The US Will Require A Negative COVID On Flights From The UK, Brazil Will Require Negative COVID Test From All Foreign Nationals

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The US has avoided requiring a negative COVID-19 test until now, but starting on Monday all passengers from the UK will be required to provide a negative COVID-19 test from within the past 72 hours in order to board a flight from the UK to the US. This is due to the UK variant of COVID-19 which is spreading like wildfire there.

Other countries have instituted bans and quarantine requirements for several days already. In Israel, foreign passengers from the UK, Denmark, and South Africa were banned last Saturday and Israelis were forced to quarantine in a COVID hotel for 10-14 days.

The US requirements strike me as being awfully similar to previous Europe travel bans that came too little too late to stop the virus from entering the US, but enough to save face about doing nothing.

Traffic between the UK and US is already down by 90% due to US restrictions on Europe and UK residents and UK quarantine requirements.

In the meantime, Brazil will start requiring a negative COVID-19 PCR for foreign nationals starting on December 30th. That will be of interest to DansDeals readers who took advantage of last week’s $412 business class tickets from NYC to Sao Paulo.

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The US needs to have a quarantine on arrival policy. Otherwise a test 62 hours before is almost useless as it can be pciekd up in Tha airport or on the plane.


Picked up the Brazil business tickets.. hoping this requirements is lifted by travel time or airlines and labs figure out how to make this process easier. Anyone know if not wanting to take the covid test in the first place is enough to be able to get a refund?


Mind explaining why you wouldn’t just get the test before cancelling your trip?


Does this include a stopover in the UK?


didnt the vaccine come out when will the borders finally open normally


My kid took the regular PCR (not Saliva), it’s not painful.


painfull or not depends on wether they do it right or not,when they do it right they stick it up your nose really hard and swirl it around there and yes it hurts as can be seen on the faces of the people getting the test


Do children need tests from UK? If so what age?


It seems that the requirement for the negative PCR test, is for all people arriving to Brazil, not just foreigners.