[8 More States Added To Quarantine List] New York Tri-State Area 14 Day Quarantine For Everyone Arriving From States With High COVID-19 Infection Rates

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Update, 6/30: 8 states have been added that will require mandatory quarantine upon return to the NY tri-state area and one has been removed. The full list now includes Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Idaho, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Nevada, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Utah. Washington state will no longer require quarantine.

Originally posted on 6/24:

Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York are announcing a mandatory 14 day quarantine for people coming from states that currently have a high COVID-19 infection rate. The quarantine will apply to visitors and NY tri-state area residents that arrive from the affected states.

The initial states affected will include Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Washington, Utah and Texas. Those states currently have more than 10 COVID positive cases per 100,000 residents over a 7-day rolling average or have a 10% or higher positivity rate over a 7-day rolling average.

In NY, violators will be subject to a $2,000-$10,000 fine and forced quarantine.

This comes after states like Florida and Texas announced a quarantine on arrivals from the the NY tri-state area back in March. But the tables have now turned as infection rates there have exploded while infection rates in the NY tri-state area have continued to drop.

Texas dropped their quarantine requirement, but Florida still has their quarantine requirement for arrivals from the NY tri-state area in place.

The quarantine will go into effect tonight, though how it will be enforced is anyone’s guess.


Do you think that the mandatory quarantine will be enforced?

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Joey K

What are the “states with significant community spread”?


Good luckt rying



Matt B

Huh? Aren’t those the states that already have the highest infection rates?


No, we are some of the only states to have flattened the curve. Now states like FL, Texas, CA & AZ have the highest case numbers.


Via NYT: Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo announced on Wednesday that New York and two neighboring states will begin requiring certain out-of-state residents entering their states to quarantine for two weeks upon arrival.

Note that it’s only for out-of-State residents, basically just visitors.


More via NYT: The new quarantine requirement in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut would apply only to visitors from states where the indicators of the virus’s spread have reached specific levels.


Practically impossible to enforce (domestic quarantine) for many reasons. FL hasn’t been enforcing it, and I can’t imagine NY will be able to do better.

Just Sayin

Cops aren’t busy with real crimes in NYC these days, so now they’ll have something to do.


In canada they were known to do random checks at some of the addresses listed and made you come to the window with photo ID

Cuomo and his stupidity

Of my 5th floor apartment???


From another country, it’s easier to track. But it’s pretty simple to just fly into PHL. Or to make a layover on the way to NYC.

Ayelet May

So what are the logistics? How do they enforce this? (My daughter has the first flight out in the morning!)


What about traveling between NY and NJ and back? Is that okay?






Cases have gone up, but deaths have so far been extremely consistent.


I hope they enforce it well. I know some New Yorkers who are planning on flying back from Florida with a stop in Atlanta in the hope that they won’t be quarantined.


The same way many people from New Jersey flew to orlando from philly airport to bypass this.


Cuomo just said it also applies to New Yorkers returning from Florida vacation


Shame how people are so scared of the common cold


Do you not know anyone who has died of Covid?

Howard Winkler

Yes. I personally knew Rabbi Morgan, Izzy Shulman, Motty Shulman, and about another 10-12 who were nifter from Covid. I also know at least 20 -25 people in my Hancock Park neighborhood of Los Angeles that were in ICU some for as long as a month! This is real. Please take all precautions and stay safe.

Just Sayin

Crazy how deadly the common cold has become


Crazy how significantly overestimated the mortality rate was.

curious logic

is that why misaskim was overwhelmed?


Crazy, how Cray Cray this virus is y’all


I live in Detroit and was planning a 2 day vacation in Miami before heading to New Jersey will I be forced to quarantine?


Coumo desribed this how it will be enforced:
An out of state person comes to a business meeting, and the fellow at the meeting asks him, when did you arrive? And he answers; yesterday, right away the fellow will dial the police…
Simply laughable


More idiocy from the socialist democrats. With the exception of domestic flights this will be impossible to do, and even then I can’t imagine you’d be able to get much compliance to this newest abuse of power. But I guess they could always fall back on having the police catching those dangerous five year olds looking to play outside. I wonder if they’ll take a lesson from the genius lawmakers in Oregon and decide that this travel ban doesn’t apply to “people of color.”


You do realize the GOP controlled states of FL and TX both implemented similar rules in March.


I agree that it didn’t make much sense either at that time. However, at least then, during the peak of the pandemic and with NY failing miserably at control, it was a just misguided approach to limiting spread. The current rule proposed by Il Duce is simply the petty chest thumping of a vindictive dictatorial little man trying to cover up his previous ineptitude.


Imagine being so indoctrinated that you can’t see the parallels between these two situations.


I never denied that there are similarities. However the situations are not identical, and it seems to me and many others that this is more of a political reaction than the earlier approach by Florida. I’m not indoctrinated, but I’ve only experienced a single positive outcome of a Democrat run government in the past 30 years, and that was NYS giving out free food for all school aged children during this pandemic. Excuse me for being a little cynical since the millions of dollars I’ve paid in taxes over the years has gotten me a few bottles of milk and loaves of bread. I guess as long as we can riot and loot without the police around to stop us it’s all worth it…


really doubt you’ve personally paid ‘millions’ in taxes, but also expect you and your community have used roads, public transportation, health services etc paid for by taxes


Cuomo did the worst job in the US and now he want’s to be the hero.




Yep, he likes to grandstand.


any one know if i fly to NY tomorrow and leave within a week, will they not let me leave because im meant to be in quarantine ?


You can come and you can go worry free


What about those tested and are negative and have anti-bodies?


Can you quarantine in a sleepaway camp?

Just Sayin

One that’s open illegally? Definitely.


10 per 100000? is what infection rate?

US Strong

Can probably easily be avoided by taking a flight with a stopover in another state, (or if they’ll check the ticket; then by booking separately).


Pure politics. Cuomo knows how to play the press game and this is just another example.

He didn’t want Trump to get credit for sending NY two hospitals, so he kept the Navy hospital ship ‘Comfort’ empty and kept the Javitz center empty. Instead, he murdered 10,000 old people in nursing homes by forcing many covid patients into the facilities, all so that he can free up hospital beds and not need to use the hospitals Trump provided. One day more info will come out as to what else he did in hospitals and how many more he murdered, all due to his politics.

The sleeve jew

Trump cult member


….said a socialist koolaid thirster


And a Cumo cultist. Literally the only reason Cuomo doesn’t look as bad as he deserves to is bec his partner in crime De Blasio is prob the worst human being on the planet. A pair of shmucks.


The ship was under federal orders not to take people who had covid. It was for overflow fir other medical reasons. Here’s more https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.businessinsider.com/usns-comfort-leaving-nyc-few-coronavirus-patients-three-weeks-2020-4%3famp


I heard there will be a lawsuit vs Cuomo and the gov of Michigan for murdering all the nursing home old people

Lkwd girl

Well said my man


Why not just require 2 negative tests and your free? Why quarantine people when testing is available? Why not offer testing in the airport upon arrival? Testing is widely available now


Just break your quarantine l’eilui nishmas George Floyd and you’re set!


It’s not clear which states require to be quaratined when coming from NY Tri-State area (it seems that the title of this page was changed).


Oh please they aren’t even enforcing basic laws … cops have gone AWOL
Announcing policies you can’t and won’t enforce is just adding to the list of stupid stuff our local governments have been doing


great point. I heard that the cops are having a protest in NYC next weekend. As well as they should. DIBlasio is disgusting for disrespecting them.
Lets see what happens when they defund the police. NYC/SF/Chicago/Seattle are gonna turn into something even worse than it is today


So I’m guessing this should reduce the crowds on the beaches in FL? at least in all the tourist spots


I don’t understand why quarantine with all it’s enforcement challenges is necessary when they can easily subject all arrivals to a rapid test.
This really doesn’t make sense to me unless these tests are not really available or they are to expensive


Are raspy tests accurate? What if the virus didn’t incubate yet?


Just fly into phl! For jersey.


This entire policy is based on the assumption that the reason for the decrease in cases in the tri-state area is because of their social distancing policy. Which they have no proof for and and on the contrary there’s proof the other way. The most likely reason why we’re seeing a decrease in cases is because of immunity, because the tri-state area already got slammed by the virus and most people are immune the proof being that there were protests and riots with thousands and thousands participating in it with no social distancing and yet somehow there’s a decrease in cases must be because of immunity. And if that’s the case that it is because of immunity then this policy is not necessary because we’re immune.


It’s definitely herd immunity. But that doesn’t fit Cuomo’s political narrative. And, frankly, his judgment is so sketchy that HE may not even understand it. But Nobel Laureate Michael Levitt understands. The data indicates you need only 15 or 20% infection rate to be at herd and NY is way above that. Cuomo’s policies did NOTHING to stop the virus or even slow it down. He was way too late. All he could have done was save some lives in the nursing homes, but I don’t really fault him for that given the fog of war. The good news is that the entire Northeast and Upper Midwest seems to be at herd (Boston to Minneapolis to DC), so everyone there can semi-safely watch the latest infection pan out. I recommend not following Cuomo and doing it un-smugly.


People haven’t been social distancing there’s been protest and ny nj haven’t seen anything unless your aware of a vaccine that’s the onlyecplanation


Herd immunity is at least 60%. A majority of people need to be immune. 20% doesn’t cover it

Voice of Reason

Basically this is not the year for leisure travel. Yes there are ways to fool the system. Yes it’s mostly rooted in an honor system. Moral of the story is stay home unless there’s an urgency.


There’s a reason, we live in a free country and we have the right to,vacation. The dem party wants to be dictators and control ,you

Bernard fried

Is it being enforced or voulantaty


does this quarantine apply for people coming in from overseas?


Will airlines refund if I’m flying to NY and can’t quarantine? Delta, AA

Yossi obadia

im curently in miami and need to go back to new york on sunday as early as possible without quarantine.. which airports can i do a stop over in without having to quarintine in nyc?


Any airport that’s not in a state that you will need to quarantine in.


This is my great luck! I booked the Air Serbia flight deal for Peasch, that didn’t work out….. I just recently booked a flight to Fort Lauderdale for the beginning of July!!! I guess wherever I want to go becomes an issue 🙂 BTW I am going to be landing in NJ (EWR) I live in NY will that help me avoid quarantining. or will NY will have my info?


What if I fly to one of those states and don’t step out of the airport, just returning back to NY? Is there a quarantine order?

Mrs. M

If I live in New Jersey and im flying from phl to fll in July when I come back from Florida do I have to be in quarantine?


Not if you fly back to phl and drive to jersey


What about airport transfers? If you have a layover in one of these states, but your origin was not on the list, would you still have to quarantine?


Do you have to quarantine if you have a layover in one of those states?


What about arriving from Israel?


What about pa?
Is this the third wave of the Cuomo virus?

mountain man

Lol after many of those states got it from NY travelers


HAHAHH ROFL Finally someone said it!


Since when did this become a forum for how to evade the law? America has all kinds of laws that are hard to enforce, from littering to speeding to robbery, and now quarantine. Whether we agree with the laws or not, we are bound to abide by them. Society depends on it.


see ב”ק דף נ”ח תוס’ ד”ה א”נ
ואם יש שר שבא לשנות את הדין ולעשות דין לעצמו אין זה דינא דמלכותא שהרי הדין אין הגון כלל ודמיא למוכס שאין לו קצבה


And how about this one:

ואלו הן שמצילין אותן בנפשן הרודף אחר חבירו להרגו


“Cuomo said the quarantine will apply to any state where 10 of every 100,000 people test positive on a rolling seven-day basis, or where the positivity rate in the total population is 10 percent, also on a seven-day rolling basis.”

can someone break this down more?


“Cuomo says police will be stopping cars with out of state plates in New York.”


miriam kaireyy

How is New York, powerless at preventing rioters from wrecking the city, going to force law-abiding citizens to quarantine? I wouldn’t comply.

Just sayin sayin...

If you don’t comply you are no longer a law-abiding citizen…


75% of infections in the eastern US originated in NY State/NYC.
With businesses opening up in NY and lockdown lifting expect NY/NJ have a new spike in infections again. There is a MAJOR difference between the infections and hospitalizations and deaths. The latter two is what matters
On one hand – that’s what we need to get the immunity.


BY THE WAY – when Florida announced the quarantine for NY-ers coming here in March – we had a huge flood of people coming. Almost none of them respected the quarantine. Thats a fact. How do you enforce that?
Same in NY. People will be going back there – does Cuomo really expect them to stay home and not open their businesses, etc?
In Israel they did a good job. Here – not really feasible.


I have a car rental with Florida plates that means I will be stopped multiple times a day


Leaving from CA to NY with a stopover in TX…. Will I have to quarantine when I land in NY? Thanks!


If I’m coming from LA with a stopover in Texas will I have to quarantine?


any update on enforcement?


Zero Enforcement

Mr Mayor

Murphy said today that it’s voluntary in NJ


If I am from NY and fly ewr to CA and come back. Than I fly a few days later out again to another place is anyone looking at history that I just flew from CA to NY and was suppose quarantine ?


Why not just quarantine then? Or dont go? There is a reason for this. People should do the right thing and follow if traveling is a must.


So can one fly from California to Philadelphia and then drive to NY and NJ and not quarantine under the guidelines?


Dan it would be nice if someone in the know could clarify some of these repeating questions such as is the quarantine only for people flying into the 3 states, what about a stop over in between meaning from infectious state, stop over in a non-infectious state and then landing in tri-state.

maybe you can get find someone that knows these details?

also surprised no post yet on Air Canada’s adversarial stance against DOT regulations. this seems unprecedented!


Happens if you have a stopover in I state that you’re allowed to travel to New York without quarantine do you have to quarantine


Does someone have more info re quarantine in NY? It would be appreciated.