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The DansDeals Forums, or DDF can be a bit of an intense place, but it’s worth the learning curve.  Sit back and read through posts, use the search engine, and once you’ve become acclimated start posting.  That way nobody will bark at you for posting in the wrong place or for not finding an existing thread on the topic.

There are now over 12,000 members that have made over 638,000 posts in over 26,800 thread topics since the forum launched 5 years ago! The DDF (DansDeals Forum) community is expanding faster than ever!
There have been over 25 Million hits and 284,000 posts on the Dansdeals Forums just in 2013!

Ever wondered how to best use your miles for a trip? Or did you just want to know about the kosher restaurants and shuls in a destination and what else there is to do there? The forum is an incredible resource with input from users spanning the entire globe.

You can of course continue to comment on every deal here at the main Dansdeals.com site, but it’s much easier to discuss miscellaneous issues over at the forums. Whenever a topic is discussed at the forum it is automatically bumped to the top of the page, so that unlike a comment on a deal, it isn’t lost once the deal falls off the page.

There’s a “smart” search engine on the forum for you to look up topics that have been discussed in the past. If you’re on the home page the search engine will search everything on the forum. If you’re in a specific board topic it will only search that board. If you’re in a specific post it will only search that post. Easy as 1-2-3!

Registration for the forum will just take a minute of your time, and best of all it’s free! You can read all of the discussions at the forum without registering, but registration is required in order to participate in the discussions. Once there you can easily search to see if your issue is already being discussed, or find the category that your topic falls into and start a new topic thread.

Before staring to post on DDF have a look around and search. Odds are your questions have already been asked and answered. If it’s being discussed already just make a reply in the appropriate thread. If it’s not being discussed yet you can start a new thread by choosing the correct board subject to put it in (A credit card question will go in the credit card board) and making a descriptive title.

Members can also send a private message (PM) to each other on the forum.

There is a learning curve, reading through the Airline acronym thread or the regular Acronym thread may help you figure out some of the abbreviations being used.

Don’t know how to use or make a new topic in the forum? Post a comment on this post and I’ll help you out.

Members of the forums have a real sense of community.  There have been countless DOs or get-togethers across the globe.  Even had a dozen members from Australia to Chicago over my place for a shabbos lunch before the Cleveland seminar. There have been fund-raisers for members in need and mishnayos for a member who is no longer with us.  It’s quite a special place.

Here’s a small selection of what people are talking about:

-Several DDF’ers have already gotten the $400 AMEX prepaid card rebate from deals I’ve posted on the T3i and S110.  Per my recommendation they called to get cash instead and now their checks are in the mail.

asher8190 got a USAirways ticket to Israel in August for just $302. He used that to earn lifetime Star Alliance Gold status. Oh, and USAirways also cancelled his final leg to Toronto due to bad weather and is now issuing him a $160 refund. Score!

-Yes, being an AU can really help your credit score. Much more so than a secured card as wayfe and his brother found out firsthand.

-The AOR thread is always a fun read. IsraelGuy and his wife did pretty well!

-Vanilla Reloads remain the easiest way to get miles dirt cheap.  And yes, you can even find them for sale with credit cards at CVS stores in Manhattan but don’t expect anybody to spoonfeed you and tell you which ones.

-Conventional wisdom has shown that AMEX return protection will let you just keep items under $100.  But Super Speed didn’t have to return a $295 iPad Mini and incendia also didn’t have to return a $209 tablet to get a full refund from AMEX.  This is just one of the many reasons that AMEX rocks and why everyone needs to have a card like the Starwood Preferred Guest® Credit Card from American Express or the American Express® Premier Rewards Gold Card.

-WAM doesn’t do small.  70 AMEX cards for the 33.3% off Amazon promo and SBS. And now $17,500 of GC from Pathmark for a boatload of miles and $2,100 in stop coupons. Just think how many free diapers that can buy 😀  Honorable mention to Thingywingy.

Other threads from the various DDF discussion boards:

-General Discussion: Is PrimeAir the best marketing gimmick ever?

-Tech Talk: A Photography expert helps camera n00bs like me learn how to become an expert.

-Trip Reports: Click on the place you’re going to. Read all about it!

-Up in the air: El Al runs a cash and points promo.

-On The Road: Learn all about getting a room for free without using cash or points.

-Credit cards: Lots of fun with Alaska Air. Hope it works out for everyone and we don’t get burned!

-Deals: The free product master thread.

-Just Shmooze: Amazing pictures of Jerusalem covered in snow.

-Goods for sale/trade: Share Amazon Prime!

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How do you send private message ?


Gut Shabbos Dan!!!!! Your the Best!!!

y l

I signed up to be a ddf and dont know what to do to get all the gooddis in this article please help


Thank you, very nice post!


Hi. I see in the ddf everyones profile. Everyone has gold, platinum, silver status by all hotels, airlines, car rentels…
Can I. Also have such good high status without spending thousands of money?


Wow- my own shout-out. Now I’ve really made it 🙂

a european

Love those type of Post’s even as DFFer.


you can also search things of DDF by typing into google: site:fourms.dansdeals.com


how do i know if i can trust what is written in a thread? how do i know if the answer didn’t change over time? seems more reliable to ask YOU here.


Well if you rely on Dan shouldn’t you trust him when he tells you to use DDF?

chana k

@Joe: When in DDF. Hold your cursor over a poster’s name. the name will underline and you can click it. You will now be on that other member’s profile page. On the left, under ‘actions’. send personal message. click. write. ‘send message’


How do I sign up for alerts when new topics are posted? I clicked to be notified but I dont get any emails.


Careful with those $60 (3 x $20) Pathmark coupons from the $500 Gift Card purchases. They expire in less than 2 weeks on 12/26 and you can only use $20 per transaction. Make sure you split your orders and spend them down in time. That was easy money. More than 10% instant return without even counting the mileage bonuses, etc.


I love DDF!
Go WAM 🙂


my parents were also on that flight fom israel where their last leg to toronto got cancelled…. how do we get money back for it?


Dan, a few weeks ago I kept trying to get those Motzai Shabbos tickets from the Finnish (whichever) airline and felt bad I was unsuccessful. However, I am glad it did not work. I wanted to go for a (this past) Wednesday night wedding and Shabbos Sheva Brochos in Yerushalayim. Boruch Hashem the wedding went as planned, but the Chosson, Kallah and family attending the Thursday night Sheva Brochos in Ramat Beit Shemesh ended up getting stuck there for an unplanned Shabbos Sheva Brochos there as well, with a large part of the family celebrating the Shabbos Sheva Brochos in Yerushalyim without the Chosson and Kallah and the rest of the family.


THanks so much i didnt see the photography thread untill now and im so excited to read it!


Good Job @asher8190! A home page mention, very impressive!!