One Million Hits Flash Promo!


Update: No firm commitments, but depending on the game, I may be able to give more than 1 ticket to the winner if necessary…the details will be worked out later.

As the counter draws to within hundreds from the milestone-It’s time to let the games begin!

I have temporarily relocated the hit counter to the top of the sidebar.

Email me a screenshot of the 1,000,000th hit and you’ll be invited to join me (and others) at Jacobs Field to watch the Indians battle the Yankees for game 5 of the American League Division Series. If the Indians beat the Yankees before game 5 (the Yankees cannot beat the Indians before game 5) then you will be invited to come to an American League Championship Series game at the Jake, which will most likely be versus the Red Sox.

A screenshot of the 999,999th hit will win you an XM satelite radio/MP3 player.

A screenshot of the 1,000,001st hit will win you a Sandisk MP3 Player.

Making a screenshot is easy, just locate the “Print Screen/Prnt Scrn” button on your keyboard, you will probably need to use the FN or shift button together with it to capture the screen. Then just go into a basic program like Microsoft Paint which can be found on every PC and press Paste to paste the screen into Paint. Email me the screenshot along with your name and address to claim your prize!

Limit 1 prize per person.

In the event of an unclaimed prize the grand prize will go to the 999,999th hit, and then to the 1,000,001st hit. The subsequent remaining prizes would be forfeited. Trades are allowed among the 3 winners, but only if all affected parties agree to the trade.

All prizes must be claimed by 11:59pm edt tonight.

Good Luck!

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dan once again i am ur big winner


noochh stop using photoshop


Dan did anybody get lucky?

I was having some trouble with the site.


I was sitting at Gali Gali today (today is their grand opening) with my Rabbi’s children, checking on my Ipod touch the web site and saw this deal (yes, Gali Gali has wi-fi). I was wondering how I would take a screen shot of my Itouch but then looked at the counter and saw I was hit #1000029 🙁 Oh well.

Anyway, the Indians won’t make it to game 5 of this series at least since we will win today (I hope).


Gali Gali has free wi-fi?
That’s pretty sweet!
How’s the food there?


The food is GREAT! I loved it, the kids loved it, good portions of food. You will have to try it out.


Glad to hear it-what meal do you recommend?


I personally like the burgers. The kids had pasta, chicken sandwiches and beef sandwiches. To early for me to make a personal favorite yet. I will have to experiment.


How would you have taken a screen shot on the touch?


I don’t think you can. I would have had to ask Dan for his address and run over there with the Itouch if I was the winner.


yankees are coming back watch out!!!!!


Wow your site was so busy today it crashed so many times today


Has it not occurred to you that there are girls that also regularly check this website?

Rule # 1 in business, never miss your market.


Using past promos as guidelines, the participation ratio of guys to girls is about 20:1

While that doesn’t mean that readership levels are necessarily that lopsided, I was confident enough with that ratio to go ahead with this promotion.


Well I regularly check your website, and have referred several friends to it too. We all like it because you have practical deals and a great easy to use format. I just think in the future if you are going to offer a promotion, it should not be gender specific.

Still a fan of the website, but just a little surprised.


First of all, thanks for being a fan and for your referrals! I have never spent a penny on advertising this site, so word of mouth is how this site grows.

Allow me to clarify what I said previously:

I have never ran a gender-specific promotion, and this one was no exception.
I obviously would have made appropriate accommodations if a girl had won the free Indians tickets.


I tend to agree with Rachel.

I’m a girl (well, woman) who reads your site numerous times a day, and loves it.

I don’t have as much of an issue with you prizes as I do with you always giving away XM radios. What happens to the Howard Stern Fans.

That’s more insulting than anything else! Love the site.