What Were Your Favorite DansDeals Of The Decade? My Favorites From Free Vacations To Free Diapers!

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The 2010s are in the books, and what a decade it has been!

10 years ago I was still wondering what I was going to do for a living. It’s been quite a fun ride since then with over 200 million site visits over the decade, as I said in my birthday post, sometimes I need to pinch myself 🙂

The Yated asked me what my favorite deal was and I avoided the question. But here is a sampling of amazing deals from the 2010s:


View from our Bellagio Suite in Las Vegas


View from our free suite in the Fairmont Banff Springs


View from our suite in the Fairmont Pacific Rim Vancouver




DansDeals Seminar in Jerusalem, March 2015




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Don’t forget the rules of the deal before the next amazing deal pops up!

Looking back at hundreds of incredible deals, it certainly helps me take a step back and appreciate all that I’ve got to do and experience in the past decade.

None of it would have been possible if not for my amazing readers, I’ve said it before, but I don’t say it enough. You guys are amazing, and when you read my blog, use our links, and support our advertisers, it means the world to me and makes all of this possible.

Thank you!

What are your favorite deals that you took advantage of? Which deals do you regret missing? And what other deals did I forget to include in the roundup above?

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Definitely the shoes.com/elevtd deal! Got a closet filled with designer shoes and sold some for $$$. Also the Halloween jetblue deal for $31 each way! Went to Disney for the day


YASSSS BEST DEAL EVER!!!! Dan we love you!! Keep it up 🙂 #fangirls

Delta glitch fan

Hands down the Delta glitch. First class RT JFK-OGG for $119.


@dan, and now what was your least deal the last decade, or the most flight nightmare?


DD gets me to Israel each year with some winter sale (recently black Friday). These tickets are paid with accumulated amex/chase points. Hotel stays are free with hotel credit cards. All cards and much spend are done with DD’s recommendations. Without you I would never get to Israel.
Thanks a ton !


2012 Going to Israel for $350 via ELAL, and for an extra $150, flew direct. Thanks!



Seems we put them out of business!!! @dan

Still not sure why they honored them



Dan, when are you launching an app with which we can track how many dansdeals we’ve cashed in on and how much money its saved us?

On an unrelated point, skimming through the article I read “free headphones” as saying “free headaches”. Did a double take and then realized I’d misread it..


The bags of crap


Dan now I know how you have Marriott titanium! Fairmont status match?


how much do those ferragamo heels elevtd deal retail for?those look very nice


I like how you said to people during the Fairmont Platinum Status sale, you said “congrats to everyone who got one”, but you end up buy 9!! Give me a break. No wonder people were lucky to get one. There was limited amounts for sale and you buy 9. SMH


I think the Uber ride passes for $5-$10 a trip to anywhere was definitely one of the top deals of the last decade


Yeah the one for 2.99 pool and 9.99 uber x

Think it was $25-35 value on each one.

Remember taking pools worth $25 for 2.99



or taking trips that normally cost a couple of hundred dollars for $10


I must of missed that one. Don’t recall


Mine was canceled, but I’m trying to find reference to that insane deal with Lysol wipes, I think from Officemax…a co-worker of mine basically got a pallet of them on his front porch, and I remember one DDF member joking he added enough to his cart for it to say he was saving roughly the price of a Toyota Avalon.


Great job putting this together! Awesome post and an entertaining walk down memory lane!


I got the BA 100k mile offer in 2009 or 2010


The GO everywhere pass might make the 2019 list. On January 2nd I believe they are sending them out.

We will see what happens


The quote ” there’s no such thing as a free lunch” means that somebody has to pay for
It, not whether you specifically have to pay for it. So if national is offering free elite status although for you it’s free but they’re going to have to pay for it, so it ain’t a “free lunch”.

Marvin Pollack

2019- Lord and Taylor $100 off $200 black Friday, stackable with Black Friday deals-Brooks Brothers $25 shirts and sweaters,
$25-30 Cashmere sweaters


Not good enough. Looking for remarkable deals

Damn It!

What a shame I didnt hear of you 2 years ago!


Thanks Dan, great post.
So it seems that as time goes on the deals are less valuable..

Thanks again!

The flights to SA! took my whole fam to visit the grandparents – something we could never afford on our own! And it was their best trip yet! They are all still talking about it. Thank you!


The Yated article mentions that you don’t remember the last time you paid for a flight. Aren’t there promotional or seasonal paid tickets that are not worth using miles or can’t be bought with points?

a gut voch!

Not worth it to pay cash if you can use miles – when you have unlimited miles. If you have so many miles that you can never use them up, that is like unlimited.

Ten Bucks a Week

The Google Fi deal. Got my money in hotels.com gift cards.