President Trump Tests Positive For COVID-19

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President Trump announced tonight that he and the first lady have tested positive for COVID-19:


COVID-19 is no joke, especially for those who are older. President Trump was the oldest person ever to assume the Presidency.

Praying for the health and wellbeing of everyone affected by this horrible virus. Please remember to wear a mask and use social distancing to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

How do you think this will affect the election on November 3rd? Will we see a first ever Presidential zoom debate?

You can discuss the coronavirus and how it’s affecting your life on the DDF COVID-19 Discussion Board.

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Biden camp purposely infected trump team at the debate

Deal Chaser

Takes a little more time than that to test positive for Covid. Feel free to educate yourself before spreading your misinformation.

An intellectual

It appears you are unable to properly process sarcasm


Takes 48 hrs which it’s been. Educate yourself


Hope hicks had it on Wednesday which was less than 24 hours.


Exactly that means it wasnt from hope hicks

The heart wants what it wants

I know that my reaction is so mean but this text at 1:26 AM (EST) gave me a slight giggle.


Wishing The POTUS a speedy recovery.

Hope he is feeling well after 14 days and is ready for the second debate.

Regardless, this certainly changes the dynamic of the election.


was all preventable…so sad…

Deal lover

Is he going to inject bleach, or sunlight?


Epic lol!


Masks don’t work. Keep politics off of DD please


We also tell readers to put babies in car seats, although I’m sure car seats don’t work either and are political?

It’s so sad what has become politicized in the face of a crisis.


thank you for this comment, JJ. Joshua, if i sneeze, and you are wearing a mask, do you get as wet?

Yankel Shmerel

Sneeze in your elbow, nothing new…


Thank you, AG, for your ignorant comment. If you sneeze and are wearing a mask, others are protected. Grow up.


Iv’e never seen anyone sneezing in a mask, when they sneeze or cough people remove their masks.


Well said !


Wearing a mask is not about politics, it’s about following sound doctors advice based on the best scientific knowledge.

Yankel Shmerel

Only scientific knowledge is info that show mask do not prevent spreading of a virus (but the cdc pulled that study from their website recently….)


So now you’re claiming it’s part of a secret comparison by evil people who want you to wear masks?

Be a mench wear a mask, even if you know better than the experts.
CDC has long said we should wear masks. Scientific consensus and doctors advices is to wear a mask. I’m sure you’re think you are smarter than the medical experts and more adapt at reading the papers they publish but the experts in our community say wearing a mask can help save lives.

Masks also make others feel more comfortable considering how our community has seen jumps in Covid cases. Be a mench wear a mask.


Condoms or birth control don’t work .01% of the time, but work the other 99.99% of the time. What’s political about masks? Even if it saves one person, isn’t that enough?


Wrong analogy for this crowd, who don’t use either 🙂


Maybe suggest wearing a sheet with a hole in it!


No it’s not. By that measure we should ban cars which causes 1.35 million deaths per year globally. Every modern convenience cost lives.


Driving is not a convenience. If everyone in the world stopped using cars today, many more than 1.35 million people would die in the next year. There is nothing logical about this point.


You’re probably right. But I think even you’ll agree that the above comment isn’t correct. To enact a policy to avoid one death is absurd. So let’s shut amusement parks. Our grandparents were just fine without it.


Your comment is not logical, Logoc! You’re saying that all these years, doctors have been wearing a mask, and washing hands while dealing with patients, for no logical reason? Is it a big deal to wear a mask, in areas with a high infectious rate? Don’t think it’s saving just one life


Hopefully he got close enough to give it to Biden too that way they can both recover together in harmony


That is an awful thing to say


@alyssa interesting that you didn’t think the other nasty comments on trump were an awful thing to say.


How do you know that, @Yiddel? Have you got some mind-reading powers? Does have a person have to say everything on their mind to everyone to avoid your criticism? (Grow up)


Actually, those comments were totally justified!!


I’m building a chain link fence to keep mosquitoes off my lawn. #MASKSDON’TWORK


That’s such a dumb thing to say. Good night


Good morning Natata. Nice to know logic prevails for some. Thanks


But you would use mosquito netting because that works. Bad analogies don’t change the facts just because you don’t like them.

Don’t believe in the benefits of masks? Then wear it because it makes other people comfortable and you want to be a mench.


Well put


Where is your research, are you more qualified, than top doctors and scientists? Your ignorance leaves others blood on your hands!


Definitely a scary time.


Definitely not on Zoom. Apparently Zoom collects data for China.


wish you the best of luck! easy recovery! great president!


you reap what you sow


My conspiracy theory to add to the mix:
He doesn’t really have it, just a easy of getting out of a heavily moderated mutable debate.

Dave Moss

Couldn’t Have happened to a better person

fake news

probably tested with one of his “rapids” he’s been boasting about. They’re known for being less accurate.


About as accurate as a Shaq freethrow!


Stand by! Soon we will be called to defend our great country and heritage. Many of us are proudly standing by to refresh the tree of liberty as the situation may require, and as our dear rights under the 2nd Amendment guarantee. Who is with me?


heritage? America is baby country


Dan. I am surprised to see that the moderators allowed a comment that calls for an armed uprising was allowed on this site. Disappointing.


Wow, a real life Nazi on this board? When he was speaking to the Proud Boys (of “JEWS WILL NOT REPLACE US” fame), you felt he was talking to you, huh? A new low in the race to the bottom of humanity.


somebody is trying to chicken out of the debates

Uh, no

If anything, he’s waiting for the next debate


If he has no symptoms he’ll run with it being nothing and may win the elections.

Otherwise, he’s toast.

Finders keepers

What am I missing?

Is this a: Site announcement? Deal? Credit card? Flight related? Mazel tov? Peace deal – and then subsequently new flight routes to TLV? Trip report?

Are you going to remind all your US readers to vote too?


It’s a mazel tov to China. Mazel tov China. U got it done


Trump attended an in-person fundraiser in New Jersey on Thursday *after* he found out that he had covid.


He attended a fundraiser after he knew hope hicks had covid


Ah now I’m seeing conflicting reports.

Texas Totty

I hope he can get ahold of some good hydroxy or at least fish tank cleaner. It worked for me.

M k

Random: if we all locked down for 14 days then another 14 days of total lockdown it’ll be over right? 2:30 AM THINKING


That’s what New Zealand did and it worked.


Until when? The entire world is covid free?


Practically every other country has mostly contained the virus already. We’re the problem country. That’s why a US passport doesn’t allow you to travel anymore.


No No. Don’t say that.

We always have India which will give a close fight for everything stupid.


I wonder if Dr Zelenko will enter the picture


“The world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong at the broken places. But those that will not break it kills.”. ~Ernest Hemingway

President Trump will come out stronger than ever to Win the election in November.

Jack out of the Box

I just got my positive result. Right along with a bunch of famous people.


The worst thing that can happen here is that he has a speedy recovery that he can then boast about how insignificant the “China flu” really is . . .


The great Jewish sage and leader, Hagaon HaRav Chaim Kanievsky, 93, tested positive for the coronavirus on Friday, Erev Sukkos. Baruch Hashem, his condition is good and he is at home learning his regular sedarim as usual under close medical supervision.

HaRav Chaim’s family members stated: “Due to changes in the Rav’s temperature, the Rav was tested and was found positive for the coronavirus. B’Siyata Dishmaya, the Rav is currently feeling well and is continuing his sidrei limud as usual and of course, is under close medical supervision.”

The public is asked to daven for the refuah sheleimah of HaRav Shamriyahu Yosef Chaim ben Pesha Miriam b’toch shaar cholei Yisrael.


So Insane & sad that so many people actually believe mask dont work. The more you try to convince them, the stronger their fake conviction gets.


Agreed. But you can’t beat a dead horse. I avoid such debates like, well, like the coronavirus.


Thank you Dan for being a voice of reason and trying to keep people safe and healthy no matter what their political affiliation.


Agreed. Maybe time to put it in article that we can share?


Dan & JJ, thanks for fighting disinformation here. This site is emphatically nonpartisan–hopefully some of your followers will consider that and actually listen.




For all those non believers out there. Just wear the damn mask to make other feel comfortable. Wear the damn mask because drs say you should. And wear the damn mask because every time someone with a kippah is walking on the street without one, it’s causing a huge chilul Hashem. You can shukel all you want in shul but The moment you go outside and cause others to look down at you, which in turn looks down of all of us, all that davening was for nothing.


That’s not how chillul hashem works.
They look down at me as I am doing Kaparos, does that mean my Kaparos was for nothing?


They look down on you for the way you mistreat the animals. Kapores is one thing but shtupping too many chickens into a crate where the break bones and suffocate is another. And, absolutely, if you commit tzar baalei Chaim, an aveira, in order to perform kapores, your kapores is for nothing.


Chickens come in creates that are used all year to transport from the growth farm to the slaughter house. There are specific rules used as far as how many per crate. Don’t start blaming Jews for something done industrywide.


Nowhere did I say that placing/keeping/transporting chickens in crates is a problem (although I do believe it is, but my personal vegetarianism is not revenant here). A very simple foil request to see how many violations, for not following the industry standards, are issued to pop up kapores centers will more than illustrate my point. Please do not take my word for it, do your own research.


Kaporos is a mitzvah. There is no mitzvah not to wear a mask and therefore we do need to take chillul Hashem into account.


I must have misread my post. I don’t see anything in there that says kapores is not a mitzvah (a conversation for another time, but that was not my point here).


Kaporos is actually a minhag and a minhag that since it was begun in the times of the Geonim (no mention in shas) has been debated if it is permitted. If a mask saves a life, then it is an incredibly important mitzvah. If it creates a kiddush hashem and avoids a chilul hashem, then it is a pretty important mitzvah. If it is being kind to your fellow human who is nervous, then i’m pretty sure that there might be a few commandments in the Torah where you would check the box.

Stop this nonsense. Is it annoying? Yes. Might it feel like it is infringing on some of your western culture’s understanding of freedom? Probably. But it can help slow the spread. Try blowing out a candle with it on. Can’t because you can’t project you air flow too far. If you are a carrier, then you spread it less. This isn’t difficult to understand, it just difficult for some people to do.

I also got headaches in the beginning, but you adjust. You know how to spot the people that don’t practice proper masking…the don’t cover their nose because they haven’t gotten used to it.


Thank you Tani. Very well put. Like I mentioned, I didn’t want to get into the nuances of the origins of kapores, but even assuming arguendo that kapores is a mitzva d’aroisa, the tzar baalei Chaim (perpetrated by few but widely publicized) is where the chillul Hashem comes in and the only reason I have seen for why people “look down” on those doing kapores.


I absolutely agree with you. Frum people are making a huge chillul Hashem by not wearing masks in public. That has nothing to do with my earlier dialogue earlier in the thread.

CDC info

Comprehensive mask study from before it became a political issue:

Sara G.

A relative of mine succinctly summarized the situation during the chag. She sat on the ground searching for a dropped fingernail for 10 minutes but refuses to wear a mask. Go figure.


Is she pregnant? If yes, then it’s obvious. The chances of her stepping on a nail on her floor is higher than the chance of her getting covid by not wearing a mask.

Sara G.

Your intelligence is shining. You refuse to believe that masks are the best solution to prevent infection, however, you do believe that stepping on a toenail can somehow harm a fetus (something that science has never demonstrated to be true, nor would anyone with a half a brain waste their time researching). Get off the forums and get educated.


@Dan is scoffing at Chaza”l really allowed on your site?
If not please remove the previuos comment.


I never once mentioned that masks don’t help prevent infection. I said that the chances of stepping on a nail is higher than her mask preventing her from getting covid.
I don’t know if you’re Jewish but if you are then it’s openly stated in the Shulchan Aruch O”Ch simen 260 (see Machtzis HaShekel). Yes if you don’t believe in the truth of Torah, you won’t find it in science.


This being a “discussion board”, we should discuss, not argue. Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur is over and what was written is happening NOW. Our best defense is achdus. Praying this will still be a good quampaign for Trump,


Respectfully debating an issue doesn’t have to mean lack of achdus. If everyone would follow Dan and JJ by example and never demean anyone, then this forum would be much better.


So, so many thoughts come to mind:
Mocking Biden for mask-wearing
Explaining to the public how he cares about the people around him and those crowding into his rallies without masks.
Fake news and conspiracies
Big 10 football
Opening schools and restaurants while still in the midst of a pandemic (maybe calling it a plague would be more helpful with people being compliant)
2nd wave (can you even have one if the first one never ended? OK, maybe in NY)
Sympathy/empathy for someone who doesn’t show it himself
My mind hurts and my emotions are running rampant.


Not getting into politics, but you do realize that the President doesn’t determine whether restaurants can have indoor dining/schooling/sports in localities such as NYC, Kansas City, or Dallas, etc


I just really hope you don’t update this post with an expired tag.


This site has become political, like so much of society today.
Dan’s Deals was always my safe space for non political news. No longer. SAD.


oxygen level DOES get lower while wearing a mask


1. Source? 2. If true, source it has a measure negative impact on health?


Actually research shows it does not


One thing is certain:
Dan is not gloating. Neither is his buddy – with his favorite name of the day, or two or three – Count Valitine, KB, CM and various others.


Only a sick individual would gloat about this. I have never seen so many individuals with such low willpower that can’t separate politics from things that really matter.

Prevent Chilul Chabad

This post definitely shows what a mentch Dan and JJ are. Being a mentch like this brings lots of kovod to Chabad.


He obviously caught it from Jared who got it in Shul Rosh Hashana.


If this virus had a 50% death rate like Ebola everyone would agree that drastic measures are needed. The issue here is that 99+% of the people who get it recover.
The question is at what point do you say let’s get on with life and just focus on protecting the elderly and high risk people?

So sad

Anyone who wants to know why Trump has been horrible for this country just has to read the comment section on this post. I’m not a huge mask wearer but the fact that so many people are so anti-mask wearing is absolutely from Trump’s immature leadership. I’d like to see him consider drinking bleach…


I wish Trump the best of luck in a speedy recovery so we get the election and election outcome we deserve. I hope to see a “healthy” as usual Trump lose the election and then see how he (and those complicit in any of his unlawful activities) are subject to any and all local, state and federal judicial and other legal proceedings as are due him (and his accomplices) when he is an ex-President and has no one in a position of authority able and willing to pardon him and his accomplices for whatever illegal activity they have committed in the US.


Lol. First time poster and this did it. Good on you for wishing the President well and telling people masks work; unfortunately, this thread further proves anything involving Donald is a s**tshow!


One thing I never see or heard of: someone who got Sick from COVID, recovered and then still talks the big talk about “masks dont work”.

Why is that?


Masks don’t work


I have definitely seen it. My mom was full on haz-mat the last 6 months and just got it and recovered. Now she is anti-masks.


Are her wits about her in every other way, though?


Coronavirus impacts cognitive functioning…


Reminds me of someone I know how has lung cancer. Never smoked. I guess that means I may as well take up smoking


I watched the debate live- was I exposed? This ruins my Y”T


Whether masks work or not, they will make some of the people around you less anxious. For me, that is enough.
COVID has brought us a major challenge in Sin’as Chinom – lets try to make Ahavas Chinom win out. Maybe that is why Hashem is testing us with this.
Wearing a mask or not the Mitzvah of ואהבת לרעך כמוך applies.


but getting angry at people for not wearing masks has nothing to do with ואהבת לרעך כמוך but I guess that how most fights go, I want everyone to be at peace just they need to see my standpoint to happen.


Zvi, respectfully, you didn’t read what I wrote. I said whether someone is wearing a mask or not the Mitzvah of ואהבת לרעך כמוך applies. You are 1000% right, there is hate being thrown in both directions, and this must stop if want Hashem’s help.


Maran Sar HaTorah HoRav Chaim Kanievsky, shlit”a, this was tested and found to be positive for Corona
Daven for a refuah shleima for Shmaryahu Yosef Chaim ben Pesha Miriam.


Wow! First time there is positivereporting about the president!


Trump always said he knows better than the DOCTORS, GENERALS, etc etc.
What do you say now Mr. Know it All?

The heart wants what it wants

Some say RBG won her first case with God


With her history of anti-Torah policies, I can’t see that happening


Biden will win by a wider margin than if Trump had not made fun of his mask. Biden’s coattails may widen the Democratic majority in the Senate by a seat or two. In other news today, Demonized Nancy Pelosi announced there may be a separate bail-out package just for the airlines. It’s good to know that there is one welfare program with bipartisan support, but who wants to fly until there is a vaccine?

Speaking of vaccine, the Chinese seem to have a good one. If Trump had been on friendlier terms with Xi, maybe he could have asked for a dose.


Right, we trust the Chinese!




Why do people believe in the science of condoms but not masks?