Apple Not Happy With The Iphone Article, Ends Affiliate Relationship!


This is truly bizarre…

On Friday I wrote a negative article on the iPhone hype.

The pictures of the iPhone in the article had embedded affiliate links with which people could use to buy the iPhone (if the article didn’t already convince them otherwise.)

Last night I noticed that the links stopped working. Upon going into my affiliate account I saw that Apple had ended our affiliate relationship sometime after I had written the article!

There was no message or any communication from Apple to me at all.

If this is really how it seems and it doesn’t turn out to be some sort of very strangely timed coincidence, that means that someone at Apple will be reading this message as well.

That being said, who’s up for an iPhone boycott?

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Read the nytimes business section article on iphones..enough reason NOT to buy one! can you imagine having to send your iphone back to apple to get the battery changed???!!!


We’re all with you!
(Actually we have been sice you wrote the article!)
No one buy the iPhone or any accesories!

Asher O

I’m all for an iPhone boycott.

Though i hope that doesn’t mean a boycott of AAPL.


I’m in.

It’s only a matter of time before Samsung introduces a comparable product that allows Java and Flash, has a removable battery, gps,and video, and actually allows the user to browse the web with something faster than the antiquated Edge network.

Oh ya; and it won’t cost $600.

I’ll stick with Sero and my Treo until then.


You should apologize to Apple. The iPhone is a teriffic product. While Apple made a bad move by going only with Cingular, you made a worse move by being unable to keep your criticism to yourself. If you have nothing nice to say then say nothing at all.


I’ll boycott the iPhone -not that I was going to buy one anyway . . . but at least now I have a reason not to . . .

Of note, cnet had an article saying the truly revolutionary aspect of the phone was not in the technology of it, but rather the simplicity of starting up an account -how someone can have his phone running out of the box in a few easy steps.

Mendel S.

It’s amazing all the inaccuracies of the comments here and in some editorials. I have spent the better half of 4 years researching tech companies in general and Apple in particular, so I am very familiar with Apple’s strategy, products, marketing and business model. Some of the points Dan brings up are valid some are not and he is certainly entitled to his opinion, but I think you guys are missing the overall point of this new product. I am not going to go into detail debunking all the myths and inaccuracies surrounding the iphone since it would take a lot of time, but suffice to say, dont believe everything you read.


im so mad my wd passport hd just broke i needd the info on it its so importent for me dan did you fined any good ones yet i need and alo wat is the cheapest way to get back the info


I was gonna buy one of these things but the link dont work now!!! shoots what can i do with the money now??? 🙂


I also have a website with affiliates, I also got dumped by apple, I didn’t even link any product or article, I think they just dumped all, most or some of their affiliates, or they moved them to another network.


btw They moved their affiliates to CJ


to anon at 10:56,

the reason dan states his opinion on his site is to help us the readers not get cheated out of our money or to help us make a wiser desision why didnt you comment on his amazing airline roundups wich are also biased.take his word for what you want but seemingly we mean more to dan than it seems. thanks dan keep up the great reviews.


I’d like to think that the Ctownbochur readers are smart enough to know better than to consider a $600 phone, regardless of whether you wrote that article or not.
Making an official boycott is totally unnecessary.

For a fraction of the price, I can recommend at least 10 phones on any service that can do more, albeit without the trendy name. Basically, people are paying for the fashion of the ipod in a sub-par phone. These are the apple enthusiasts with posters of Steve Jobs on their bedroom walls, and will buy it no matter what. Your article won’t dissuade them.


No i-phone for me I will stick with my treo and sero plan.Apple can go to hell.


Right now the Nokia N75 can be had on Cingular for under $100; almost free from Amazon with contract. The voice plan includes one identical to the iPhone and the unlimited internet fee brings the monthly price to that of the iPhone. But you get 3G for that money, and the N75 syncs beautifully with isync using a plug-in available on the Internet. There is also a neat script that lets you highlight a downloaded application on the Mac (the iPhone uses the Symnbian OS which has lots of apps free), and it gets automatically bluetoothed to your N75. Although thicker than the iPhone, the N75 is much smaller and has two gorgeous color displays. I’ve carried mine in my pocket for several months without any marks on it.

When the next generation of iPhone comes out it might be worth considering if Apple will have made the battery replaceable, added HSPDA/3G, and lowered the price.


I’ll join….Iphone sucks

Non-Apple fan

To economist:
The iphone has tremendous battery life making replacing the battery a non-issue. Under 1% of people who buy cell phones purchase an additional battery. The Nokia N75 has less than half the talk time of Apple’s iphone.

The nokia N75 comes with about 40MB of internal memory and offers space for a microSD card. (MicroSD cards offer about half the capacity of a regular SD card). The iphone on the other hand comes with 4-8GB of INTERNAL memory.
The Nokia runs on the Symbian OS whereas the iphone uses OS X. The Symbian has gotten good reviews, but is known to be power hungry and sluggish. The phone probably uses a slower processor. The iphone uses a top of the line processor from Samsung, 620mhz (667?) with “intelligent Energy Manager” which allows for a significant increase in battery time.
The Nokia takes pretty crummy pictures for a 2 megapixel camera.
The Nokia is more than twice as thick as the iphone.
The Nokia needs a customized headset for the music player, an annoyance at best.
Did I mention the iphone has “multi-touch” technology? Until you have used it you cannot appreciate it.
Does all this justify the price? Maybe, maybe not. But I dont have to remind you what happened with the ipod.
Generally a company will charge a high initial price to recover the fixed costs and then reduce it once those are covered. Keeping mind Apple’s historic margins however, it doesnt appear the price for the iphone will dip that dramatically, at least for the current version.


hey i want to buy amac book pro or mac book now i need it for final cut studio so will i need the pro or it wont make any diferent form the mac book to pro


To the previous anon,
as someone in the video production industry, I’ll tell you what I tell everyone else who asks what equipment I use.
The tools don’t matter nearly as much as how you creative you are. Heck, I’ve seen imaginative people use free software and create something that looks better than someone else who spent thousands on their equipment. The bottom line:
The video is not inside the box. Its in your head. It doesn’t matter if you get the pro or use a mac or PC… it only matters if the software is decent enough to get your ideas out of your head and onto the screen (which I think you’ll find even the most basic setup is capable of).
Yes, sometimes using higher-end software will present you with tools to make certain tasks take less time, but it won’t make your final product look any better.
That is, of course, assuming that you know what you’re doing, have some sort of vision and you’re looking for a way to put it on a screen. Any decent machine and decent software will do that (doesn’t need to be pro, or even final cut).
If, on the other hand you’re just looking for as many canned transitions and effects as possible, and don’t mind making the same cookie-cutter movie that it shows you how to make in the demo, than by all means, buy the expensive junk and eat your heart out. Then again, I feel like anyone who does that should just stay away from editing videos in the first place… We’ve got too many bad jewish videos coming out lately. (I know, because I unfortunately had to work on some of the more infamous ones…)
~end of rant