Dansdeals Forum Back Up And Running Again…


Thanks to all those who emailed about the forum being down the past few days, and thanks to “whyme” for getting it back up again!

www.dansdeals.com/forums is a great place to talk about any miscellaneous comments/questions that don’t fit in with a posted deal!

Also be sure to check out the brand new trading post board!

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Hey Dan, can you please please comment on my post: http://www.dansdeals.com/forums/index.php?topic=467.0

I am leaving to israel in two days and can use some advice…

I made all reservations…

Did you order shabbos in Sheraton Jerusalem? How much was it? is it worth it?

Is 2 days in eilat enough? any ideas what to do? how about dead sea?

Thanks so so much


any idea when W will have a sale on the beds again?!??1
we are desperate!!!