Is It Time To #BoycottAeroflot

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Naama Issachar, a 25 year old dual US-Israeli citizen, is alleged to have flown with 0.33 ounces of marijuana in her checked luggage as she flew from India to Israel via Moscow.

She took an Aeroflot flight via Moscow as it was $200 cheaper than other options.

A tourist with that amount of cannabis in Russia would normally get a month’s detention. She was sentenced to 7.5 years in Russian prison.

Her final appeal was denied after a 20 minute deliberation.

There’s little doubt that she’s a political pawn as her stash was clearly for personal use and Russia tried her as a distributor. That makes zero sense given the quantity of marijuana and that it was in her checked luggage during a connection in Moscow to get back home.

She says that she was forced into an admission of guilt, but I’m not going to speculate about whether this was or wasn’t her marijuana and I’m certainly not here to excuse her actions.

It shouldn’t need to be said, but you should never, ever fly with drugs. And you should never travel with anything that you haven’t personally inspected. There are countries that will execute people flying with drugs!

In this case Russia wanted to extract concessions from Israel, so they found a scapegoat and tried Naama on trumped up charges. Russia isn’t even trying to hide that fact as they offered to trade her for Alexei Burkov. Israel refused to trade and Mr. Burkov was extradited to the US.

I don’t normally advocate for boycotts as it’s a slippery slope. My typical attitude is live and let live and assume that people will make their own decisions. I might personally avoid some airlines or companies, but I’m not going to impose my personal views on someone else.

But this case is egregious.

Aeroflot is Russia’s flag carrier and is owned by the Russian government. The only way to voice our displeasure is with our wallets.

I’m aware that I’m opening myself to criticism here. What exactly did Aeroflot do wrong, other than flying Naama, connecting through Russia, and being owned by the Russian government? Surely other countries have committed perversions of justice as well? Other airlines have done boycott worthy things as well. And isn’t she foolish for traveling with drugs, even if it was a small amount?

That’s all fair criticism, but I feel the need to stand up for Naama. Her crimes simply don’t merit spending the next 7 years in a Russian prison.

I won’t fly Aeroflot until Naama is released from prison and I hope you’ll do the same.

Join me in taking a stand against this abuse of power by choosing another airline when you fly. And write to your representatives to push for justice for Naama Issachar.

Where do you draw the line when it comes to a boycott?

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I have to stay say Dan you are such a Mensch and a person who we should look up to because you are willing to stand up when you can lose a lot and nothing to gain other then Mi Kamcha Yisrael.

Wow Dan!

Hashem should bless and shower you with health, wealth, Happiness and only goodness by your Whole family!!!

Thank you for showing us what a Mentch is!!!


Thank you Dan! Russia has also been detaining Israelis recently for no reason. I too will #BoycottAeroflot and hopefully Trump can speak up on Naama’s behalf. In merit of chanuka may Naama be home soon.

U go Dan

Maybe make a simple search engine that ppl can search for flights without bringing up aeroflot so that they won’t get any click revenues either?

AmEx holder

While I understand the sentiment, when was the last time you did fly aerofloat?


Many ppl fly Aeroflot because they offer cheap flights!


Well said
Everyone have to do their part
But Russians are known to do the opposite once they are being forced
The fact that bibi Netanyahu said that he’s going to release her only made it worse for her
So maybe the best thing for her is to do it quietly


Very well put Dan. If we all stood up for our brother Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin , and our Unity eventually resulted in a reversal of the Gezeira Ra, so should we stand up for our sister.


Dan, I’m all for it. But you’re starting up with the Russian government… We still need you here. Don’t leave us so fast…


לב יהודי!!!!!!




Well said. Although I don’t know if boycotting aeroflot would have a direct effect on Naama Issachar’s case, but I guess as travel consumers this is our best attack against Russian aggression?
If so, shouldn’t we be boycotting anything owned by the Russian Govt?


Good point. We should boycott Donald Trump.


Because he insulted your feelings?


I’m in!


Considering the latest news of dozens of Israelis detained for hours at the Moscow airport, it would seem wise, at this point, for Jews to stay away from all things Russian.


This is why I subscribe to your twitter and follow you up in Facebook as well. Few things I didn’t know about this until now. I am also against boycott and the use of drugs. But when the punishment is above what the law is currently is and it is for political reasons that I’m with you.
Russia not going to suffer from this boycott but something must be done to hear our voice.
Thank you!


Since you have invited discussion I am going to give a different viewpoint. If you speed you often get away with it. When caught there is the potential for receiving the maximum sentence, as opposed to the minimum. That is what happened here. They did not rewrite the rules, they just provided the harshest available. Reprehensible but within the confines of Russian “justice”. Not enough for me to say that she was not guilty, nor to try to damage whatever relationship Israel has with Russia. To my knowledge no others have been thrown into jail while obeying the law.


This is not the “maximum”. They originally told her 2 months, she did her months, then they extended it after, just to use her as a political pawn. If she was just American without the Israeli part, she probably would have gotten 15 days and out, or the max which is 60 days.


The punishment does not fit the crime. The Russian justice system is not just. No need to play devil’s advocate here.


How often do you fly Aeroflot Dan?

DD fan

I dont think you would fly aeroflot even if she wasnt in prison and they gave you a free flight in business class!


I don’t see why $200 or even $500 is worth the risk of entering 3rd world, or corrupt countries. Not for connecting flights, and not for visiting. Connecting through London, France is one thing. Russia, Ukraine, etc. – do me a favor and stay away.


There is nothing wrong with connecting through Ukraine


Except that they single out Jews for additional security.


There was another story of somebody traveling back from Israel with a bullet shell that they picked up and forgot about. They also received a stiff prison sentence for arms trafficking. I don’t remember if you covered that one or not so forgive me if I’m being repetitive.

Anyways, at this point it’s not about politics but instead about just staying safe. It’s not a big leap for the Russians to go from these types of charges to completely fabricated charges. Stay safe everyone.

Josh H

American Yeshiva Bochur, they kept it sort of on the low down and BH was out after a few months.


Thank you for posting this. I am IN! And I have written to my senators. May it be of help!


Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time

Darnell Hewlitt

What a ridiculous thing to say

Josh H

She was sentenced as a dealer. Absurd for the amount she was cought carrying.


The crime of carrying for personal consumption carries a much lower sentence than the crime of carrying for distribution. Doing the time for the crime she committed is one thing. This is not that.


I am in full agreement with you on this Dan. However I highly doubt that your boycott will be implemented. Unfortunately most people on this forum wouldn’t sacrifice even one dollar of savings for another person. Unless people are ready to put their own selfishness aside, they will continue flying Aeroflot if its cheaper.


Agreed karga boy

Philip Harold Kestenbaum

I never found them cheaper than Norwegian.


knowing this story will provide yet another reason for people to fear flying with Aeroflot. A couple of hundred dollars in savings is no reason to risk you or your family. Russia has been known to be harsh on the smallest amounts of any drug, and its not uncommon to hear of stories with trumped-up charges such as these. They are prejudiced… end of story.

I wouldn’t risk flying Aeroflot, or through any Russian airport if I dont have to. Im all in on this Boycott


I don’t think that is a fair judgement to pass off so quickly (Karga Yid). I don’t think you claim to know who most of the people on this forum are.

Additionally, even if you kneww for a fact ‘most of the people” and knew that it was true, it still wouldn’t be your job to make that statement.



Everyone’s personal safety is on the line here. We should all take care. It can happen again for the slightest infraction.


I just recieved this response: Thank you for contacting my office. Your thoughts and concerns are very important to me and you will receive a more detailed response shortly. I sincerely appreciate your patience in waiting for this response, as our mail volume is often significant.

If this is a request for assistance with a federal agency or an immigration case, please contact my Department of Constituent Affairs directly by phone at (212) 688 – 6262 or email .

Thank you again for contacting my office.


Kirsten Gillibrand
United States Senator


She’s worthless.


Dan, maybe rabbi Berel Lazar can help, he has some good connection over there..


Perhaps point out that the amount she was traveling with is legal in both the originating and destination countries.

Josh H

I loved taking the Areoflat TLV -JFK flight, and always ignored the naysayers, and I even encouraged others to try it. Price, timing, and service was great.
I was planning for my trip next month and did not feel comfortable booking the Aeroflight, due to the Naama episode. As well, dozens of Israelis were separated, stopped and searched in Moscow this past week. I hold a US passport, but as a religious looking jew I am not comfortable taking that route right now.


Can’t agree with you more. Well written and presented. Do not post any deals from them either.


Dan, do you intend to excuse Aeroflot promotions and metziahs from being listed here?


Was a about to purchase a ticket with aeroflat as they were the cheapest. But after reading this there is no way I will fly with them.

Your Friend

דִּינָא דְּמַלְכוּתָא דִּינָא


What’s your point?


He has no point.


The amount she was carrying was in her checked luggage was legal in the originating and destination countries. And she was tried and convicted as a distributor for an amount that was for personal use.


I will boycott Donald Trump in November, since he’s also owned by the Russian government. I recognize, though, that Jews have no choice but to vote for him, even if they don’t like him, because that’s what he told the Israeli American Council earlier this month.

Meanwhile, I have confidence that the Deep State is working quietly and diplomatically to negotiate a deal with Jerusalem and Moscow. Since Aeroflot planes are still welcomed at Ben-Gurion Airport, a solution can’t be that difficult.


I applaud your ability to turn a totally apolitical post about an injustice done to a young women in Russia, into an excuse to passive aggressively spout your polical agendas that nobody here, nor anywhere else, actually cares about. Well done sir, well done.


I didn’t recognize it as a totally apolitical post once Dan wrote, “There’s little doubt that she’s a political pawn.”


You have a lot of hate in you.


Bob, you’ve been consuming too much media. Lot of conspiracies referenced in your post. Take a chill pill and turn off your tv. The Russian Gov owns very little in the way of controlling superpowers, least of all the most powerful politician in the world (both in terms of his country and brash personality)
Donald Trump.


Why don’t you take a chill pill? It’s a joke based on the very real possibility that Trump is a Russian asset. It is accepted fact that the Russian government interfered in US elections, yet Trump and his henchmen push the BS conspiracy theory that it was actually Ukraine. Don’t take my word for it; Russian media talks openly about Trump being a Russian asset:

Then again, that’s me “consuming too much media.” Annoying informed people!


Hahaha. You have to be joking because no Yid could be this stupid (oops I forgot about Bernie!).


Very grown up. Call someone stupid if you disagree with him without explaining why.

I must add, that’s rich coming from a Trump supporter.


This is hilarious. Trump is no saint, but he’s not “bought off” by Russia.


We should not only boycott Aeroflot , but boycott Russia altogether. I cannot believe that our government hasnt gotten involved. She is ALSO an American Citizen!
Maybe Israel should start trumping false charges and jailing Russians who visit Israel until she is released.


Based on the facts you state, I would agree that this is an outrageous sentence for such a minor infraction. That said, all authoritarian governments treat at least some of their citizens or residents equally unfairly. Like I’m sure you’ve also heard about how the Chinese are treating the Uighurs. Have you completely stopped buying Chinese goods because of this? Or what about the horrible treatment of Southeast Asian workers in the Middle East nations that have airlines that offer you free luxury first class flights? When you stop taking those flights, instead of skipping flights on an airline you don’t fly, your protest will be far more persuasive.


Sad to read so many words and such little logic. Dan is taking an obvious stand for a member of the community that this website principally services. It doesn’t mean that he has to research every offense in the world before he posts a deal. Ever notice the abundance of kosher food deals posted? Doesn’t that give you a clue as to the particular interests of many of the readers here and what boycott they may be more likely to get behind?


At first I thought you were referring to Dan’s response. Obviously the human rights abuses of the Arab countries and China are much more egregious than that of Russia, which actually has been quite good to the Jews who live there, for now. I’m sure readers of this blog would be inclined to get behind a boycott of totalitarian states all over the world, not just Russia. It’s not just that Dan is advocating for a boycott of Aeroflot, which is fine, but that he’s bedavkah not advocating for a boycott of the others. What’s a polite way of saying “nogeiah bedavar?”

Annette Fox

Well said.


You’re missing the point entirely because you are deflecting. We are talking about a young woman who is being jailed for 7.5 years for a slight infraction. There are many problems in the world, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take a stand against one gross injustice. Like I said, you’re disguising your own hate with deflection.


NO MORE AEROFLOT CHEAP ticket posts on Dansdeals!!! or DDF, any posts from here forth should be deleted



Only if you don’t have hand luggage


Ukraine not really any better


I know it was a bad joke in hindsight


I booked 7 Aeroflot tickets a couple weeks ago JFK-TLV though Priceline. I want to participate in this boycott but is there any way to cancel the tickets without listing 5K?


I would also like the answer to that..I have four tickets on Aeroflot for pesach and have used them many times without incidents


I was debating with myself about taking Aeroflot for an upcoming trip, but you just made up my mind. I am with you. Thank you.


I’m with you dan


Thanks Dan, I was about to book with a Aeroflot as they were $220 cheaper on my dates, but I won’t book with them now, I know Russia can survive without me, but I hope everyone else will make the same decision.


God bless you Dan.

I’ve been following the case closely since the beginning. Pure injustice and we need to bring Naama hone.

Sanity please

To me this is common sense, as a Jew, I don’t think it’s safe to land in Moscow!!!
Not worth the risk, just to save a few dollars!

Also, I’ve heard MANY smaller stories of friends of mine who were harrased by the security folks during stopovers in Moscow, and it was clear they harrased them because they were visibly Jewish. They were just sitting in the waiting area waiting for connecting flight, when out of the blue, the “security” folks decided to search their carryons again. This was a family traveling, (Dad, Mom, and 4 kids)..
I personally will not fly or allow my kids to fly on a flight that stops in Moscow, Kiev, or Istanbul!!!


I’ve never heard of any problems with stopping off in Istanbul.


רשעים ארורים!


Are you suggesting she was targeted because of her religion?


She was targeted because of her Israeli passport.


Who remembers what Reb Meir kahane did to help the jew locked up behind the iron curtain?
He was extremely successful…


Is Naama a DDF’er??


Next post: “Sizzling Aeroflot round trip to Israel $255”


I Disagree with this. Although well intention-ed.BoycottS are not the way to deal with governments in Golus. Especially not with the Russian Government.
Look back at history. Did Jewish Boycott against Hitler work? Or did it make matters worse? (


To answer your question Dan, yes it is time!
Thanks for all the great work you do.


Very well said, we do not condone unlawful acts, and we should not celebrate people who do them, but we should unconditionally support our brothers and sisters who have been sentenced unjustly.

Where to draw the line?
Boycotting goes further than not profiting. I’ve never flown Aeroflot but I tell as many people as I can not to fly with them again.
People should realize that there is a danger on top of this case, what if Russians decide on a whim that someone is carrying too much of a prescription drug on them?
That being said, I do not know if there is a danger that would warrant telling people not to fly Aeroflot from an halachic standpoint. I do know, however, that you are the sole airlines deals’ provider for many people. Perhaps not posting Aeroflot deals might be a good place where to draw the line? Even with a disclaimer, it is safe to say that many people won’t know about this kind of deal unless you post it and many people will be blinded by the savings.
I do understand that it is a very hard decision to make since these savings can also make the difference for some between traveling or not.
Chanukah Sameach!


Ya know Dan using your website platform to support an Israeli citizen is nice. How about doing it for just a simple (non-Jewish) American once in a while too?? Just because they are an American citizen like you or I who has been wronged by a company internationally. You are after all an American living in America, doing business in America, benefiting financially from America. Somehow I doubt that would ever happen. We come here for the deals, not to read your political expressions. Cause if thats the case i’d like to express my political thoughts on a righteous BDS movement for a government that’s genocidal, racist and continually abuses human rights in the middle east, heres a hint it starts with “I”. Good luck to the wronged woman but again its called “”. Not“. By the way, i’ve been a DDfan forever, keep up the good work!
(p.s. Ive talked on this in the past about spreading pro-israel posts on the website, and you’ve always fairly published them. Respect for that)


Naama is an American citizen also. And your anti semitism is showing .


He posted the fundraiser for the Hawaiian photographer.

Also – anti-Israel = anti-semite.


“Also – anti-Israel = anti-semite”
We have enough anti-semites, let that go.


Hmm, the only genocidal countries that start with an “I” in the middle East are Iran and Iraq.


Do you also hate women? You probably do. You can’t even put aside your own biases for one second to look at the heart of the matter. You tell Dan “Ya know Dan using your website platform to support an Israeli citizen is nice. How about doing it for just a simple (non-Jewish) American once in a while too??” But he is. And you’re missing the point because you’re a misogynist.
As an American single woman, I am quite happy to read this post so I can be super careful for my own safety. But you only think about yourself, huh. As a single young woman whose traveled a bit- getting information wherever I can get it, will make my travel safer. And that’s sprinkling good in the world.


Shame on Russia


I have a better idea let’s boycott cannabis and try to keep the laws of whatever country we fly through. This lady is not innocent in this matter


I think there should be a law in Dans country (aka that you have to read a post word for word before you post a comment to ensure you don’t waste everybodies time with completely irrelevant or irrational comments.

If there would be, Netanya would be guilt of a crime.


Have you ever made a mistake in your life when you were young and dumb, or you can’t remember anymore…Let’s jail Jean Valjean for stealing a loaf of bread.


In addition to the Naama episode, there are many stories of outright anti Semitic acts done by Aeroflot. My family have flown AF many times over the years untill recently when we were denied boarding because we were a minute late while they did allow others (non jews) on. When I started to video record it, a security guard grabbed the camera. We ended up purchasing new tickets. Unfortunately onky AF flies out of SVO so as an american you are stuck and legally cant stay in the airport for more than 20 hours. Also, compare their stringent policy of overweight to other airlines. I saw several other passengers crying about how they were treated by AF staff. I belive they are cheap by milking every thurd passenger with unexpected fees. ‘bilig is tiar’


I join you in this cause and I will not fly Aeroflot until she is released. I am muslim and I will stand with my jewish brothers against injustice on any given day.

Mileage Mayhem

Yeah! We Abrahamic cousins gotta look out for one another 🙂


Very nice post. Am with you and I am sure that every jew and Israeli is.

Any reasonable person should avoid third world airlines and flying to or via third world destinations, no matter how cheap they are.

Pinchas Shaer

I flew with Aeroflot for the first time last month because I can get mileage on Delta. I had a flight on Thursday with a connection Friday morning to Israel. They had a slight delay, nut they “promised” me and another 20 of us that they will be holding the connecting flight for us….. Can anybody guess the rest of the story…… Needless to say that we were priveleged to a lot of hospitality from a lot of precious Jews that Shabbos. They didn’t even apologize or offset accommodations!

Marc Klein

I blame Trump.


Respect Dan for putting your reputation on the line and willing to scream out the Truth.
Definitely everyone and anyone should not even fly with them for free and tell all their friends to do so as well.


It’s funny I have told people numerous times not to use aeroflot because of the way I was treated and of course no one cares until something drastic happens….


Can someone explain why you would boycott an airline over a government injustice??? I understand its the national carrier but its still the wrong address! (Yes, I read the post.) Would you also boycott aeroflot if she had flown a different airline, because your trying to send a message to the Russian Government???


Those who carry illegal drugs may not be the only ones in danger. There are many people who now use cannabis derivatives for medical purposes, including as a prescribed drug. If you have marijuana drops or oils, even with the appropriate medical documentation, you may be at risk. I have heard of people being detained for possession due to the variation in laws even within the U.S.. So imagine what the Russians could do.


I won’t fly Aeroflot or Turkish because I don’t want to support dictatorships.


My rabbi always said, when you get criticized for doing something good … You’ll know how good it is based on the amount of criticism. Tizku l’mitzvos

Annette Fox

Love! So true

right thing to do

I’m in

Annette Fox

Totally agree on all points!
Boycott Aeroflot until Naama is released and don’t ever fly with drugs!


sign the petition


While this story clearly shows the risks of a stopover in a cruel, corrupt, dictatorship country, I don’t quite comprehend the reason why this particular government entity should be boycotted. Hence the risks involved should be enough to avoid their airlines, even without doing so as an act of protest, since they can detain any foreign citizen as a collateral as they don’t play by international norms. We all know that Mr. Putin is a secret partner in all major Russian industries, so why not boycott Lukoil, Russian vodka etc. as well?

Additionally, it doesn’t seem to me that her being a Jew was the issue here, rather her being an Israeli citizen which happens to be the country they want to extract concessions now. Mr Putin might be corrupt, but no-one accuses him in antisemitism, just take a look at the revival of Judaism in today’s Russia under his rule.

It’s certainly the right thing to advise people to avoid stopovers in corrupt third world countries, and Russia in particular, given the lack of respect they have for the United States and it’s citizens, but I fail to see how you got to the level you took it.

With that being said, we should all pray for her soonest release, and thanks for the link where to write to our representatives.



Mileage Mayhem

Jews have been doing okay under Putin, but I wouldn’t feel too safe.

And using a citizen like that to extract concessions is still corrupt. And when it’s done against an Israeli, we should take it especially personally.


Looks like it’s a common thing for Israel citizens to get arrested for drugs,7340,L-5457347,00.html


Good job Dan by the way she didn’t know she had drugs and has a low iq and her boss snuck it in her suitcase

Elaine Kaufman

We have a mitvzah of pidyon shvuim which we can participate in by joining the boycott. When Russia mistreated Jews in the past we protested and Jews were allowed to emigrate. We need to do all we can for this girl- boycott , protest , speak up!


I would watch your back. Just saying.


Why? If he doesn’t plan on ever entering Russia, what will happen?


First, she broke the law and has been dealt a sentence that few agree is just but also was not out of the realm of sentencing. She appealed and she lost the appeal. Serve the sentence. She committed a crime and whether as an American or as an Israeli, she has to serve the sentence handed down by the court. Do you think the Russian government called President Putin and asked him what he thought was the appropriate sentence? Of course not.

If she was in Thailand, Malaysia, and a few other countries, she may have received the death penalty. Now we have to “boycott” Russia and Aeroflot? Aeroflot security personnel did their jobs and found drugs. They are looking for other harmful elements like explosives and other dangerous things. Good for Aeroflot.

Seven years will give her something to think about and she will not serve the whole seven years anyway due to good behavior (if she complies). We can Boycott an airline and a country for one act but not another country for multiple acts of so called injustice.
Stick to the deals as others have said.


@ Tonymike

Wasn’t it Eichman that claimed he was just doing his job? (#Godwin)

You may have no choice but to do your job but it was your choice who to work for when you accepted the job.


Your post is full of sick hatred. You’re basically the opposite of Mother Theresa who went around spreading good, sitting with lepers, and people no one else wanted to be around. You have to judge with more heart, but your personal bias is rearing it’s ugly head. Sad.
And by the way, Putin would not be Putin without knowing every single thing that goes on in his country. You give him too little credit. He runs a very tight ship.


Dear Dan Shyicye;
Cant we set up a signed boycott online with thousands of signatures? All bochorim and Sem. students plus many many more jews and travelers will join.
I think that might our right Hishtadlus and bring the right outcome. Shell be out by Zos Chanukkah for sure! Together with Alef Beis Gimel from Rubashkin!


Price mistakes you will post? As this is at a loss for them

Jackson Harris

I am with you 100 %. I won’t be flying them also and will definitely be spreading the word out to all my friends and family. Thank you




Throughout history Russia has always been a makom muchon la puranios
just stay away!

tracht goot

aren’t you worried of Putin boycotting DD in retaliation?


It’ll be his loss. Although when they have to start paying full price for toilet paper I don’t think his staff will be very happy when they start enforcing regulations on how much toilet paper each person can use as a result..


I won’t fly Aeroflot Either.


would you do the same if she is not from Jewish background? probably not


@ Shannon, would Dan post deals on food if it wasn’t kosher? probably not…


A woman should support another woman no matter what background she’s from. Or did you learn nothing from the Me Too movement? So what you’re saying is, you don’t support her because she’s Jewish. And that’s a lot of hate girl. Shame on you.


@Dan: Maybe Sticky this post to the top for a while?


I would be very worried about flying with any Russian airline in general if this is the type of behavior that they want to get involved in. It just seems unsafe and Im not going to subject myself to the potential of being used as collateral.


Russia is off my bucket list

nevr fly aeroflot

I was on a boycott already because of the liars they are with all the luggage scams…. but now I am all in


צודק לחלוטין צריך להרים אותם לא רק בגלל זה אלא בגלל עד סיפורים ששמענו אליהם

tracht goot

maybe someone can explain this to me:
when a friend told me about this a few months ago, i was so incredulous i didn’t even look it up..
i thought: surly there are plenty of real (legitimate 🙂 ) law breakers, aren’t there? just give the max penalties to some of those.
why would they need to latch on to a minor infraction and blow it out of proportion in such a blunt way?


ISRAEL: Official says Russia will release Israeli-US backpacker Naama Issachar from prison as goodwill gesture; Russia not getting anything in return.


Is the boycott over?