#FakeNews: No Hasidic Jews Are Actually Suing McDonald’s

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The Daily News, Miami Herald, Newsweek, JTA, Fox News, and NBC all write that Morteza Javadi is a Hasidic Jew who is suing McDonald’s over not being hired due to his beard.

As a Hasidic Jew who has never trimmed his beard, I wondered what kind of Hasidic Jew would possibly work at McDonald’s?

And I’m not talking about the Glatt Kosher McDonald’s in Buenos Aires. Working in a non-kosher McDonald’s is pretty much anathema to a Hasidic Jew.

It only took a little bit of searching to find Mort’s YouTube channel for his “Mahi Ministries” (Disclaimer: Missionary videos) and the website for his ministry. He’s clearly a Christian missionary and doesn’t resemble anything close to a Hasidic Jew. But I suppose that wouldn’t make the same headlines?

I guess I’m not surprised by the media’s lack of research. If you’ve ever read a news article about a subject that you’re familiar with you know that they are full of factual errors and lazy reporting. It’s unfortunately rare to find well researched news these days.

But what was Mort’s motivation? Was this all just a cash grab for an easy lawsuit? Publicity? What are your thoughts on the story?

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thank you reb dan yasher koach to you for being the first one to correct this error.


I knew it didn’t make sense, an Orthodox Jew is not allowed to cook milk and meat together, so how possibly can he work in McDonald’s


Actually, first of all if it’s a neveila then you’re allowed to cook it with milk. Second, the race that they put these on afterwards isn’t considered halachically cooking, to make it asur.

Levi B.

@Rabbi, not true at all — entirely forbidden to cook nevailah (beef) with milk — see dagul mervova yoreh deah siman 87.


You are confusing Ha’naah with Bishul (and even by Ha’naah it’s a debate). http://www.hebrewbooks.org/rambam.aspx?sefer=5&hilchos=28&perek=9&halocha=6&hilite=


It was the opposite, you can have hana’ah, you just can’t do the act of cooking. Look in pischei teshuvah.. And it also meant to say, that putting a slice of cheese on a burger might not be bishul. It has to be done through fire for the issur deoraisa.

Bryan Gryka

What’s the discount code? I don’t see a link


I read the story, and was wondering. It sounded very weird. Thanks for doing the research and setting the facts straight!


Just to add to the media sensation is the yeshiva world website of course when they feel the need to copy/paste these silly articles and post it on their websites.
YWN, enough you are biased and very unyeshivish change your website name, and stop overstuffing it with tzedaka advertisments worse then shomer shabbos.

izzy t

i read he was trying to work there as a janitor. The post reported he was a chabad chossid


Hell of a generalization to say “if you’ve ever read a news article about something you’re familiar with you know they’re always wrong and lazy.” Even if they were in this case.

Anyhow, took me five minutes to find the actual news release stating he’s a Rastafarian, for whom dreadlocks are important. https://www.eeoc.gov/eeoc/newsroom/release/7-12-16.cfm


That’s a different person back in 2016. Great job researching
@Dan on the other hand – thnx for showing this fake news for what it was.


Different guy, different law suit

Too late


Lord Dima

Still working for me. In for 1000!

Yitz Zafrani

Thanx for setting the facts straight


Let’s see which news outlet corrects their story first. My guess, none!




Exactly ☝️


You two have problems. The comment section is a cesspool. Every time.


Why so?? Just because you’re unfamiliar with real Hasidic names?


I called and informed Fox News of the news mistake. I thought that it was the ethical thing to do before too many people take advantage.


Thanks for ruining it for the rest of us. Here come the cancellation emails…

Liberal Conservative Yeshivish Modox Heimisheh guy



It is not the job of the news media to investigate the background of plaintiffs who have the full faith and credit of the United States government behind them. Do you know how rare it is to get the EEOC to take a case? They usually just issue a letter that says, “We can’t help, go ahead and sue them yourself if you want.” In this case it took three years for the Trump Administration to bring the case.

The defendants, if they want, can now raise the issue of whether someone they did not hire is really a Hasidic Jew. Had they offered to hire him if he could prove his religious credentials, they might have a defense. I think the story is newsworthy, and factual, because it points out an issue of employment discrimination. And do all Hasidic Jews refuse to do any work at all for a McDonald’s? We don’t know the job involved flipping burgers. It was for “maintenance.” For all we know, he could be maintaining their computer systems from home.

You are probably correct that this is the person with the same name in Kansas City. It is not the clean-shaven chemistry professor in Ohio with the same name. It seems to be a common name in Iran, of all places. Does the First Amendment guarantee a person’s right to call himself Hasidic, or does freedom of speech and freedom of religion not extend that far? Stay tuned.


Nope…not gonna honor it. They said it was a pricing error


So this press release from EEOC had it wrong too?


Do you expect more? Remind me who the chair is and who appoints them? This should be what you have come to expect from an executive agency…

Texas Totty

Here’s another example of a Fakenews media mess up that many of us here are familiar with:


The “fact” that he is a Hasidic Jew is in the lawsuit filing from the EEOC.

Thank you for reporting that he’s not.

Liam K. Nuj

Perhaps this plaintiff self-identifies as a Hasidic Jew and the EEOC accepted it. But that doesn’t actually make him a Hasidic Jew. Theoretically, I could self-identify as a Persian cat, apply for a job at McDonald’s, get turned down because of my religiously mandated beard, and we’ll have headlines reading “Persian Cat Sues McDonald’s for Discrimination.”


Even the Jewish Press didn’t bother. (not shocking though)


thanks, good article.


A guy who says he is blind is suing Domino’s because he can’t get the same discounts online, using their website or apps, as sighted persons. He won in the Ninth Circuit and Domino’s wants to take the case to the Supreme Court. Domino’s says the firm representing the plaintiff has filed 14 suits on his behalf, and more than three dozen for another guy.

Is it the obligation of the news media to stake out the plaintiff and follow him for a few days to make sure he is blind? I suppose they could pay for that by raising their subscription and advertising prices. Everyone knows the media are flush with money these days. Or is it their obligation to check online at the court house on what cases have been filed or decided or dismissed, and report the allegations from both sides?

And what if there is a third party with an interest in the case? There may be a duty to report their views, also. What if the third party, though, is a collection of random people chanting “fake news”? What if there is no person or organization to call to verify whether someone belongs to a protected group? Do you call another blind guy, to ask if he thinks the alleged blind guy really can’t see? And does it really matter, if the pizza place already admits that its system discriminates against the blind?


Liam K. Nuj

Until your very last sentence, I was under the impression that the blind guy was suing Domino’s Sugar.


They did say in the video it was for a maintenance position. Not sure if that is clear cut and forbidden. Seems like a cash grab by the facts in this article. Thank you for this. Once again you come through with excellent content!!!!


Shout out to Dan’s Deals on Arutz Sheva.


Liberal Conservative Yeshivish Modox Heimisheh guy

Don’t expect better from NBC Fox News and the others are 3rd tier websites.

The only question is….how do we know that this is not fake news?? Lol

Open Mind

He’s not a christian missionary.. From his videos, He’s promoting Islam.. He claim to be a jew, confirming that Islam is the true religion because Muhammad and Islam is mentioned in the jewish books.


he could be a Christian acting as a jew who supports Islam so that other Christians can use this to accuse Muslims of Deception. or he could be simply an Iranian mizrahim jew.