Exactly One Year Later, Delta Is Back In Merger Rumor Talks…


Post from November 16th, 2006’s Merger Rumor de jour Linky
I predicted then that USAirways’ $8,000,000,000 buyout would fall through.  I don’t recall, but seemingly I also had a lot of fun going through the hypotheticals of the merger…

The differences today?

-Gerald Grinstein, a major proponent of a standalone Delta, is no longer CEO.
-The buyout partner isn’t some two-bit airline, but one of the largest in the world.
-$100 oil is a reality, and not a distant nightmare.

I don’t know if Delta will merge with United, (even if they wanted to, the anti-trust pressures of creating the world’s largest airline would be massive) but it seems that here is a lot of internal and external pressure for market consolidation…and market consolidation is rarely ever good news for the consumer.

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Delta and United may be good, although I would feel sorry for all the employees(especially in atlanta) I have lived in both cities and nobody wants to move to chicago from ATLANTA THERE WILL BE MANY PEOPLE LOOKING FOR NEW JOBS.. For me, it may be good, especially in florida, AS A FLYER

Yesterday, I had to fly from lax to dc to connect to a ted plane TO FLL.. With the merger, Its possible I could have flown nonstop, direct or conneced thru atlanta…



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I just got the starwood preffered guest card. what do you think i should do now; should i (if its possible) transfer all my miles from aa, united and continental into amex points. or should i leave them as miles and start spending with the amex card??

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You generally can’t transfer miles into amex or starwood points.

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