New York Orders All Non-Essential Workers To Stay Home

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NY Governor Cuomo is ordering all non-essential workers to stay home, with limited exceptions:


If all governors would do the same, perhaps we could beat COVID-19 and eventually get back to regular life.

Then again with a full quarantine and border closing, it could be defeated a whole lot quicker.

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Effective when?


Sunday Night

reb yid

Other governors were ahead of him, so for him to be ragging on others is childish. Maybe he should stick to bullying DeBlasio in the sandbox.

the big x

agreed, he should have done this sunday or monday not now, a week after the massive spike, also the fact that he dragged his feet to do this caused ppl to not take tis so seiously, why should they , when he was refusing to shut down the city?!!


It would also help if those in ultra orthodox areas would follow the rules. I’ve seen many reports of authorities shutting down large gatherings, totally ignoring the rules. Besides it being a chilul Hashem, it’s taking up well needed resources from where it’s needed. Reminiscent of measles outbreak, on steroids. No one has the right to put the lives of others at risk.

the big x

these ppl are in denial as to the severity of this pandemic, like oh i wont get sick, it’s not going to affect me


First person was Nifter today in Williamsburg, so hopefully the’ll learn the lesson…
Baruch Dayen Ha’emes


Hopefully, but not likely. They will continue there underground minyanim, and parties. They should have cancelled all Purim gatherings but did not, of course. That being said, if you add it up, many must have contracted the virus during Purim. There leaders must take charge and stop this. Complete chilul Hashem. All of the authorities, from the Pres, down, are furious and do not understand it!!! They have no right to risk the life of others, with there risky lifestyles. They will kill many !!!


Almost all are closed down especially the larger ones. There will be always be people thinking only me and a few people wont really matter. Funny part is (or not so funny), we are are home with all the kids to protect the old and vulnerable but some of the ones we are trying to protect are out and about.


Mirror yeshivah had ppl coming in and out. It’s just wreckless. What doesn’t make sense is that we have the best Volunteer Ambulance service in Hatzalah, that was created because we take every life, as if it is ours, yet many are not listening to them, nor are many caring for the lives of others in this instance. It just doesn’t make sense, and is against the Torah!

the big x

its the yetzer hara dressed up in frumkeit, they tell themselves that they’re doing a mitzvah by going to the beis medrash when they’re really doing an aveira & a massive chilul hashem


Boro park was empty shabbos the only people onthe streets where non jews and they where giing to the park playing ball and going ti the barber


And there are still people out that think they are going away for Pesach.


We all are IYH together with משיח

Maxine Vassers

And others?
Does anyone know if my sheitel macher is considered essential?
If not, what then?!


If you don’t leave your house who cares what you’re sheitel looks like.


her husband?

Sam the man

My wife’s shetel macher in Toms River is closed


Are pharmacy and grocery store employees immune to the virus?
They are regular people from my knowledge

the big x

they are regular ppl, but they’re taking extra precautions such as wearing gloves etc. and people need them to work in order to survive, no, a sheitel macher is not essential to living. ppl please just use your seichel


Why don’t you report about the malaria drug..

Dan\'s the Man

Dan’s not a journalist. He posts things related to travel.


Understandably this is your blog and you’re free to comment whatever you’d like but when did you become an expert in controlling infectious disease and how that relates to public policy? Stay in your lane son.


You are doing well conversing with yourself and answering your own questions in quarantine.

Guy never claimed to be an expert, but as you ironically noted at the very outset, he does claim this as his blog and is free to comment on whatever he likes.

He even allows other lowly non-expert chynik hakkers, like myself, comment how they like, subject to moderation, in these here comments, right below his non-expert comments.


A second person, a frum acquaintance of mine in flatbush ,in his 70s just passed away this morning from coronavirus,
D A V E N !!!!!


How long is this for?

Adar II

Is it true that the rabbanim are thinking of making an ADAR 2?


is UPS and Fedex drivers considered ” essential”?


Yes, they are part of the solution. They deliver essential, and other things so we don’t have to go out. Also, they are all wearing masks and gloves, and following there company guidelines, for safety.


I’m in Flatbush, bordering Boro Park, and sitting on my balcony. I am constantly hearing and seeing Hatzalah and other ambulances passing by, and in the background. NONSTOP blaring in the background. These are people, we know, our neighbors, etc. do we really want this, because you can’t arrange a class to learn on Zoom, or because of Sakanat Nefesh, stay home from shul this weekend?


The are responding to panic calls mostly. Naybe stop spreading the panic


Too late. 2 weeks late.


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