Had Sunrocket VOIP Service? File A Chargeback Now!


Despite the dozens of emails I would receive from people letting me know about the latest Sunrocket $99 promotion 2 years of phone service, I never made a post on them.
They just seemed too desperate to survive.

Sunrocket service abruptly ended yesterday, leaving hundreds of thousands of customers stranded.

Don’t wait-call your credit card company and file a chargeback immediately.
There are time limits to when you can file a chargeback (although some issuers, like AMEX, are particularly lenient in enforcing those limits)

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i live i n israel and am using sunrocket as we speak on the phone with america, and it works perfectly, where did you hear that they ended service?


my phone is not working.

is it a fact that they went out of business?


does anyone know how to sell elal miles? or a travel agent who would buy them?


Some lines are still active but sooner or later they will all be down…


Who do you recommend for VOIP? Cheapest and reliable?


Want to sell El-Al Miles? try to call Express Travel 718-436-3500 Ask for Mr. Kahan or anyone else, he has given me the best offers on my Matmid points.


Will I loose my number now that they closed down? do you have another VOIP comp that has good rates to switch over to?


If you want to keep your number then you should port your number to a new carrier asap.


I’ll see what I can find for good VOIP deals…stay tuned.


can you recommend a good company to transfer my service to?


There is no such thing as cheap and reliable, it’s pretty much one or the other.

Some would like you to think Vonage is reliable… After looking into it I can say they probably won’t be around forever, they are loosing millions of dollars… there is a chance they will sell but who wants to bother with that.

I personally signed up to callvantage.com it’s by AT&T so it’s definitely going to stay the course and is very reliable. Is it the cheapest?? Definitely not, but it’s either serivice/reliability or cost…..

On another note, I tried requesting a charge back with AMEX blue for Sunrocket which was charged Dec 19 2006, without any luck, they said was too far back


if you have a cell phone or other number, i currently have my calls forwarded (which you can still do online) and therefore can still receive your calls -try simring, its better than forwarding-


how long do you think we have before our lines go down? so far, mine is working fine


I called my credit card company…they’re willing to dispute the charge from this month and on. in other words, since i ordered the service in january, they’ll only dispute it from july and on. think i should push it and dispute the entire amount? in the words of the agent i spoke to “that wouldnt be fair…”




so Dan what service should we transfer to before we lose our numbers


Man! I should have seen this coming.
My line has been a bit shaky the past few weeks.
I did have the service for 8 months, at $200, that comes out to $25 a month which is still great compared to verizon.
Plus I saved a bundle on my long distance calls.


any suggestions what we can do if paid by debit card?


should have known it was too good to be true! what should i do if i paid by debit card??? any suggetions??


Citi card will only let you dispute up to 60 days after purchase


,y sunrocket still works local and most of the times for incoming


actually, i have a citi card. i called them yesterday, and they’re willing to dispute it, even though i made the purchase in january. like i said, though, they’re only willing to dispute it from this month and on. instead of getting a $200 refund, i’ll only get $80.


i switched over to CUCUMBER a few months ago (from verizon – don’t go near them)
and cucumber – run by covista – is pretty decent. it includes call forwarding and remote access forwarding which is great if you travel or go upstate for the weekends…
and hey, along the way let some jews make money (even if its not chabad…:)