US Bans Foreign Nationals Who Have Been To Brazil In The Past 2 Weeks

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The US currently bans entry for foreign nationals who have been to China, Europe, Iran, and the UK within the past 2 weeks.

Brazil is now being added to that list.

Brazil is seeing massive increases in COVID-19 infections and deaths as the weather cools in the Southern Hemisphere’s fall. It now trails only the US in confirmed cases.

It comes days after after the UK announced a 2 week quarantine for all arrivals from abroad as countries around the world attempt to avoid a second wave of coronavirus spread. The 2nd wave of the Spanish Flu pandemic in the fall of 1918 was deadlier than the first and though there’s no way to know how coronavirus will act, countries are trying to avoid repeating history.

But countries are in a tough spot when it comes to closing their borders. Doing so hurts the tourism industry, which has created intense debates in countries around the world on how to open up and what to do about countries that are still heavily affected by COVID-19.

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How does weather affect infection rates?


Why do you ask? As Rio and Sao Paulo head into winter, the highs in both cities this week are only in the mid-70s.

Darius Rucker

how does the US know where you have been if lets see you are entering from Canada? you may have been in Brazil the week before?


Canada border is closed


How many commercial flights are there currently between the USA and UK/ Europe?


Between London and NYC there are just 2 flights a day currently.

Chuchum Ainer

Ecuador, Peru and Chile have high Covid-19 infection rates also, even if you ignore their unreported cases. But closing the door to only those who are not US citizens or residents from those countries, would only be as foolish as halfway closing the door to those coming from Brazil. As a U.S. citizen, I can’t travel to the U.S. state of Hawaii without being quarantined for two weeks. But I could travel from Rio to Miami this morning and hang out on Florida beaches this afternoon.


The issue is Americans who visited Brazil are allowed back from Brazil. They may be infectious. The us is not quarantining these people when they come back or social distancing them at the airport. Remember the photos of Americans who arrived in Chicago when the European ban was announced. They are cheek to cheek at the airport. The cdc did not follow up with anyone who had a fever or was sick.


Hurts the tourism industry? What tourism industry?