30 Years Since Gimmel Tammuz, Watch A Chabad.org Special Video “Vision Alive” Featuring DansDeals’ Tefillin Connection

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It’s hard to believe, but today, Gimmel Tammuz on the Jewish calendar, marks the 30th yarhtzeit, or anniversary of the passing of The Lubavitcher Rebbe.

Countless books have been written about The Rebbe’s incredible vision and leadership, which left an indelible mark on Judaism and changed the course of history for good. The Rebbe didn’t create followers, he created leaders, thousands of whom dedicate their lives to serve the needs of Jewish communities across the globe.

On a micro level, our families wouldn’t exist today without that vision. My family experienced several miracles from the Rebbe dating back to the 1970s when my maternal grandparents became religious, and which have continued to today, some of which I described in this podcast.

JJ and I last saw the Rebbe in person for Sunday Dollars when he was just 1 and I was 7. But that moment in time stays with me and his lessons and teachings have stayed with us and enriched our lives.

You can search for pictures of people receiving dollars from the Rebbe here with new AI facial recognition technology.



Chabad.org made a special video for the Rebbe’s 30th yahrtzeit, interviewing 4 individuals that the Rebbe continues to have a direct impact on.

In it, they interviewed JJ, who helped launch our DansDeals tefillin campaign in the days after October 7th, which has distributed over 1,700 pairs of tefillin since the war started.

That campaign is getting a new dedicated home at TefillinConnection.org, which will enable us to help distribute tefillin for years to come. But that is only possible with your help! You can read more about the incredible project and donate to it here on our just launched beta site.

You can watch the Chabad.org video here:


If you’re in Cleveland, you can also come for an evening of inspiration at the Fromowitz Chabad Center tonight at 8pm. Otherwise, check with your Chabad House for local events.

Has the Rebbe and Chabad affected your life? Share your story below!

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Beautiful article!
Both of my parents became Torah observant with the help of the Rebbe’s shluchim.


Beautiful post!

Zecher Tzaddik L’Bracha

His Neshama should have an Aliyah and he should help send us Moshiach.