Dansdeals.com Beta 2.2


Braintoaster Interactive has kindly donated a logo for Dansdeals.com

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7 Comments On "Dansdeals.com Beta 2.2"

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Decent logo.
Great job Moshe!


same great site though not very exciting layout or graphics makes me tired looking at it – too much text


Hate it. Go with a bit more class! Love your site it’s awesome!


They got the right idea but the wrong font. Also, I’d love to see this in a circle – it’s too spread out – doesn’t look like a logo.


the logo is clear, easy to read and quickly identifiable. it might look better if repositioned on the page, maybe to a side. in summary, i’m for keeping it with some adjustments to the positioning.


Logo could be better (but not by me).

– Regular reader posting anonymously.


Too big & monochromatic. Should be “punchier.”