How Far Will Team Israel Go?

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Israel, the 41st ranked team in the World Baseball Classic, defeated Cuba this morning.

They failed to qualify for the World Baseball Classic in 2012 and it took a miracle for them to qualify for this year’s tournament. Israel is the only team without any current major league players on their team.

They have defeated South Korea (ranked #3), Taiwan (ranked #4), Cuba (ranked #5), and the Netherlands (ranked #9).

They even managed to squeeze in a megilla reading in honor of Purim!


The world is noticing. And the comments are hilarious:















Next up for Team Israel is the Netherlands (ranked #9) at 6AM EDT tomorrow morning and then on Wednesday at 6AM EDT they’ll face off against Japan, the number 1 ranked team.

The odds of them winning the World Baseball Classic were set at 200:1, so I’m not expecting them to go all the way. But then again the Cavs came back from 3-1, the small market Indians shocked everyone by taking the Cubs into extra innings of game 7 in the World Series, and the Patriots overcame a 25 point deficit to win the Superbowl in overtime.

I guess the only question is how many Starpoints will it cost to throw out the first pitch of the World Baseball Classic’s championship game between Israel and the United States šŸ˜€

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They DO have major league players ….


Ike Davis and Jason Marquis are 2 former major league players on the team.


613,000 Starpoints for the win


They’ll go to semi


No hat tip?!


Happy Purim!


I think we should make DD trip to the semifinals in Los Angeles , March 20,22,22

Pro Israel

Way to go Dan with the jinx!!


@Moe: also Sam Fuld

cubs fan

note the similarity between the Israeli flag and the Cubs W flag, this could be the year for both!


They’ll go about as far as Utzu Eytza went…..too far….


Any way to watch the games? Are they broadcast?


Optimum channel 222

Peace Negotiations

After completely dominating, Israel is going to be requested by the international baseball corporation to concede to a 2-field solution

51st state

Once again Americans are going to bat for the Israelis……

I have hope

But it’s not looking good this morning šŸ™


Hilarious ? Really ?
I am more and more sensitive in my old age….

Just keep the deals coming and raffle off your Second Base Dan !



Remember the tv cartoon of the brave mouse (with his “friend” elephant behind him)

Hahahaha !!


All the best to Team Israel!

Deal Guy

You jinxed them. They were doing good with nobody talking about them.


The Iceland of baseball.


If Dan goes to the game it will be an Aleph-


They have a few current MLB players:

Ryan Lavarnway
Corey Baker
Ty Kelly
Cody Decker

to name a few…