10 Years Of Deals! What Were Your Favorites?

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I started blogging about deals on 11/26/04, on my 20th birthday, while teaching kids down in Brazil.

Somehow 10 years have gone by and I’m still blogging away.

In the meantime there have been some pretty cool deals posted here as well as on the DansDeals Forums, which was launched in 2008.

I talked about and alluded to some of my favorites I took advantage of in this post, so I won’t repeat all of them here.

Post a comment about which deals were your favorites and what you did with them!

I’ve received emails from people who have found their mates on DansDeals glitch tickets and who have brought their kids to see their grandparents for their first time, so I know that cool stories are out there 😀

The good folks on DDF have compiled some of their favorites from over the years, which include:
-Elal $336 Glitch
-Google Digs The Conga and Google Wallet free spending
-Unlimited manufactured spend thanks to free processing from Google Checkout in ’06-’07.
-The billions and billions of miles that DansDeals readers have racked up from opening credit cards.
-Delta LA & Hawaii First Class $50 Glitch
-Unlimited BA points for free via opening BMI accounts.
-Small Business Saturday for the past 5 years
-33% off at Amazon with AMEX Offers
-50%+33% Off Chicco Products From Amazon
-$150 Off $150 AT&T with AMEX Offers
-AMEX Offers
-Expedia Bahamas Glitch free airfare and hotel included.
-Expedia Las Vegas Glitch, free airfare, Bellagio suites, limo transfer, food, cirque de soleil shows, etc!
-USAirways Tel Aviv Glitch
-Wideroe United Glitches to Tel Aviv and Milan
-$372-$498 Delta Tel Aviv tickets with a stop in Amsterdam that Delta allowed free changes to nonstops
-Years of free Wall Street Journal and other magazine subscrions
-50%+10% Off Artscroll Shas from Borders…Plus $390 back in Borders Bucks
-Aegean Star Alliance Gold
WalMart price mistakes
-Amazon Payments
Bluebird, Serve, and REDCard
-Free sprint galaxy phones.
-All of the free stuff from Amazon and other places.
-Saks OFF 5th 90% Off Stackable Savings
Years of free diapers from Amazon.
-HP sending out free $200 codes for cancelled price mistake orders…MBM’able
-Jetblue mystery codes that came around twice, savings up to $500 per code…also MBM’able
-JetBlue 90% off Summer sale.
-Winter specials from Jetblue, 80% off every day for a week.
-JetBlue $25 nationwide tickets
-Fly JetBlue once from Pittsbugh, fly twice free systemwide.
-$36 JetBlue tickets from Chicago to California.
-$499 unlimited JetBlue pass.
-Emirates price mistakes, $200 to Bangkok
-Track it back tags for cheap USAirways miles.
-Free 8×11 Shutterfly Hardcover Photo Books
-$65.99 Off Shutterfly Hardcover Photo Books!
-Unlimited Snapfish Photo Prints with 99 cent shipping.
-$15 eBay Gift Cards For $7 From Groupon
$3 car rentals in London
-Hyatt FFN: Stay twice at Hyatt and get a free systemwide night and 13.5K United miles without limit.
-Wendy’s cups for free Airtran flights…and flights on any other airline.
-$87 airfare+hotel deal to Hawaii
-Dollar coins!
-Free silver status from BMI, and then getting that matched to other airlines.
-Lifetime Platinum Fairmont status with annual free suites
-The famous Children’s place sale.
-Tudor at United Nations hotel for $19
-Free suite at the Intercontinental NYC
-Citi Executive 100k fun times.
-BA 100K for $3K spend.
-BGR 100K
-Platinum 100K…doable unlimited times with offer matching
-Berkshire Suite At The Omni Berkshire Place NYC for $49!
-Barcelona Tower Suites In Cancun For $7 Per Night
-Gap price mistakes.
-Delta to Europe for $150
-SAA to South Africa for under $700.
-Chicago to London for $223
-Miami to Brazil for $217
-Miami to Sao Paulo for $291
-JFK to Rio for $292
-Maui for $277
-NYC To Uruguay For $373
-LA To Peru for $238
-DC To Peru for $397
-$230 to Hawaii
-JFK to Milan and other European cities for under $200
-20K Starwood=37.5K AA million miler eligible miles
-20K Starwood=62.5K Delta miles.
-40K Starwood=12 Southwest tickets and a companion pass.
-50K AMEX Points To Delta And Get 90,000 Redeemable Miles And 25,000 Elite Miles
-One-way to Tel Aviv For $220
-Free flight to Fiji from LA.
-Free tickets from Chicago to Manchester
-NYC to Brussels, Milan, or Paris for $250
-JFK to Tel Aviv on Alitalia for $376
-The launch of 4.5K flights with Avios.
-United’s 4 mile island
-Continental Availability Glitch to Hawaii.
-American Availability Glitch To London
-Aeroplan pricing glitch
Free Hotel Nights From Hotels.com
-Free tickets on Spirit
-$750 Off $1,499 plus 12% Off Dell Laptops.
-HP Touchpads for $149
-LAN.com fuel dumping
-My $0/Month and $0.00/Per Minute Landline Phone.
-JustGive Charity Donations With No Processing Fees
-Unlimited Google Checkout $10 coupons.
-Verizon upgrade glitch
-Stackable Banana Republic and Gap Savings
-Free suites at the Wynn and Encore for Platinum cardholders
-And of course…the free toilet paper.

There are countless more, post your top 10 list!

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I wonder if there’s someone who took advantage of every single one.

vacation lover

Wideroe-United price mistake


none of these are actually good deals…lol, jk. just acting like those pessamistic classic dansdeals followers.


1. Delta glitch (flew to CLE and Hawaii)
2. Amazon 33% off + Cannon rebate (Got paid for a DSLR)
3. General SBS, CC and MS info


Thanks for all the deals! By far my favorite one was our 1st class trip to la with the wife and kids for $50! Thanks again Mr. Dans


My cheap trip to Israel!!!


Dan you’ve helped me get into the action with CC’s and have taught me so much!
Also doesn’t hurt that I got 70% off my choson suit from banana a month ago, under 150 bucks for a 550 dollar suit.
Yasher koyach


The usair trip to israel
Thousands of points & miles
Thanks !! keep up the good work


Elal $336 glitch by far


Avios points and $15 Frontier flights and $29 Delta.


the best one of all MESHUGANAH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

snapple facts

Nothing tops free toilet paper ever….

Happy 30th Dan! Where will you be when 11/26/24 rolls around?
I bet some free trips to outer space are bound to surface between now and then…..

May you enjoy 90 + more fun filled years of blogging and helping humanity.


Delta glitch to La the past Jan.

Keep it up Dan!


Today’s PHL to LAS deal is great one too.


$500 gift card from Pathmark and get $60 credit store


These deals were great but probably coming to end, less glitches and airlines offering less miles, cc offer quite stinky lately amazon also became smart, but at least thanks for the past hopefully deals would start increasing😅


Suites at Omni hotels for $50…


$42.00 first class to LA on delta was the best


I just clicked on a couple of them and NONE OF THEM WORK!!!!
i hate this blog, please take me off your list


Happy birthday DAN


Dollar coins would have been my favorite but I missed out.

Wendys cups
pudding cups
AA certs on cereal boxes
US Air Grandslam (like a scavenger hunt to me 🙂


celebrated our son’s bar mitzvah this past january in israel, many of our friends and relatives got there on the wildroe deal!


My favorite was FREE toilet paper…nothing comes close 🙂


gotta go with at&t a few weeks back $150 cash on a few cards.

Also platinum 100k for 3,000 spend available to public for a few hours on January 7 2013


got the delta glitch for our family of 6. got gipped 🙂 was with a stopover and paid $50 per ticket//got bumped on our way back to a flight that was 20 min later and we each got a $400 voucher for future flight ($2400)just booked tix to israel via delta for $537 less a $400 voucher= $137 per ticket to israel!! thanks dan

Henny chanina

11/26/02 that’s my first born daughters birthday and she was born at precisely 11:26 am. Cool! She turns 12 this year. 🙂


best trip 25 dollars for first class delta to La still dreaming and waiting for another glitch like that

Lenora Marcson

Happy birthday Dan!!! thanks for all your hard work on getting us the best deals!

Lenora Marcson

@Henny chanina: happy birthday to her! many blessings of health succccess and clarity in decision making!

Lenora Marcson

@Timmy: I did!@


My favorite by far was the wideroe United tickets to tlv and other places glitch. I got tickets to my sisters wedding to which I otherwise would not have gone to. I paid half of what I would have had to pay otherwise.
Thanks Dan.
May you go from strength to strength.


Can’t believe I missed the Aeroplan glitch last month,if only it was posted to the website and not just the forums


Happy 30th Dan! Many more to come…


Loved the $212.50 ewr to hnl . Bought tickets in July 2009 went January 2010. Used “Oahu Revealed”


dan all your trip that you want with your miles wasn’t for free
because the miles is worth money so it”s not like having first class for free, ex if you use 180k to fly first class it”s points that is worth almost 3000$