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Been to Dansdeals.com/forums lately? If not you’ve been missing out!
There are now over 1,700 members that have made over 40,000 posts in over 3,300 thread topics! The community is expanding faster than ever!
There have been over 1 Million hits on the Dansdeals Forums just in the past 4 months!

Ever wondered how to best use your miles for a trip? Or did you just want to know about the kosher restaurants and shuls in a destination and what else there is to do there? The forum is in incredible resource with input from users spanning the entire globe.

You can continue to comment on every deal here at the main Dansdeals.com site, but it’s so much easier to discuss miscellaneous issues over at the forums. Whenever a topic is discussed at the forum it is automatically bumped to the top of the page, so that unlike a comment on a deal, it isn’t lost once the deal falls off the page.

There’s a fantastic “smart” search engine on the forum for you to look up topics that have been discussed in the past. If you’re on the home page the search engine will search everything on the forum. If you’re in a specific board topic it will only search that board. If you’re in a specific post it will only search that post. Easy as 1-2-3!

Registration for the forum will just take a minute of your time, and best of all it’s free! You can read all of the discussions at the forum without registering, but registration is required in order to participate in the discussions. Once there you can easily search to see if your issue is already being discussed, or find the category that your topic falls into and start a new topic thread.

Don’t know how to use or make a new topic in the forum? Post a comment on this post and I’ll help you out.

Here’s a small selection of what people are talking about over at dansdeals.com/forums

General Discussion:
-Forum user “Emily” wants to know how to get the best bang for her buck with college courses. Online, CLEP, Clovis, University of phoenix, it’s all discussed here.

Product/Tech Talk:
-You can make phone calls from Gmail now. But what about making calls over your phone’s wi-fi for free? Or making calls from Israel to the US for free?

Trip/Destination Reports:
-I’ve compiled a list with links to forum thread discussions of over 70 destinations including info about what to do and where to stay and eat in each place. Start your trip planning here!

Up In The Air:
-Want to use your Starpoints to go to Israel? All of the best methods are posted here!

-Want to use your AMEX Membership Rewards Points to go to Israel? All of the best methods are posted here!

Don’t like paying fees on your free tickets? This work-in-progress thread will tell you the scoop for every airline out there! Note that this depends on both which airline you have miles with and which airline partner you will be booking using those miles. This thread attempts to categorize it all!

AA offers the easiest method to lifetime elite status out there. This thread talks about just what the benefits are of having that status and how to get it.

On The Road:
Read about which cards will give free car rental insurance in Israel and about getting the cheapest car rental in Israel.

Credit Cards:
-If only 75K/100K offers came around every day…but then there wouldn’t be a 27 page thread discussing our strategies!

Deals/Deal Requests:
-Forum user “rud14mee” needs a good cheap netbook…any suggestions?

Just Shmooze:
-Jokes galore, great one-liners, and A-Rod finally leading the Rangers to the World Series. Kick back and relax in the board.

Goods For Sale/Trade:
-Why pay $79 for Amazon Prime when you can split it with other forum members for just $16!

-Amazon diaper codes for sale and for trade in this thread!

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