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Last Wednesday I noted that Emirates had tickets from the Maldives to Europe for $64 or to the US for $100 one-way or $142 round-trip.

However by Friday Emirates decided not to honor the tickets and sent out cancellation emails, when I advised people to write to the DoT.

On the back cover of today’s WSJ is this article in the “Overheard” section:


Somehow, I don’t think that will ever stop the DansDeals Facebook Group members from asking if it’s safe, but I did fly “shower class” on both Emirates and Etihad with my Yarmulka and made it back to tell the tale.

I actually went out and bought the paper for $3 as my nearly decade-long WSJ subscription finally ended last month when the free WSJ subscription deals dried up.

With airfare price mistakes, you win some and you lose some.

Mistakes that have been posted on DansDeals that were honored include $50 first class Delta tickets to Hawaii or LA, $440 business class AA tickets to Asia250 mile Delta flights, $148 Delta tickets from down under$150 Delta Transatlantic fares, $250 AA Transatlantic fares$187 Etihad tickets$336 El Al tickets to Israel, $372 Delta tickets to Israel$281 Air Canada tickets to Israel, $461 USAirways tickets to Israel$287 United tickets to Israel, $87 flight+hotel in Hawaii, free airfare+hotel in the Bahamas, free airfare+hotel+Cirque du Soleil tickets in Las Vegas, and free rental car+hotel+airfare with JetBlue vacations that were honored.

In some cases, like the United price mistake booked via Widerøe, the mistakes were even planted intentionally.

I can’t fault the WSJ for writing about this price mistake. It’s hard to make a pun on being “directed to a higher authority” when the mistake is honored 😉

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Do you see negativity in their post?


“Largely Jewish”. Why is that necessary or important?


@dan Congrats!


WSJ is Fake News!! Wink Wink


The Wall Street Journal loves emphasizing all things Jewish and Orthodox. (Sarcasm)


Dan, Shimcha hatov holech l’merochok


Great PR


i am just bothered by the “largely jewish” and the detail about no issue with orthodox jews” but otherwise it is very good advertisement! keep it up, Dan! you are the very best!


they should have sent you this issue of the WSJ for free: you gave them a scoop!


Congrats on being on WSJ!
Dans the pro when it comes to these deals!


Yup, they shouldn’t have wrote “largely jewish readers” no need for the bigoted remarks…


@david: Nah, Dan has it free for many years anyway…




What’s the over/under on when Dan will make the first Cavs post on the site this postseason?




I guess you don’t mind the snub to Orthodox Jews..How they equate deal hunters with Orthodox Jews…


Sorry- mentioning it’s “largely Jewish base is entirely uncalled for. Every word in journalism has a reason and the reason here is not necessarily good.


@Dov: You’re 100% correct on that. They’d never say “mostly Moslem” or “mostly Christian”, but if they can make ano underhanded snide snub against Orthodox Jews, they can’t resist.

And being the grammar cop I am, they also used incorrect grammar there. “His largely Jewish readers” is a grammatical error. It should have been “readership”. But then, when you’re busy being snooty and snide, you can’t take the time to make sure your grammar is up to par…


Ha. While checking the United deal (which we flew to Israel for $320 each) it postes during 18.3K followers on Twitter… and now riding on 82.5K followers an counting!

The wanna

42% of wsj subscribers are dans deal followers. Free subscription subscribers. Real fact


I didnt get a cancellation email yet from emirates however when i check online with booking reference the ticket is no longer available. Neither Cheapoair nor emirates credited the moneies. How about others?


@Alex: Agree!!


I may be in the minority but didn’t notice any sense of “putting someone down” in that article. If anything it might be a slight to the Dubai government. They are very strict unless you are paying for a service at which point they’ll welcome you with open arms.

I guess in the modern day “get offended at everything” world people feel empowered when they feel they’ve been chastised?


The only “bigoted” remark was Dan’s reference to the airline saying they are OK with yarmulkas….The WSJ quoted DAN


@Dan – 27

Wasn’t me and I don’t think that comment from Dan even sniffs the definition of “bigoted”.

I do think it shows their mentioning of the mostly Jewish readership was relevant to the story and not out of spite since Dan thought it prudent to bring up the airlines treatment of non-Muslims.

Joey Flittleman



Correct, the point about no issues woth orthodox jews requires the preface that the readership is largely Jewish – but the point is that both facts had no place in an article about price mistakes on airfare. Why highlight the irrelevant – as others have pointed out if it were muslim it would never have been done. Obviously the writer wanted to stress the stereotype.