14,000+ Posts At The Dansdeals Forums!

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Been to Dansdeals.com/forums lately? There are now nearly 700 members that have made over 14,000 posts in over 1,600 thread topics!

When commenting about a deal you can continue to do it at the main Dansdeals.com site, but it’s far superior to discuss miscellaneous issues over at the forums than as a comment on an unrelated post here at the main Dansdeals.com site. Whenever a topic is discussed at the forum it is automatically bumped to the top of the page, so that unlike a comment on a deal, it isn’t lost once the deal falls off the page.

Registration for the forum will just take a minute of your time, and best of all it’s free! You can read all of the discussions at the forum without registering, but registration is required in order to participate in the discussions. Once there you can easily search to see if your issue is already being discussed, or find the category that your topic falls into and start a new topic thread.

Don’t know how to use or make a new topic in the forum? Post a comment on this post and I’ll help you out.

Here’s a small selection of what people are talking about over at dansdeals.com/forums

General Discussion:
-You’ve asked for it, so Dansdeals.com and dansdeals.com/forums are now mobile! Just go to either site from your phone and you will now reach the mobile site. Love it? Hate it? This is the thread to post your comments on it!

Product/Tech Talk:
-Forum user “Vrems” is looking for a new laptop, so is a refurb the way to go or do you stick to new products?

Trip/Destination Reports:
-Forum user “Daniel” is looking for the best spot in Europe to stop off at on the way back from Tel Aviv. Did you know AA charges less miles during off-peak times for booking Israel-Europe (20K miles) and Europe-US (20K miles) than Israel-US (45K miles)?

-Forum user “Psalm” is looking for a honeymoon spot and the forum members help him plan a Hawaiian vacation!

On The Road Paved With Miles:
-Flying in BusinessFirst on Continental to Tel Aviv? Here’s how to check if you’ll be in a lie-flat bed or just a reclining seat.

-Forum user “Yeshivaman” wants to know everything about getting bumped!

-Want to see the world on miles? You can do it all in international first class for as little as 100K Starpoints!

Credit Cards:
-Annual fee coming up on your card? Go for a retention mileage bonus to stay!

Deals/Deal Requests:
-Forum user “Txtman” needs a cheap cashmere coat, any advice?

Just Shmooze:
-Everybody likes a good chuckle!

Trading Post:
-Why pay $89 for Amazon Prime when you can split it with other forum members for just $16!

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Hey Dan,

If you do a google search for “split amazon prime” guess which website comes up first… 😉


just registerd in the forums section, how do i set my profile that other people shouldnt be able to see my email?
(i checked the box “hide email from public” but it still shows that u can email me)