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Update: There have been over 1,300 posts made on dansdeals.com/forums in just a week, great job guys!

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Call me skeptical, but I didn’t think it would work.

Sure, 2 discussion posts each yielded hundreds of great comments, but the last time (some 2 years ago) I tried replacing comments with a forum it was a rather miserable failure.

However Eli decided that he had enough of the long discussion posts and created dansdeals.com/forums

Major kudos to “Eli” (and also to “WhYME”) for working out the technical aspects of the forums.

The forum had its soft launch just a few days ago and it’s already impressively active with topics and posts!

The purpose of the forum is not to replace dansdeals.com or the comments on dansdeals.com, they will continue as normal. Rather the purpose is to better facilitate the discussion of all miscellaneous topics that aren’t dealt with properly on dansdeals.com.

Registration isn’t required to read the forums, however it is required in order to add your own thoughts.

Forums aren’t for everyone, but they definitely help facilitating discussion in an orderly fashion.

Comments on deals posted here will continue as normal, but if you have a miscellaneous question unrelated to a deal please post it in the forums in order to get the best response.


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Hi, where can i find a good digital projector for a good price?

Thank you


I think that is the type of thing that should be asked in the forum.


Some people just don’t get it. Yitz, that’s exactly the point of the forums, so that people don’t just randomly ask questions on blog posts that have nothing to do with the actual post! If you want to comment on the post like saying “Thanks Eli and WhyMe for setting up the forum!” that’s fine, but general questions should be asked in the forum.


Dan, can you please put a link to the top right side, so like this after people coming here, thy can just click and go strait over.

just my opinion

the forum is a pain because you have to register & you can’t just post like over here.


@just my opinion:
Exactly why comments will continue as regular for deals that I post.
However if you would like to talk about other stuff, it just makes things simpler with a forum. Registering shouldn’t take more than 60 seconds after all!

Avid Reader

Thanks Eli for the great forum!


Dan Ive heard having too many credit cards ruins your credit score, even if you have paid them all off. Ever heard of that before? I just see so many deals but I am hesitant. Thaks Dan, this website is number 1 man


I have literally hundreds of credit cards and an excellent credit score…


The reson why many people like posting here, on the website, is because Dan reads each post before allowing it on the site. Therefore, if they have a question for him, they know that he will see it. On the forum, there is a possibility (one day) that Dan is too busy to read all of the posts and he won’t see the question.

Also – The forum is definitely not as easy to navigate around than this website. It is more annoying to go to the forum, click on unread posts and then try to find what you are looking for. I think that the feature to receive and an email when someone replies to you is great, but I understand why people like the old way better. (no forum, and no discussion post)

Peter Griffen

I Agree

loyal reader

I dont know how to follow a thread on the forum.
Someone said theres a boat ridedirectly from the airport to the ghetto. I am staying at the oriente d’mori hotel. how would I get this wonderful reasonable boatride? what is it I would be asking for?