Happy 5775!

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Wishing my readers a happy, healthy, and sweet Jewish new year!

As the traditional Jewish greeting goes, K’siva V’Chasima Tova, may you be inscribed in the book of life for a great new year!
And one filled with plenty of great deals of course :D

I’m most appreciative of your readership, support, and for spreading the word. Thanks!


P.S. Posting will be sporadic throughout the Jewish holiday season, which runs from tonight through October 18th.

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Shana Tova Dan to you and your family. Keep the deals coming!


Happy and a healthy


Ksiva vchasima tova to everyone.

Ivan Kail

Good Yom Tov
Wishing you a שנה טובה ומתוקה 🍎 a year filled with, happiness 😄 laughter 😂 wealth 💰 engagements 💍 success 🏆 love 💑 children 👫 health 💪 peace 🌈 celebration 🎉no more sickness 💉💊 no more shooting 🔫 we should only hear 📢 good news 🎶
Most of all hashem should listen 👂to our prayers 👄📖 and sign 📝us all in the books of good life ❕


Thank you dan for a great year, would not have taken my family to Israel and California without you

Deal lover

Alive again.


Vichen l’mar


During yesterday’s Macy’s sale, I bought my wife a cheap pair of flats as a siman for the new year to be filled with cheap flights 🙂


Umein. U2



Or cheap apartments!

Thanks for a great year Dan and everyone on DDF. May the coming year be filled with happiness, health and good deals for all!

Dan's the Man

@DG: You bought her flats not flights so how’s it a sign for cheap flights?

K’siva V’Chasima to all!


Dan, isn’t it a little early to be wishing us a happy new year. We still have a few months until January. Also dan I think you had a typo. The new year will be 2015 not 5775.


@Huh: My bad! you were talking about the Jewish new year. Happy new year to call.


Thank you Dan. & to you & yours as well.


@HDS: ill take a cheap apartment and a cheap flight.


שנה משובחת, מצעירה, רגועה
ודשנה, מאחל לכם את תמצית
הטוב שבעולמנו הנפלא,
שנה דבש!

May Hashem bless with all blessings in the זכות of your bringing good and cheap deals to כלל ישראל

To Another Great Year for Deals

Oy, and I just wrote 5774 on all my checks.


Dan please comment on Amex Small Business Saturday which info just came out and will be available again this year with signup on Nov 16 with “three $10 statement credits per card.” So Amex is limiting the number of AU’s now? tia


Thank you, Dan, for everything you do. Perhaps it’s a business, but you run a business by helping people out!

May you have a sweet and successful and happy year.


thank you for all you do wishing you and your entire family only good things in the new year also for the entire jewish people and peace in eretz yisroel


Thank you Dan!!:)


Thank you Dan, Shana Tova

Ivan Kail, you win most creative DD award!