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Dansdeals.com Beta 1.3 Linky

The more time I spend on trying to migrate to the WordPress platform-the more I wish I had never started to leave Blogger…

Just the screen resolution bug in which some people see long post lines and others see short post lines is enough to make me want to stay put.

At any rate, some of the changes in Beta 1.3 include:
-Elimination of the much maligned third rail, er, third column for a cleaner look.
-A feeble attempt at separating out the knowledgebase into distinct pages, located at the top of the site.

Let’s hear your thoughts…

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the linky here still says 1.2, wtvr.

i like the blue much better than the green

the ads down the side (amazon, ice etc..) need to be lined up better and/or the side bar should be a bit narower.

also, did you notice that the about page goes on and on for miles even after all the ads are done? prob something to do with the background image

dan jr

yes yossi the fact of it going all the way down is couse its just set up to be like that as the template and dan hear is a problem by me the gray line to post a comment is longer then the words on the line if you can make the lines just as long it will be better