Follow Me To My 7th Continent: Safaris, Waterfalls, Shark Diving, And More!

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I’ve traveled the world over, but somehow I’ve always skipped over Africa. Back in 2007 I did cross into Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, but that’s still technically Asia.

A fender bender in my Lyft to the airport had me regretting leaving the airport during my connection to get some dinner, but I’m now safely onboard a nonstop United flight from Newark to Johannesburg. The flight attendants apologized for the lack of kosher meals “due to safety reasons,” whatever that means.

But over the next several days we plan to have some 8 border crossings as we attempt to check off some more bucket list items. Let’s just hope our flights and the weather cooperate!

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Cool! Have a great trip.


Have a safe and wonderful trip! I just can’t ever figure out how to get updates on your trip via Instagram even though I’m following you. For some reason I can’t see your stories.


I skip it because Mufasa said I must never go there.


Thanks to this game my family and I have traveled across the world to places I never thought I would ever have a chance to see. With that, Africa is the place that I never in my life would have put on the top of that list. Egypt (simply amazing) Morocco, Safari in Serengeti (beyond words), Zanzibar, Cape Town and cage diving with Great Whites in Gansbaai. Every time I talk about these places and look at photos I get chills. In my opinion nothing compares to the experiences we were so grateful to have had here. Dan, I hope you come away with some of the same, and enjoy what I feel are truly moments that compare to no other.


Dan, thanks to you, we had a dream vacation to Soutj Africa several years ago. We woke up on a Sunday morning to your posting an error fare and we flew for <$250 r/t to Johannesburg. Have a great time!


Is top of my bucket list, and want to do for my 20th anniversary if can swing it using mostly points. so here’s hoping I can copy part of your itinerary as planning is not exactly my strong suit.


Have a safe trip!
Can’t wait to read your trip report 🙂


For some reason I’ve always had trouble navagating the forums. Is there an app I should be using? Or just a regular browser? (That’s what I’ve tried in the past.)
Any suggestions appreciated!


Hope u get to enjoy every minute!!


Enjoy your African adventure!!!

Average Joe

New kosher special?


Just curious, where did you go for dinner near Newark Airport?