9 Years Of The DansDeals Forums!

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The DansDeals Forums, better known as DDF these days, was launched on 5/28/08. It was created by Eli Webster, who pushed for it in the DansDeals comment section of the “The Discussion Post,” where people used to be able to ask me any question under the sun. DDF member BAHayman has also been an incredible help over the years keeping DansDeals and the forums running as site traffic has increased.

I thought the forums would fail within weeks, just as the vast majority of online forums do.

I couldn’t have been more wrong. Today there are over 22,000 members that have made over 1,600,000 posts in over 62,000 thread topics on DDF!

The forum has become an incredible resource with input from users spanning the entire globe on every topic under the sun.

Registration for the forum will just take a minute of your time, and best of all it’s free! You can read all of the discussions at the forum without registering, but registration is required in order to participate in the discussions. Once there, you can easily search to see if your issue is already being discussed, or find the category that your topic falls into and start a new topic thread.

There’s a “smart” search engine on the forum for you to look up topics that have been discussed in the past. If you’re on the home page the search engine will search everything on the forum. If you’re in a specific board topic it will only search that board. If you’re in a specific post it will only search that post. Easy as 1-2-3!

Before staring to post on DDF have a look around and search. Odds are your questions have already been asked and answered. If it’s being discussed already, just make a reply in the appropriate thread. If it’s not being discussed yet you can start a new thread by choosing the correct board subject to put it in (A credit card question will go in the credit card board) and making a descriptive title.

Members can also send a private message (PM) to each other on the forum.

There is a learning curve, reading through the Acronym thread and the Airline acronym thread will help you figure out some of the abbreviations being used.

DDF consists of 13 “boards” that help keep discussions organized.

-Don’t know how to use or make a new topic in the forum? Comment on this post and I’ll help you out or try making a test post in the “Start Here” board.

-The General Discussion board is where members can talk about subjects that they think are important, while the Just Shmooze board is where you can talk about just about anything under the sun.

-Members of the forums have a real sense of community and thousands of members have gotten together over the years. In-person get togethers have become so popular that there is now a dedicated “DDF DO” board just to help coordinate meetings in locations around the world!

-You can get help for all of your tech devices and learn more about tech topics in the Tech Talk board.

-The Destination Guides And Trip Planning Advice board is the best resource on the internet for planning a kosher vacation. In this sticky thread you can find links for threads on cities across the globe. The first of most city threads have Wikis with tons of information on things to do, places to eat, and where to stay. For example here is the Wiki for ClevelandLos Angeles. and Venice.

-The Trip Reports board is where DDF members can share their amazing trips with members who love reading them. The best benefit is looking back at the report in future and reminisce about details forgotten over the years…but beware that revisiting them will make you want to return! Here is a Wiki where you can find links to hundreds of trip reports.

-Miles, airfare deals, and airline news can be found in the Up In The Air board.

-The On The Road board covers car rental and hotel deals and news.

-You can learn everything about credit cards in the Credit Card board.

-Keep on top of the latest in the war between Amazon and Walmart in the Amazon & Walmart Deals board.

-Other deals can be found or requested in the Deals/Deal Requests board.

-DDF members can sell or trade anything besides their miles in the Goods For Sale/Trade board.

So what are you waiting for? Go explore DDF and wish it a happy 9th birthday today!

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Mike B

You should rename the smart search to something more accurate :p


Thank you Eli!!!


It’s a great thing you got going there. Thanks Dan!


Thank you very much!! To Eli, Dan and all the dedicated participants who are often so helpful and insightful.


Truly an indispensable resource for frum people planning trips (esp with points, but even old school cashpayers looking for where to get kosher food/how to deal with hotels for shabbos etc).


Any buyers for a username from 2008 😉


congrats and thanks! I’ve learned so much…and still learning. Thanks again for all the info, tips and great deals…


Thanks so much Dan for everything you do, your a real gift to the world!
I’m looking for help with RV Rentals for a family road trip, where can I pick one up, places to travel with it, trailer parks to sleep etc. . . . Have you ever rented one of these?
Any DDF’s on the topic?


@Mike B:

It’s search for smart people 😀


I am username from 2008, and I do NOT approve this message!


Dan, i enjoy a lot reading through the many different topics in the forum. However when it comes to posting, it’s a total different situation. Whereas in the blog you make everyone feel welcome and always respond to comments in a polished manor,the forums feel like they are being controlled by a few leaders. You are not welcome if you are not from the few top elite. There’s a lot of talk going on in code and hints and you are made to feel like an intruder. Step out of “their”line and you will be belittled to make sure you don’t come back again for a while. I think there needs to be some sort  of monitoring , as well  etique set up, and especially some guidance for the newbies.
Thanks and keep it up.


@Mike B:
Said it a lot nicer than I was going to.


Thank you, all! You’ve taught me so much that I’ve been able to share with those I care about. Many wonderful trips! And, prob some stuff that I don’t need, too, i.e. huge rubber rug last month, lol.
You are appreciated Dan! Gracias.


@Anonymous: +1


@Dan: @Anonymous:I agree with you dan but their attitude – especialy jewish attitude should be toned down, just saying.


I hear you. Thanks Dan for e/t!