOT! Also theres an incredible music festival in Tzfat every year called chag haklezmerim, check it out if your there at that time…

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if u go to yam hamelech area stay in the royal hotel it is amazing and the food there is glatt and endless.


stay at the Renaissance Hotel in Yerushalayim. I heard it has an awesome kosher breakfast and great accomodations. I am staying there in a week and half when i go for 8 days. To get the lowest rate book at israirairlines.com even if you aren’t flying them. The regular price for 2 was $138 plus tax if you stay for at least 7 days. Israir was $118 for 2 including all fees. Good luck!


Royal is great but you wont get that with your starwood points. You can get the Meridean with points but they are probally full so call up SPG and fight it out!


correction to deal posted previously:
if you copy/paste from the bottom of the linky page, you will get: 11177575838 which does not work. the correct code (as shown in that page in photo form) is:


If you are going to drive the “Paz” gas company has an atlas with basically all the roads in Israel.(although not details in TA and Jerusalem)It also has a listing of every paz gas station in israel! It is a spiral bound edition and is great. Phone number of the company that published it is Carta 02-678-3355 their address is 18 Oohman street Jerusalem 91024 (not sure about the english spelling of that street)(alef-vav-mem-nun)

You should see Makhtesh Ramon.
Also Timna Valley Park, with copper ore that was mined before the time of Shlomo haMelech. You need lots of water for these two as they are in the negev and it is really hot in the summer. Great Hiking just make sure the park rangers know where you are going and when you should be expected back (it is really hot)
I really like the archaelogical dig at Beit Guvrin (outside Bet Shemesh) contact Avi Dobuler he’s got details.
Also for great hiking up in the Golan go to Nachal Yehudia and the park across the highway whose name I am now blanking on but is absolutely fantastic.
I have a couple of other off the beaten path ideas, call me.



make sure you spend a day at the beach. all separate beaches are open monday wednesday and friday for men.


If you are planing on going to minharot hakotel (highly recomend) make sure you call at the very beginning of your trip. They only allow a limited amount of people in at a time so at a certain point they just run out of spaces and they won’t let you in. I almost missed it b/c I only called a week and half before I left and only wanted to take the english tour.
If you are looking to go to kvorim don’t bother with expensive tours. Go to geula and just look around at the posters announcing tours to kvorim, they usualy have tear offs with the phone number and they are a fraction of the price.
There is a bullet proof eged bus that leaves from Yerushalayim every half hour to Kever Rochel.
Make sure you spend a shabbos in chevron!


not to pick up any thing off the ground


about the meridean by yam hamelech the minuim booking with starwoods is 3 days but you can book 3 days and cancel 2 days


I am planning on going to the Meridian, Dead Sea for the 3rd time this year (all on Starwood Points) and there is no minimum for the amount of nights you need to book. One tip when you go there, rather then pushing them for an upgrade to a suite you can request a suite and then when they tell you no ask them for meal vouchers as compensation… Good luck

R' Yaakov

One more thing I forgot to mention, when reserving the room be sure to put down that you have 3 people coming. I did that one time and when I came they had no available cots to add to my room so they offerred me an extra room instead PLUS they credited me back half of my points!


if you are willing to leave Jerusalem for shabbbos. stay in CHEVRON, i’ve spent 2 shabbosim there, its an experience of a life time, to be able to daven all shabbos in the me’ara, its amazing. something you will never regret. have a safe trip.

tip- dont let the taxi drivers rip u off bc ur a tourist!


if you’ll be @ the negev, make sure to rent a camel. Show them your frequent renter’s card. They’ll upgrade you to the full size camel. I’m telling you, its worth the upgrade.
Sometimes they offer ‘camping out’ in the negev. I did that with a couple of friends, with the tents and all.
(at least I had my gold card which upgraded me to a tent-suite, which included an extra blanket…unlike my poor friend who nearly froze to death…)

enjoy dan, make sure not to eat at the same restaurant twice, there’s a lot to try out!

how was it?

pls update us with the best tips you have experienced… i am also going iy”h for the summer