500,000 Hit Promo Ends Today!


To receive credit:
All credit cards must be applied for by 02/20-11:59PM EST.
You must email me with all the required information by 02/21-12:30AM EST
Rewards will be sent out, and the raffle will be held within 2 weeks.
Hope you all enjoyed the promo, and thanks to everyone who participated!

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Sorry to bother you again but can you tell me where in the knowledge base I can read about the 50,000 star points for a ticket to Israel that is still available.

I believe you that it is there I just can’t find it.

Thanks so much


Read getting the most out of miles and getting the most out of starpoints.


Hi Dan, i know you dont like answering posts that dont belong there… but do you know of any cards that have 0% APR on balance transfers AND purchases with no hidden charges?


The cheapest miles ticket to Israel is with Continental. However with starwood you only get 2 for 1. So I don’t see how you can get to Israel for 50,000.
Am I missing something?


I think you’d better reread the getting the most out of miles section for tickets to israel.


I did and the cheapest miles from LAX to TLV is with Continental.


yawn…so go from den, dfw, ord, nyc etc. for 50,000