[Update: Shutdown Maps Released] NY Governor Cuomo Orders Shutdown Of Non-Essential Businesses, Mass Gatherings, And Adds Limitations On Houses Of Worship In Select Areas

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Update: Maps of the red, orange, and yellow zones of several clusters have been released:




Queens cluster #1:



Queens cluster #2:



Rockland County:



Orange County:


NY is getting a 2nd wave of COVID-19 infections and NY Governor Andrew Cuomo has announced that he will be adding new restrictions to hard hit areas in NYC and in Orange and Rockland counties.

The new rules go into effect as soon as tomorrow and no later than Friday. They will be in place for at least 2 weeks.

In red areas, mass gatherings will be banned, non-essential businesses will be ordered to close, dining will be limited to takeout only, schools will be closed, and houses of worship will be limited to 10 people.

In orange areas that surround the red areas, mass gatherings will be limited to 10 people, high risk businesses will be ordered to close, dining will be limited to outdoor only with 4 people per table, schools will be closed, and houses of worship will be limited to 25 people.


South Brooklyn:



Red areas include neighborhoods with a COVID-19 positivity rate above 3% for 7 consecutive days:



Orange areas include areas nearby red locations:



Areas at risk of becoming red include:


What do you think of Governor Cuomo’s actions?

You can discuss the coronavirus and how it’s affecting your life on the DDF COVID-19 Discussion Board.

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Targeting the Jewish Community.

The Jewish Community Can Be Stupid Sometimes

Not targeting the Jewish community, the Jewish community just doesn’t listen to safety guidelines and thus has the highest number of cases


Oh right? That’s why you look around and see the Jews wearing masks and the non Jewish people don’t bother wearing that thing?. It’s a 100% target!!!


The BLACK community has a higher infection rate


Yes 100%! The black and Hispanic communities got it WAY worse by all metrics (including an uptick in July… hmm you didn’t hear about that??) but it only matters when its the Jews with their dirty habits and germ filled Synagogues.


What Metrics are you looking at??? The Graphs and spreadsheets are not broken down by race, clearly broken Down by neighborhood. Jews always feel someone is “ATTACKING” them the proof Is in the pudding. In brooklyn the map clearly shows it’s highest where Jews live in the Midwood section, as you get closer to the “BLACK” community the rate drops. Orange(higher rates) yellow (lower rates)


Lol Derek, you’re using Cuomo’s lockdown maps?? That’s a circular argument.

Check the historical data. See Bronx, Staten island, and the Rockaways (Black communities) as well as East New York and the greater Jamaica region (south Queens). Also Hispanic communities in queens (Elmhurst and Corona in north central Queens).

Check here and scroll down for “COVID-19 Data by ZIP Code”: https://www1.nyc.gov/site/doh/covid/covid-19-data.page

And here for historic positivity rate by county (click “VIEW PERCENTAGE POSITIVE RESULTS BY COUNTY”: https://forward.ny.gov/percentage-positive-results-county-dashboard

There was a spike in the Bronx in mid-late July seeing positivity rates over 2% county wide! You expect me to believe there weren’t any zip codes in the Bronx at the time with >3% positivity rates?? (unfortunately I cannot find historical data of daily positivity rates by zip code… convenient)

Hope this helps you get the facts for yourself rather than rely on the politicians and media.


I stopped wearing mask after watching the announcement. Just don’t care anyone, my children’s schools, my shul and my business. That’s it, I’m tuning out.


I stopped wearing a mask after watching the announcement. Just don’t care anymore, my children’s schools, my shul and business on the chopping block . That’s it, I’m tuning out. #byebye #civilDisobedience



did the same. Good for you

Shimon Baruch

You are a baal lashon hora. How can you disparage kllal yisroel without knowing what the hell you are talking about?! Are you a Yid?

Dovid Jankelovits

Get your head out of the gutter. What’s wrong with you




Once government takes power, they don’t give it back!!


That’s what I have been saying with all these executive orders. Never in history has someone voluntarily given back power. We need to follow what Michigan did and rule the executive orders unlawful.


I’m so happy to hear! This will save many Jewish and non jewish lives! Please coumo keep it up and just follow the science and please don’t give in to any other pressure!


Can we follow the science with transgenders?


Be careful with what u wish for!


DSM-5 302.3 (F65.1)


Why is it that when COVID-19 affects Black communities it’s due to “systemic racism” and not their fault and certainly has nothing to do with protests, but when it affects Jewish communities it’s the Jews fault for not following the rules or for going to outdoor funerals?

Maybe it’s due to systemic Anti-Semitism?


Nope — just like it isn’t because of racism in the black communities it isn’t here either


You are actually incorrect, they have touted it consistently that when there is an uptick in a black or Hispanic neighborhood it is racism and due to lack of proper healthcare


Good point!

Sam m

Why is 3% the magic number.

Seems that Debalsio chose 3% and Cuomo implemented it state wide, as if it’s sume sort of benchmark.


Good luck enforcing it in kiryas joel


Another baal lashon hora.


Excellent point. And I hope you’re just as careful about keeping other people alive by protecting yourself and the community from Covid.

It would be helpful to get a list of shuls and bes midrash where people can be encouraged to safely attend.


I think he should be put in jail

It\'s all politics

Tucker carlson had a nice piece on this last night


Chillul HaShem that we cannot do what is needed to keep ourselves safe. Not wearing masks and not keeping a safe distance at Shul and the Bet Medrash is a horrible way to show your care about the tzibur.


Yeah Matt in 1938 they probably said chilul Hashem about the Jews the nazis were targeting


That comment is insulting.

Maybe we should start saving lives. Wear a mask and stop the risky behavior that impacts the whole kehillah. I said nothing about the governor vote him out of office for all I care. Just take precautions to save lives.


love the rejoinder “that’s insulting” now back to my point..


Using the Nazi (yimach shimo) as your argument when I’m pleading for people to be careful because it saves lives. Yea, that is insulting.


When they banned bris milah and shechita it was also a chillul hashem I guess.

Who are you?

Speak for yourself and YOUR Shul. By us, we wear masks and social distance. Why do haters like you have to lump everyone together and make generalizations? Your lack of ahavas yisroel is what’s holding Moshiach back from coming. Think about that.


The numbers don’t lie. We are not doing a good job as a community. If you don’t act with extra caution you are putting people’s lives at risk. You can toss names all you want but it does not bring back to life those who have died of Covid.

Everyone needs to wear masks properly, social distance, not eat at other people’s house, and in general be extra careful.

I don’t know you or your shul. I do know many have made compromises and those have cost us as a community. I do know many shuls and Yeshivot have not enforced the safety guidelines or have bent the rules enough that they are sadly window dressing.

We are a community. We are safe as a community only if the community acts in a safe fashion.


Jewish capo ??? Just thinking




Nobody talks about the HOSPITALS that killed ALOT of the corona patients…
Not knowing how to handle the disease.. Pushing respirators when that was the killer… Taking them away when there wasnt enough…
Neglect…. nurses doing the job of respiratory therapists.. Not allowing the families to standby the patients, so that no one would see all these infractions… and finally when the Hatzolah volunteers were not let into the hospitals, the patients were treated at home and almost all of them survived.


And we know masks plus social distancing saves lives. Hopefully everybody is following the advice of Hatzolah and the doctors in our community. Not putting the larger community at risk.

Personally I would like to continue going to shul, which is at risk if we’re not keeping the virus from spreading.


+10000000000000000000000000000000 and the nursing home debacle!! all those lives could of been saved. masks are a helper in certian situations, aint the all end be all. it just isnt. people have taking mask wearing as there religion.


most of the stuff wear doing to make us feel safe is window dressing. protect the most vulnerable and live our lives. the death rate has plummeted in this country and even with these so called alarming spikes the hospitals are still empty. wed be better off pushing solutions like hcq, ivermectin and budesonide to make sure our hospitals remain empty of covid patients.


Over 200 thousand are dead in the country that sounds pretty alarming and very depressing. The medical experts in our community disagree with everything you said about mask wearing. I strongly encourage you to have a open minded conversation with one of the many doctors in our community.


Or we can wear masks and take actions to prevent the people from even getting this horrible diseases that has kills so many.

a yid

the numbers do lie, where is Cuomo taking his numbers? the labs are saying otherwise!! Cuomo and the media clearly have an agenda here! they are zooming in with their cameras on those without the masks when most are wearing them!! come down to BP and see what was happening here and then talk…….


plenty of people have been catching it in shull recently while wearing masks they arent a magic device.


Statistically far fewer cases have been reported from shuls that enforced mask wearing, limited the time everyone was in the same room, and did what was needed to keep social distancing.

Anecdotal do you know someone who davened at such a shul and does not know where they got sick?

In my town we already have two schools that have shut down because mask wearing was not enforced and they had a tragic increase in cases. Same with Shuls that sadly did not do everything to protect the kehela. Two shuls had a rash of infections after mask wearing was option, including by the baal koreh.


Mazal Tov to us all. We have once again embarrassed ourselves. You can argue whether this is fair or not, but why did we even put ourselves in this position AGAIN? Oh right, because 100 people had to daven without masks in a shul with a fire code capacity of 20.

Moreover, because people refuse to wear a mask you give cover to politicians to say “look – they aren’t responsible”

When your favorite Kosher restaurant goes out of business, take a look in the mirror and take some responsibility.

It’s the Measles outbreak round 2 — once again we give people ammunition against us.


You said it better then I did.


Could have been avoided with proper mask wearing. But we are a stiff necked people.


Really? Factual?
Admor mikarlin stolin?
And many others.


Who said that masks are the issue?? Who said that masks would have avoided the situation??
Jews are people who are in groups 3 times a day at least , thats why we get it first before anyone else! we have weddings /bar mitzvah at least once a week, we eat together at least once a week, with immediate family and relatives etc… Non jews dont have that aspects as much, so of course they will not get the uptiks first , but COVID is back and mask or no mask we are again bound to get case all across new york , Jews or non jews, masks or no masks!
we just have to learn to live with it , thats all!


Or die with it


absolutely correct, and let the rabbis screaming for mask wearing promote the great medicines we have at our disposal. also to fight back against this government targeted attack on the Jews!

Don\'t get on any trains

You never know where they’ll be going 🙁




Lest see it happen. Who gets to go to Shul and who doesn’t.


Require preregistration for minyanim online.

As each minyan fills up, start another one in a different room or at a different time.

Once there’s no more space and no more time slots, close registration. Everybody else davens at home.


Don’t sound like you live in BP. If tens of thousands of people crowd in to internet kiosks to register for the Minyanim online, wouldn’t that spread the virus even if there is only 10 people by each actual Minyan? Something doesn’t add up here. And yes, its a verifiable fact that around two thirds (at least) of BP and Williamsburg don’t have internet in their homes.


first 10 to dial in on their kosher phone and tell the rov that their in.


@Jona -Good luck to Rabbis Tirnauer (Shomrei Shabbos), Landau (Ave L east 9th), Halberstam, Teitelbaum, Unger, and many others if such a system is implemented. Do cell phone carriers even allow 20,000 incoming calls in one day for one phone on a regular phone plan?


Cops on coney entering Yeshivas to check them out..


Liar. The Yeshivos are closed because of Succos vacation.


Many Yeshivos function as Shuls on Shabbos and Yom Tov and have Minyanim 365 days a year. That was a little rough or you to say Liar.


Looks like it’s time for us to leave New York once and for all




And go to Israel… where the same stubborn populations have the same lockdowns.




lockdowns yes, but they arent being very strict about it.


When I was in borough park and asked people I knew why they didn’t wear a mask I always got the same response: “We’ve all had it so we’re all immune”. They agreed there was no scientific basis more than just that it’s known this was true. I’m not sure why people think this is anti-Semitic. IMHO we did it to ourselves with our own stupidity.


It’s not antisemitic because it’s not true it’s antisemitic because they wouldn’t do this to any other minority (look at the difference between the headlines abt the higher cases levels in the Jewish community and the higher case levels in the black community) and the reason why they do it to us is because many Jews such as yourself are pushovers. Always trying to please those in power and saying that it’s all our fault. I really hope we don’t take that stance and don’t let ourselves be treated different and pushed around again.


The Black people will NEVER pushy up to the politicians like the Jewish People.
For that, they are smarter than the Jews.


deblasio said no contract tracer is allowed to ask if they went to a blm rally




Another one!! Just thinking


for months they were done with it. one zip code in bp had tested for 39% antibodies at one point


Does this have a disproportionate impact on any particular communities?


I guess now no one will get tested so what are they going to do then forced test people???

Phil ddf

I hope symptomatic ppl in these areas become smart enough to stop getting tested unless they’re in an at risk group.

Phil ddf

Of course, everyone should wear masks, whether they display symptoms or not, to protect the public at large. It is common decency.

Phil ddf

If you display symptoms, just assume you have it and quarantine.


and don’t go to hospital and call a competent doctor and def dont get tested


% positive is a nonsensical metric. It completely changes when u have more or less tests.
If he uses a % of total population positive as a metric, he wouldn’t be able to order these shutdowns.

Keep safe

% is counted on test results (according to my healthcare provider). Most jewish people take the time to go out and test when they have symptoms and non-Jewish people do frequent testing for different reasons (got that info from my non-Jewish co-workers). So % will definitely be much higher if only asymptomatic people do the testing. I did hear that community leaders in the neighborhood I live are considering to have everyone tested so the % will be lower and can hopefully open yeshiva shortly


think that could work but like a good portion of the community will have to flood the testing sites.


Chilul hashem, plain and simple. Rabbanim and community leaders need to take a strong, unified stance on wearing masks and the importance of social distancing. Not a left/right issue but simply a matter of pikuach nefesh – כל המקיים נפש אחת, מעלין עליו כאילו קיים עולם מלא


Chaim, I will pray for you. You need it.

Phil ddf

He’s correct. It is a chillul Hashem not to wear a mask, whether you agree with the policy or not, as the media is trumpeting it up and causing future Jewish deaths , Which will result from their incitement against Jews.


Didn’t trump already override this order back in May, saying that places of worship were essential?

Oh really?

That’s to be open. That doesn’t override building code or state law on maximum capacity.


correct. but the federal gov doesn’t have control outright to the states. don’t think its that simple. he had trouble with getting the national guard into city’s to break up the riots.


Please stop blaming it on the masks, there’s no scientific evidence that masks prevent covid, and finally the cdc now in their latest update, said that it can be contagious far more then 6 feet, check it out yourself, https://www.cdc.gov/media/releases/2020/s1005-how-spread-covd.html
So stop blaming yourself, stop blaming the Jews, the spike started well before the high holidays, no one knows why, could be they just test more, could be anything, stop the hatred!


None of those articles are randomized clinical trials with masks and the Covid 19 virus. All the studies you cite are observational and mostly in a healthcare setting. So no, there is not conclusive evidence that masks statistically prevent Covid 19 spread.


In order for a randomized clinical trial to be conducted to test for the efficacy of masks against covid, scientists would have to deliberately expose people (some with masks and some without) to an individual who is infected with coronavirus. Aside from the fact that this would likely violate ethics regulations (after all it is a novel virus that we don’t have a cure for), anyone who would willingly participate in this study is frankly bonkers

There are studies that do exactly this though for influenza virus, which transmits in a very similar way- primarily through cough. One example is this one.
In this case it was proven that masks were actually more effective than no masks at all.

So, while your right that there are no studies that match your exact criteria, I’m confident that you can you 1% of your critical reasoning skills and come to a logical conclusion about the benefits of wearing a mask

Stated another way: are you positive you have a brain? Have you ever seen it? Surely if you had a brain there would be definitive proof that you had one! It is true that you have all the other human organs and traits, but you may actually not be human at all! I guess I can be reckless and play football without a helmet!


thats why cdc always recommended mask wearing for flu? or the who? how about if you feel unsafe or your very vulnerable and want to venture out wear a mask and googles, if mask are so great theyll at least give you some sort of protection. and ask the rest to try to keep 3-6 feet away from others. but let the vast majority of the population just live there life as normal. its funny im hearing a lot of storys of people caching while being super careful like wearing a mask and even hunkering down in there houses.


You want to conduct a study? Come to my town and look at which of our schools have had to shut down before Yom tov because teachers and students did not wear masks. There is a clear distinction between the schools that enforced it (and are still open) and did not wear masks (and sadly closed early).


There is also no randomized clinical trial proving that hand-washing by operating room staff reduces mortality for surgery patients. Would you advocate that because no such “conclusive evidence” exists, surgeons should not wash their hands before operating?

Any rational person will conclude that wearing a covering over your mouth and nose will reduce the risk of both spreading and contracting a virus that is primarily spread via respiratory droplets. Sure, there are rare cases in which the virus is contracted via aerosol particles…but explain how it makes sense to say that since you can’t be 100% protected, you’d rather be 0% protected than 90% protected?


exactly. for every study that says masks work there is another that says the opposite. so can we please at least agree its not 100% effective? dan in sweeden no one masked up maybe 10% very little ditancing and they are doing fine now. they did a bad job by the beginning by not protecting the nursing homes and they admitted that much which is more then i can say of ny governor.


I don’t understand the antisemitism argument. The shutdowns are based on science and infection rate and as many pointed out we as a community haven’t really been the best at compliance. I support them because they are SAVING lives. Those are Jewish American lives being saved when we bring the infection under control.


So if only 10 people in a zip code who are feeling sick get tested, and five of them are positive. That means you’re at 50%! And the whole zip code gets shut down
Does that make sense?


I am by no means a supporter or fan of NYC/NYS leadership but I see this as necessary. When visting multiple kosher/Jewish establishments over the last week or so (grocery stores, resturants, judiaca stores), multiple people INCLUDING EMPLOYEES were simply wearing a mask on their chin or not covering their nose. What is so difficult to follow the law and protect yourself and others? If the mask is too uncomfortable, don’t go out and call a family/friend or chessed organization to get you your necessities. There are no excuses.


Tomorrow Cuomo will come out and stand on your heads you will all listen

CHAS VESHOLOM no one should limit Shul it’s lehadil not different then any BLM protest or any rally then the President is doing.

People who say you have to give in and agree with it are bringing down Yiddishkeit.

It’s all being done because they hate the Jews.
And politics.

This is how it started every time with the Shul’s and schools.

You will get it with or without a mask and most people in Brooklyn got it already and those who are getting it NOW is like getting the Flu.

Move on with normal life be happy and everything will be good


Get over yourself. The whole world is dealing with lockdowns and you think it’s because “they hate the Jews”.


deblasio has been targeting the jews from the beginning and he then goes maskless to blm rallies. blm is his people jews unless hes getting money from them are simply not.


Israel is locked down too, do they ‘hate the Jews’? Just stop.


over there prob more hate of othordox jews.


i see nowhere – even on Governor twitter that he is connecting these zipcodes with the red orange yellow zones


When u see it, you’ll understand what systematic racism looks like. It’s very obvious and quite pathetic!!


I find these measures excessive and unwarranted.
The zip codes reflected lost the most lives in April & May and probably have the most immunity to this virus. That being said, hospitalizations due to COVID are at a low right now.
I see the mayor and I see the governor vying for the spotlight in a effort to make it look like they’re spearheading the ‘second-wave’ when in reality, we’re all acclimating to the virus…which is what we need. Their measures are not sound and are not science based, IMHO.
The spread will always ALWAYS happen. We cannot stem that aspect of the virus. But hospitalizations are down. Deaths are down. Cmon. Stop searching for the limelight and let our business, schools, livelihoods, OUR ECONOMY try to make a come back.

Just my two cents.


+10000 well said.


As always they are out of reality. If they would have something Normal all kehilas would work out a plan but with this not being possible to abide that means everything will be Normal by all big chasidishe shulls so they accomplish zero


most shulls in queens are very strict on mask wearing.

Oh Really?

Speak for your own shul. Don’t say most shuls. If you have a shul that is strictly enforcing, then applaud them. I know shuls have signs up, but that is not enforcing. Plenty of people not covering nose, or are only covering the breathing hole they oddly have under their chins. Also, even if everyone is [properly] wearing masks, I have yet to see a shul with correct social distancing.


If there are 10 people in the house (chasidic) instead of 4 people (gentile), then the one person who brings it home will automatically infect 9 other people instead of 3 other people. And it will grow exponentially from there. So even if the mask-wearing rate were the same, there’d still be more cases among chasidim.


That is the concept of an epidemic. People living in crowded conditions surely spread it more. maybe there should be a limit on how big a family is if the parents can’t provide sufficient income to assure health and space.


Not everyone knows that a person has immunity, even if he does. You can have any argument on these issues that may even have merit but what about chillul Hashem? What’s the excuse for that? People are always looking at us. It’s been true throughout history.


Who decides what constitutes a chilul hashem? This country is split right down the middle. Millions of people vehemently disagree with Governor Cuomo. Many look to the low COVID rates in places like Sweden which never imposed masks or closed schools or businesses. Tucker Carlson, whose Fox News show is watched by around 4.5 million people just yesterday praised orthodox Jews for not complying. After bashing Cuomo for threatening to close down religious services, asking “Who do you think you are, God? You’re not, you’re some stupid governor of a declining state”, he went on to say that “Many of the services being shut down by the way are the orthodox Jewish communities. They haven’t been playing along, to their great credit.” So Tucker thinks we’re doing the right thing and presumably so does his audience.

I’m not sure standing up for what you believe in – especially in a country whose history demonstrates that moral conviction and protest (even if technically unlawful) brings about positive change (e.g., the suffragettes, civil rights movement etc.) – turns into a chilul hashem because half the country disagrees with your point of view.


Excellent points.
It’s the same thing with those sanctimonious frauds waving the “chilul hashem” flag. Who decides what’s called a chillul Hashem? Some perverted reprobate politician??? Some mishgav zachor? Some anonymous blogger on a website??? Daas Torah dictates what is called a chillul Hashem. No one else.


Letting people die because someone finds a mask inconvenient? Certainty not Daas Torah.


Can anyone explain what a lockdown is supposed to help? Sure, the numbers will go down, but when the lockdown ends it will go up again, take Israel as an example,
Does anyone remember “flattening the curve”?
Then the reason for lockdown was not to overfill the hospitals, now, there’s no curve… why the lockdown?? Why kill people’s jobs and businesses??


And what, let another 200 thousand people die?


Yes. Too bad.


I went to a huge mall today. It was EMPTY. Then I went to a Covid testing place (for a symptomless family member). It was FULL. Only 10 in a shul? The world is still UPSIDE DOWN. That means we hunker down. Politicians are puppets. Let’s DAVEN. Chag Samayach.

Alex V

It’s our own fault. Why do sick people get tested? What gain comes out of it? If you have the symptoms, can’t smell or taste, quarantine yourself and everyone around you. What’s a test going to help besides alerting the government?
Nothing! Everyone that has symptoms and takes a test is at fault. No brains!


Don’t you understand that if you are infected and don’t self quarantine because you are unaware that you have the infection you risk spreading the virus, perhaps to an elderly person or one with compromised immunity resulting in their death? That should be easy to understand.


Look at these maps!! This is a full force frontal against the jewish people. They carved out the maps of the jewish areas as if they are making ghettos!! It has nothing to do with masks or SD, do not be fooled. The black areas and other neighborhoods which are one or 2 blocks over ( and have the same level of compliance/ non compliance) are left out of these maps. CRAZY!!!!


בושה ברבים. Our communities need to take a hard line on COVID. Hate seeing this, but we need to take a look at ourselves and our neighbors.


we can comply 100% and this will still happen bec i believe its about power and i also belive lock downs don’t help with the spread too much.


Down with our Dark-Minded Pipsqueak so called Askanim who are really the Mayor’s/Governors Askanim (Judenrat)
That how the Mayor slowly drags us into being his puppets and show his political power.
It starts with masks & ends with lockdowns.
Why are we being led by a few little kids?
Where’s דעת תורה ?


Lockdowns don’t work. That’s science.

Cuomo allowed BLM mass protests.

Masks probably help indoors, but outdoors with low density is not a major vector for spread, so masks are unnecessary there(unless it’s crowded. Just walking past someone for half a second isn’t spreading anything).

Residents are using this to attack Jews in the streets verbally even though those Jews weren’t the only ones not wearing masks (and most Jews I saw were wearing them). This will escalate unfortunately, and Cuomo’s targeting only gives them an excuse.

Cuomo himself said that he would only close schools if the region in question reached 9% avg positivity. That hasn’t happened, so why is he shutting things down?

And Jews blaming other Jews ought to separate their views (some of which may be legitimate. For example, it’s true some communities have been lax and shouldn’t be) from how the government responds.

You can make your case to others without taking the side of the people who clearly do not have our interests in mind.


At the time the BLM protests were at their height, the whole city was on lock down equally so the whole racism argument is moot. There has never been targeting of specific NYC neighborhoods until now and the number by zip code don’t lie, if anything they are likely understated for those neighborhoods. Anti-semitism is very real and prevalent but this is not an example of it.

I implore anyone whose first reaction is to point a finger at another group to instead reflect on why they can’t accept responsibility for their own actions (or those of their community) and why they can’t empathize for another group’s struggles.


Read Agudath Israel’s statement and then u may understand why


“At the time the BLM protests were at their height, the whole city was on lock down equally so the whole racism argument is moot.”

That statement is an oxymoron – if the “whole city was on lock down equally”, then BLM protests wouldn’t have been allowed to be “at their height”.

That certain mass gatherings were permitted while others weren’t, and what was permitted was at the discretion of the Mayor’s political leanings (as opposed to the discretion of say…. the constitution) by definition means the lock down wasn’t equal


Protests are still allowed in those zip codes, so people should feel free to protest outdoors with masks on. What isn’t allowed is indoor mass gatherings (e.g. weddings) which are what is causing the spread, but sure, keep pointing fingers.


“Protests are still allowed in those zip codes, so people should feel free to protest outdoors with masks on.”

Uh no. There was a large gathering ban in NYC at the time. De Blasio made a specific exemption for BLM protests.

Not an exception for “protests”. An exception for “BLM protests”.

And people at the BLM protests who weren’t wearing masks (which were many) were not ticketed, which again was not a standard he held in, say, Boro Park.

And he asked the contact tracers to stand back when it came to the BLM protests. Again, not a standard he held elsewhere

But hey, other than that, he was practically super-duper equal in application of the laws meant to supposedly keep us safe. Except all the times he wasn’t.


Again, the BLM protests were outdoors. There was not an uptick in cases in NYC following the protests clearly showing that outdoor gatherings are less dangerous than indoor gatherings. The focus of the current restrictions is to limit non-essential indoor activities.


The BLM protests were outdoors at a time when other large outdoor gatherings were not permitted.

BDB made a specific exception for them, by name. No contact tracing, no tickets for maskless wearing, no capacity controls.

In other words, it was by definition not an “equal lock down”


Just to be clear, do you think weddings and other large indoor gatherings should be allowed now?


All of you its all politics. If you vote blue wait to see what’s coming.


Thanks for the updates Dan!


Another Democrat ignoring the Constitution surprise surprise!
The same way there is a right to protest there is also a right to freedom of religion!
A place of worship cannot be worse than a store or a protest by the Constitution!!


Maybe when we get a new supreme Court Justice the US government and states will start following the US Constitution!! Which includes freedom of religion!!


“Red areas includes neighborhoods with a COVID-19 positivity rate above 3% for 7 consecutive days”

Dan you are incorrect. I am in zip code 11375. We are now in a red zone and you can guess where the red area conveniently ends. We have NEVER been over 2%; 7 day average is 1.95%. These maps are gerrymandered.


How about we resolve to improve as a community. Fix the issues that have caused the flare ups and the deaths. Then look at how to get better politicians or at least ones who pretend to respect our community.


Happy Cuomo is willing to take a political hit in order to save his constituents. So sad that Jews have to learn the concept of pikuach nefesh from the government rather than their own spiritual leaders.


I made a shiva visit in boropark. Family sitting was not wearing masks. (Father of the family 92 passed from covid). There were 30-35 people in the room (indoors). I and the person I coordinated a visit with were the only 2 in the room with masks.


Wow. You’re so special.


This is sickening and an abuse of power! Why do people continue to sit back and allow this to be done to you? What about livelihoods, mental health, relationship building, healthy lifestyles? These are now BANNED!


Then vote your officials out of office. In the meantime let’s work together to keep everybody alive, healthy, and Covid free.


Alternatively, Agudath Israel chose to sue the State. Seems much more timely than waiting for next elections.


Everybody go get tested! Its the least you can do to at least help lower the numbers!


who cares what religious area it is. Higher rates are higher rates. Ive heard many say lots fo these areas the places of worship are not all adhering . Shame on those places. Stop with the anti semitism crap. It’s about covid and stopping it. Sick of that crap. Everyone needs to be held accountable. So in this case some of these Jewish neighborhoods need some shut downs as far as mass gatherings goes.


This also has NOTHING to do with deals. Many non Jewish people on here. Please no need to post this. I am sure there are other areas on the internet for this discussion. I grt this is your religious group Dan, but can we keep this board religious free when it comes to this stuff? 0 about any deal, which means shouldn’t be on here.


For those who wonder, I interviewed people for a journalism course article I was going to write. I ended up deciding to drop the course because it was too advanced for me. This issue is not black and white, but singles told me they are having kumzitzes and not everyone was wearing masks at these types of large gatherings. People in shuls in KGH were not properly distancing. The government cannot try to meet you half way if you don’t do your job, wear masks and keep distancing. Schools and Yeshivas are not equipped to open in person. They should have split the time between remote and in person days at schools like the public schools did.
Some of these communities have significant non-jewish population. Crown heights has black people, williamsburg has non Jewish people. Certain areas in Queens on this list have significant non-Jewish populations, sheepshead Bay has more non-Jewish people as well. They are not being biased in any way. I have seen emails from Yidden outside of New York that decided they dont care about social distancing. They keep their shuls open as if nothing is going on. People need to wake up. This is not a pogrom, not a genocide. Israel had the same issue because they have people acting across the board of religiosity like its non-existent. Yes, there are large families, same can be said of Hispanic, black families and many other ethnicities. But then you need to be extra responsible. Otherwise, I agree that they should be shut down.


Why is Kew Gardens 11415 in the Yellow Zone.
The charts yesterday showed it at above 3%?

Oh really?

Some of it is orange. Not just yellow. But yeah none of it is red. Hmmm….


exactly what i stated earlier and was knocked down by an admin and other commenters. They are not using the 3% rate accurately and fairly.


More people were killed due to Cuomo’s bad decisions than anything else. Now he is trying to show everyone how tough he is so we forget about his nursing home debacle.
For the vast majority that are testing positive this virus is nothing more than the sniffles and loss of smell.
Obviously if you are ill please speak to your dr and do what you can to get better but forcing the entire world to social distance and/or quarantine is insanity and wrong.


Please do not follow any guidlines these antisemites put out. we have to fight it till the end. and with all the fines we should do a class action against the governor/mayor/city this is the language these dumpsters understand.




Why doesn’t Rockland County have an orange zone between the red and the yellow?


Green trees serve as a buffer


Anyone that’s in BP tonight knows how this lockdown is going to end. The only think I see is that people that wore masks will stop. Nice accomplishment

99.96% recovery rate

ALL of this government overreach because of a virus with a 99.96% recovery rate? Stop giving away freedom for the illusion of temporary “safety”. First amendment anyone?!?


Fascinating mathematics. There are 210,000 dead Americans from Covid. If 99.96% recover, that would mean 210,000/.0004=525,000,000 Americans have been infected. 525 million out of a total US population of 350 million.
You might want to try quoting actual facts instead of made up nonsense if you’re going to try and make a point.


Your math is off by a couple of zeros. Otherwise I see where you are going with this.


Is it? How so?


Covid-19 has killed more people at this point than the last FIVE flue season combined. And we’re at the height of Covid-19 (other than a few states) and it’s far from over. And I don’t know, I thought every life mattered? Do some lives matter less because the stats show they are only 0.04% of the population?


Have you all forgotten the letter signed by more than 1,200 “public health and infectious disease professionals,” who didn’t condemn BLM “gatherings as risky for COVID-19 transmission” and supported those gatherings “as vital to the national public health and to the threatened health specifically of Black people in the United States.” Of course, those “professionals” made sure to say that their view “should not be confused with a permissive stance on all gatherings, particularly protests against stay-home orders.” https://www.cnn.com/2020/06/05/health/health-care-open-letter-protests-coronavirus-trnd/index.html; https://www.politico.com/news/magazine/2020/06/04/public-health-protests-301534.

These so-called “experts” are the same ones advocating for shutdowns and masks. At the same time, the experts who have called out against shutdowns and masks, and who have been advocating for healthier diets, exercise, stop smoking, etc., have been suspended from Twitter and have had their videos deleted on Facebook, Google, and YouTube. How does anyone with common sense not see what’s going on?

Where have our Jewish leaders been? Where are they now?


why cant we use the protest idea like in Israel


These images are the singular best proof that these restrictions are not about antisemitism: https://abc7ny.com/boro-park-protest-andrew-cuomo-hershy-tischler-governor/6834241/

Notice anything? No masks on anyone, no social distancing. If one of those kids have it, there goes his or her shul, the elderly and vulnerable in his/her family, etc.


If zip codes in traditionally African American neighborhoods start having the same positivity rates and those neighborhoods are similarly not subject to restrictions, I’ll whole heartedly agree with you its antisemitism. If the city restricts us from moving away from those neighborhoods, and puts restrictions on our neighborhoods that don’t have those positivity rates, I’ll again agree with you. Until then, showing me a bunch of photos of BLM protestors is completely irrelevant to the point.


Um, you do know that De Blasio told contact tracers not to question BLM protestors.

Mama Bear

It’s disturbing. these demarcation lines eerily feel like ghettoes.

Rosh Yeshiva

I’m pretty sure that Cuomo isn’t an antisemite. The frum community was singled out not because of religion, but because of the covid numbers.
But I’m also pretty sure that had this been the black community that had such high covid numbers, Cuomo would not have dared to single them out, because of the “appearance” of racism.
The fact that the “appearance” of antisemitism doesn’t concern Cuomo is what is so concerning about this.

(Another thing that concerns me is Dan mixing politics into his Covid related articles and comments and his clear bias against Trump. Dansdeals was always a non-political safe space for many people.)


simchat torah < protest, apparently


I think its a big Chilul Hashem that it got to this point!

This virus is primarily spread with droplets. When we speak and even breath we release moist droplets into the air from our moist nasal and oral cavities. Droplets fall to the ground after six feet of distance. A barrier such as a mask helps to stop and block a droplet from going into the surrounding air. 2 ppl wearing a mask is an added protection, as both masks can help block the droplet from becoming the air that the next person breaths. Therefore, everyone wearing masks, ppl standing six feet from one another and ppl trying not to talk while directly facing eachother helps reduce transmission. This is the basic Derech Hateveh facts!

Remember, Unfortunately, with this virus many ppl are infectious but have no symptoms!

Why is everyone refusing to comply with common sense safety precautions that protect our community first and foremost?

Why are we refusing to understand?

Is it simply because we find it an inconvenience?

I think not risking one persons life is worth that inconvenience!

Aren’t we the community that thousands will join in the efforts to find a child that is lost, or to save a life and so on.

That is what wearing masks is!

By not wearing masks we look like hypocrites!

We made this happen to us, we proved to the government that we cannot be trusted! This is a big Chilul Hashem!

To the world, it is black and white. To the world, not wearing a mask (especially in indoor mass gatherings) means that you don’t value ppls lives and you don’t care that you are risking ppl’s lives.

Please wake up and see this for what it is!


Only a few months ago I read comment after comment (on this site) praising Cuomo and DiBlasio. Suddenly things have changed…