Here Is The Breakdown Of How Many Antarctica Raffle Tickets Were Bought And Where People Bought From

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On August 8th, I posted about a raffle to win 2 tickets to Antarctica as part of a charity auction to raise funds to support Chabad of Cleveland.

The raffle was an amazing success, despite being open for just over 2 weeks.

I was thrilled that we were able to draw a winner with a live-stream yesterday so that everyone was able to watch in real-time as Levi B. from Los Angeles took home the grand prize. Levi bought the package of 5 tickets for $360.

Charity auctions often advertise on DansDeals, one shul told me they raised enough to complete their building fund with a successful raffle campaign on DansDeals. Shameless plug: Email JJ at for more information on running an ad here!

These raffles are usually fairly opaque, so I found it fun to be able to create the pricing points and interesting to see where people were buying from and which packages they chose.

648 people bought the following packages as follows:

407 bought one ($48,026)
186 bought two ($33,480)
43 bought five ($15,480)
7 bought ten ($4,900)
5 bought fifteen ($5,000)
=1,139 entries for a total of $106,886

The first purchaser was @mendyt on DDF and the last purchaser was @AJK on DDF.

Where people bought from:
AZ: 3
CA: 33
CO: 1
CT: 3
DC: 1
FL: 26
GA: 2
IA: 2
IL: 23
LA: 2
MA: 2
MD: 21
MI: 4
MN: 3
NC: 1
NJ: 120
NY: 341
OH: 27
OR: 1
PA: 8
PR: 1
TX: 4
TN: 2

ON, Canada: 4
QC, Canada: 2
Australia: 1
Israel: 5
UK: 3
Panama: 1
Switzerland: 1

Didn’t win? There are still a few slots left on the cruise, though they won’t last for long!

Thanks to everyone who participated!

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If spots don’t sell out can you do raffle #2?


You can buy a spot and make your own raffle for whatever…

Chabad of Northeast Portland


There is a 2nd raffle!

You can win while supporting Chabad of Northeast Portland.

Didn\'t Win but so What

Kol HaKavod Dan – Levi B gets the trip of a lifetime and Chabad of Cleveland gets a major infusion of cash to continue its good work.


How many tickets did the winner buy?


How about a breakdown by zip code?


you dont want the adresse and maybe cc numbers also ?


Just zip code, wonder how much from Boro park, Willy, CH.


How about a second raffle on condition you sell over 100k in tickets?

I’m suggesting chabad ot las vegas but any good charity works.

Chabad of Northeast Portland


There is a 2nd raffle!

You can win while supporting Chabad of Northeast Portland.


If LA sold 2 tickets, how Levi B bought 5?Did he not buy it from LA?

Neil Cohn

This is AWESOME Dan! You should point out how much this will help Chabad of Cleveland — tremendous success all around.


Dan, if you give me tickets ill promise to put on tephillin everyday, ill even but on Rabbanu Tam 😉


Don’t listen to my sister, she’s just teasing


What is Chabad of Cleveland netting? About $55k after they pay for everything? Or did they have a donor who paid for the prize as well. Just out of curiosity.


Appreciate the livestream. I have asked before on other threads how your followers can feel comfortable your advertisers are conducting fair and honest raffles, but you haven’t posted my comments. I feel it’s a fair question to ask.

Daniel Mammon

PR? wanna know who that was

Golden State

ddahhhhhhh LA stands for Louisiana