Goodbye Dansdeals Beta 1.x, Hello 2.0!

12 Beta 2.0 Linky

Please post your thoughts and vote now!!!

The best news is that this new version should be fully compliant with all screen resolutions!

Is Beta 2.0 Better Than The Previous Attempts?
Much Better!
Somewhat Better.
No Better Or Worse.
Slightly Worse.

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A friend

I have two issues with the new website:

A) The font is much uglier. The current font used in CTOWN is much nicer.

B) The colors are ugly.

I would say to try and stick to the colors you have now on CTOWN and the fonts, and just add the various features, this should make it pleasant to everyone


the reason why the current on eis nice is bc the layout is in the center which is way easir to read…
just like the blogspot, so slowly u are catching up to what u have already…


very nice!

what did you end up doing to fix the screen res thing?

i like the way you put the tabs on top. looks better for some reason.

the background is rather random, (nothing to do with the site), but there’s nothing wrong with it.

p.s. i’m not the same yossi as 3:18 😉


The bright green is a little too bright, but the revised dansdeals format is great. My only really nitpicky complaint is about the exclamation point on the hit counter. (which is on the present site also). Read “Eats Shoots and Leaves” and you will understand. Shabbat Shalom


Actually, the bright green is growing on me. I really like the tabs on the top. Perhaps center justify (and the “Only” line)


Thsi 2.0 version MUCH better than the ugly blue green…
here is some inspiration


its much better than 1.x, however you can do much better with PHP-Nuke


There is no way to get back to the main page after clicking on the tabs. You should make the logo clickable.


anon-the name is clickable,
You probably just came to the site while i was testing out a logo there instead of the orange blob..

dan jr

well dan the tabs on the top orange dont match with the other colors and then your good to go

dan jr

Hi all people out ther ther is now some thing net hear at ctown yo ucan now ask all your q’s at and i will domy best to respond to every one please dont use it out if you dont need it thanks

Asher O

Both the formatting and the colors (specifically the light beige and light blue) are a lot better.

Although i suggested you keep the blogger banner, i dont think it looks as good with the current color scheme.

Please, do us all a favor and drop that radioactive (!) green from the tabs at the top.

Have a great Shabbos.