Dansdeals.com Has Been Upgraded!

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Many people have noticed that the site has been loading extremely slowly over the past month.  This was mostly due to increased traffic (which is always a good problem to have!) which was causing my previous host, Bluehost, to slow down or even not allow the loading of dansdeals.com.  This was also due to a new throttling process that Bluehost instituted for high-traffic websites, and because of it I can no longer recommend using them as a webhost.

Eli, the creator of the Dansdeals Forums has single-handedly done all of the legwork moving the website onto a faster host that he recommended, 1and1.com. The tests that I’ve run show that the site is now loading up to 90% faster than it used to-Thanks Eli!

Please post a comment if you encounter any bugs or problems.

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loyal reader

what are the best hotel deals in Jerusalem now that sheraton/Jerusalem is not part of the conglamorate?


I use 1and1 they are fantastic!!!

Gmar Chasima Tova


Thanks eli

Andrew Lea

Hey Dan –

Gut Yontif! Thanks for the heads-up re Bluehost. I use them and am glad to be forewarned (if not fore-skinned) about potential traffic-related issues ahead.


Ditto on 1and1, I’ve used them for years and never had any issues.


it is faster


for the small web site user Bluehost will be much easier to navigate, plus they have a great deal going on now.
I have heard really scary things about 1and1 – such as, if u forget to pay one month – they wont warn you – they will send it straight to collections – thus ruining your credit.

I dont think any business owner would want to risk that, but thats just a hear say – My last company I worked with, used 1and1, and they didnt have any complaints.


1and1 used to be a very good host i personally used them to host my company site and email and i can tell you when they work its okay but there are days that there servers go on vacation and those days are starting to come more often then you would like to know of. and of course they outsourced the Customer Service to India or Pakistan hard to tell where those idiots are hanging out so kinda of nobody to vent too.
anyways enjoy it while there company is still around cuz they are going downhill more and more each day.

red boxers

eli your’e Extremely appreciated


recently the site took a really long time to load on my centro using opera. hopefully it will be better now