My 2 Cents On Lebron Coming Home

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Kudos to LeBron. I thought this statement was poignant and beautiful.

I was at the game when he played in Cleveland in another team’s uniform for the first time.
It was beyond ugly, it was an absolute hate-fest. And I’ll admit to being a part of it…it felt cathartic after seeing a CLE region native take the easy road out and rip our hearts out on national TV.

But he really had nothing left to prove in Miami after 4 consecutive finals appearances. Bringing Cleveland a championship after a 50 year drought would be an accomplishment indeed.

However the fact that he was able to overcome the endless awful chants from that first night back, the infamous letter, the burned jerseys, and still take the harder journey towards another championship is classy. Sure this helps his legacy, but it still takes guts to forgive.

And if he can forgive, so can the city of Cleveland and so can I. Between Manziel, LeBron, and the RNC, a downtown that is finally booming, it’s an exciting time to be a Clevelander.

Visiting my hometown? On DDF I’ve compiled a list of tons of amazing stuff to do while you’re here.

Wondering why I live in Cleveland after learning for years in LA, NYC, and Brazil and having a job where I can work from anywhere? I get asked that all the time and I wrote the reasons why on this DDF thread about the Pros and Cons of where everyone lives.

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Nobody cares! Just give us deals dealmandan! Bah bah bah.
Seriously though, Nice piece.


Good for you. Hopefully he gets you to the promised land.


Seems like you’ll have an influx of “Miami” residents shortly, albeit in spirit


Who gives a hoot.


No offense Dan, but Lebron does not need your forgiveness. He was a paid employee who did a fine job while he was employed and then when to work for another company who offered him a better deal. He does not have to apologize- it’s Gilbert and the crazy Cavs fans who owe the apology.


I’d guess you if you took the time to read and comment.

Nor will he ever read this, that’s not the point.

Normal paid employees don’t take an hour-long dump on their hometown and former employee on national TV.

Dan Gilbert and LeBron have made up and so can LeBron and CLE. Yes, mean things were said and done as I wrote, but the past is in the past.


Was wondering when you were going to post!


Who the heck is Lebron?


Cleveland doesn’t deserve to have Lebron back. Let them rot in the bottom of the East like before he got there. Who are you forgiving Dan??? All Lebron did for you was put the Cavs on the map for 6 years. And you booed him when he saw he couldn’t win and left. No gratitude!!


I always trusted dans reviews on cities until I came across his senseless and baseless snubs (mainly DDf) to the city he lived in for years, Pittsburgh. they are silly and not classy. Be honest not a bashful


Which is why I said he’s classy.
Classier than you apparently 😉

CLE and PIT are rival cities with rival teams. It’s called a joke.
I took it from Mr. J. after every Browns loss in good humor.

Or is Watterson (a Clevelander who actually lives in the Jewish community here) a hater for making this Calvin & Hobbes comic about PIT:


How come you didn’t mention David Blatt, and Israeli coach who just won the Euroleague title with Maccabi Tel-Aviv?


Yasher koach!

Uncle Moshe

Dan- Have a great shabbos!


Happy for Cleveland. ..but manziel is already a bust


@Dan: perhaps leave the jokes aside when helping people decide where to move for life.


What does that have to do with LeBron?


@Uncle Moshe:
You too!

Because he parties?
If he’s better than the past 20 QBs it’s an improvement.

Right, because a joke about a free Greyhound ride to PIT is going to change someone’s mind on where to live.

Lighten up my friend.


Seems like so many bitter people on here today…Jeez people lighten up. If you dont like this website stay away! Dan doesnt need you, YOU need him!

Thanks Dan for all!


This is Dan’s blog and he can write whatever he wants on it. I agree with Dan that it was a very classy move for Lebron to return to Cleveland. I doubt that the other 2 of the big 3 will follow him here and he will be back to square one. Some things are more important to him than winning more championships.


@YD: He’s a little more famous than YD.


Did you ever meet Bill Watterson or do frum people by you know where exactly he lives? I know he is very private person and only from a recent article about him did I realize he lives by frum community when they mentioned he moved to Cleveland Heights


@Dan is that you? “I’ve met with Dan, face-to-face, man-to-man. We’ve talked it out. “


his letter comes across as kind of arrogant. sure it takes a lot to come back to a town that probably still hates you, but in his letter he makes it sound like hes coming back to be their savior. Like he’s a martyr for Cleveland and Cleveland needs him. hes going to be their ‘mentor’.

I’m not from there, and I dont even really watch nba basketball, but I certainly wouldnt want an arrogant dude like that on my home team, I dont care how good he is.


cleveland will never win a final game with or without him…best chance was with nance and that white guy

Making a Mistake

LBJ is making a huge mistake. Cleveland is as allergic to winning a championship as it is to seeing the sun.


He is also a new addition to the CAVS. i understand all the excitement about Lebron, but that’s also very cool to have a first Israeli coach.


Dan, great post. What I really enjoyed (not being a basketball fan) is the last lines of your post. I clicked over to the DDF and really enjoyed the read. I have a new appreciation for Cleveland and a different out look on OOT. Thank you and keep it up!! have a good shabbos


Why does everyone know who this Lebron is and I have never heard of him? Am I hanging out with the wrong people?


His address is online for those who can slueth.


Almost all pro sports players are arrogant, that’s life.

Mark Price for Tha-reeeeeee.

@Making a Mistake:
Funny because we’re enjoying another beautiful sunny low-humidity summer.
I was in Mimai for a week in June and couldn’t take the humidity, mosquitos, or daily downpour.

Born in the USA, but I hear ya.

Thanks for commenting and have a good shabbos!

Money Teacher

I like the link to Aaron’s Guide to Cleveland on DDF. It will help people have fun and save money so they can purchase life insurance.


I’m here for deals and 2 Cents is a ripoff for this piece.

I’m jk, couldn’t resist, nice zug


How many season tickets did you buy till yesterday? price will sky rocket.


Dan- i clicked your link posted above about why you live in Cleveland, like that you listed the pros and cons. I hope you dont mind if i use that list in my marketing for Houston- its very well put together. Interestingly enough, i note that in Houston we have almost every “Pro” that you list (only one missing is the driving proximity to NY) , and we have none of the “cons”!

Whether its Houston or Cleveland, i predict that out of town Jewish communities are going to be booming in the next few years- young families cant make it anymore on the east coast and are looking for other alternatives. We get 20 new families per year moving in on average, and that number is continuing to grow! School started 10 year ago with 12 kids, we have 250 this year going into a brand new $5M building…


@Money Teacher:

I’m in for a couple 🙂

You don’t have those 3 cons?

You might not have brutal winters but you do have brutal summers…I can bundle up in the winter but there’s only so much you can take off in the summer 😉

Are you saying that Houston’s kosher scene is better then Clevelands? I’ve never been outside the Houston airport but I’ve never heard much about the kosher scene there.

And houses near the shuls aren’t artificially higher in price thann the same house farther from shul?


Ok, interesting. I don’t know if you read this recent article but they make it seem like he is impossible to find but I guess it’s typical sensationalism. Still good read –


I’m glad to see your also a big fan but c’mon if a guy is very sensitive about his privacy there is no reason to post that there…


If it was really a top secret then the info wouldn’t be available publicly to anyone online.

Really don’t get why people make it out to be that hard to find.


well said dan.

Dovid Freund

Wooohoo Cleveland Rocks!


omg who gives a damn you guys are such haters.. Dan has a popular website, he lives in Cleveland he feels connected to the cavaliers and decided to give his own too cents about it..its his website he can do whatever he wants on it! Stop hating and just live life


good news for the city of cle. on wtam1100 on the news they were saying that if lebron takes the cavs deep in 2016 they might run into problems win the RNC, hope thats not the case. i am sure someone will figure it out.


You’ll love watching Kevin Love play when he arrives as Lebron’s wingman.


Dan enjoy. We have enjoyed having lebron here for 4 years of great basketball. I will personally love watching him play anywhere being the best player in the world. Good for cleveland

Lakewood Guy

You watch basketball?

You’re not Jewish.


Dan, What is Lebron? Is that a new airline coming to CLE that will flight non-stop to TLV for only $99 business class? If so put me down for 2 flights Dan. Can you put it on your Shapphire card? I’ll send you a check in a few months. Thanks Dan! You the man!


Houston has a great Jewish community, but isn’t it in the ghetto of all ghettos?! It is the exact opposite of safe, is it not…?? It’s even worse than North Miami Beach I think, and that place is gheeeeeto!


We’ll see how happy he is two years from now….I think people will only now begin to realize what a perfect TEAM the Heat were. While Lebron was the obvious MVP of the team he had an incredible supporting cast and exceptional head coach.

Lebron Fan

I’m a huge lebron fan! So I guess you got my support’ Go Cavs!!



A little respect would be appreciated.

Alex b

@Chapshnell: don’t be so sensitive. The kid made a immature “joke” relax. It’s summer time. Have a good weekend.


@YD: Either you’re trolling or you don’t have interest in the NBA.

As far as LJ goes, Cleveland will have to decide how long they’re willing to work to build a team around him so they can do well in the playoffs.


Why so goyish? If you would shteig torah the way you shteig sports the world would be a different place.


As a miami fan I went from loving lebron 2 hating him in a split second. I hope he never wins another title and has a career endin ACL injury next year. At least we got back bosh Go miami


Have to be a fan for Lebron and Cavs, nice for Clevland too. So good luck!


@Houstonians: I have been to Houston a few times, and the Jewish community there is this beautiful gated suburb surrounded by real ghettos that do not look too safe. The good thing is that everyone there carries a gun and they are all eager to use it.


Born and raised in Houston and plan on living here in the future! The rockets will also win a championship before the cavs!


Lebron came here and won 2 championships with a lot of help. I think Riley mad a mistake by getting rid of Mike Miller and it shows that it affected Lebron. It affected him in game one after a great play and out of nowhere he got leg cramps. Now he’s recruiting Mike Miller. Arison said he would do anything to win, but I guess paying too much in luxury taxes was not enough. It’ll be interesting when Cleveland starts paying luxury taxes and cheap arrogant Gilbert starts freaking out and trading their best players so they don’t pay up to $4 per $1 above the hard cap. It can get expensive, just ask the Nets and Gilbert was the leading man in imposing those taxes in that last CBA. Also, Lebron needs veterans to help him win. Veterans, defense and chemistry win championships. I wonder if Lebron doesn’t win one, how the city of Cleveland will overreact.


Congrats Dan and all of Cleveland!


Shouldn’t this be posted in Paid Advertisement for Cavs tickets instead of Dan’s Commentary?


It’s absolutely amazing and mind-blowing how grown men care one way or the other about who can throw a ball farther. Most of these players cannot even sign their name or speak a sentence in grammatical English.

If you enjoy watching a game, fine. But are you seriously upset that he switched teams? Please. And what’s the surprise? It’s all about the money anyway.

Steven Richter

Forget LeBron! You guys need a hockey team. GO WINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Knicks fan

Dan now it’s so much more embarrassing when the cavs get the 5 seed witch they will
Lebron is the best player but cavs just won’t go anywhere