Have You Checked Out The Dansdeals.com Forums?

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-Posted by Eli

Over the last few months as I’ve been quite busy with some personal stuff, the Dansdeals.com forums have been pushing forward quite nicely. What started off as an e-mail to Dan saying “Hey Dan, maybe we should have a forum on your website,” and Dan responding “Sure, let’s try it!” has now grown to over 25,000 posts in 2,320 topics. (Stats Link)

For those of you who are unaware, the forums are a great place to discuss just about anythingTechnologyCredit CardsDeals…and best of all, the most efficient way to use your miles. There’s also much discussion on destinations all over the world and where to stay, eat, and what to do and see.

Today, I finally got a chance to check up on the forums and noticed that we now have 999 members. I pulled some strings and got Dan to agree that the 1,000th member to register will receive LIFETIME Platinum Elite Membership on the DansDeals.com Forums!

I know, I know, normally that requires hundreds of posts and being a loyal forum reader/poster, but we’re givin’ it away for free! So simply register at the forums as our newest member and PM myself or Dan, and we will immediately upgrade your membership.

Come join us!

UPDATE: Newest member “SHAFELE” has earned himself Lifetime Platinum! Congratulations!

UPDATE 2: There were many members who had registered but had never activated their accounts. We cleaned that up and there are now 970 members — 4 who have registered in the last 20 minutes. Let’s keep it going and the 1,000th will get that coveted Lifetime Platinum Elite Membership!

UPDATE 3: Congratulations as well to forums member “GOGREEN” who is our newest 1,000th member. We’ve had over 30 signups today! Great job!

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Is this open to existing account holders 🙂

What are the benefits of being lifetime platinum elite on the forum?


Mazel Tov!
Nice to see the forums growing.


@Freddie: Hmmm…”status”?

Maybe we should print Dansdeals.com Forum Membership Cards.