New York And New Jersey Are Supposed To Require Anyone Who Has Been In New Jersey To Quarantine, But They Won’t

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Since June, the NY Tri-State area has required those returning from states that have a high COVID-19 infection rate to quarantine upon their return. That includes states that have more than 10 COVID positive cases per 100,000 residents over a 7-day rolling average or have a 10% or higher positivity rate over a 7-day rolling average.

In NY violators are subject to a $2,000-$10,000 fine, in Connecticut there is a $500 fine, and in NJ “compliance is expected” but there’s no specific fine if you don’t comply.

Connecticut, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania now all meet the requirement to be included on the quarantine list and should have been added to the tri-state list today. Of course it would be absurd for New Jersey to tell everyone who has been to New Jersey recently to quarantine.

But that wasn’t enough to get them to scrap the program, instead those states were just left off the NJ and NY quarantine list. But no worries, there are still 40 other US states and territories on the impossible to enforce quarantine list.

This matches the hypocrisy that the city of Chicago had in keeping up its quarantine list, even when Illinois qualified for the list.

Connecticut acknowledged the hypocrisy by saying they would change the rules to require both 5% positivity and 10 COVID positive cases per 100,000 residents over a 7-day rolling average, which will drop the number of affected states and territories to 33. Of course that just shows what a farce the requirements have been until now. Did listening to the science change because Connecticut now met their own high COVID-19 metric or was the previous rule not based on science? NY and NJ aren’t adopting Connecticut’s changes.

I flew to Newark last month when Ohio was bouncing on and off the quarantine list every other week. Ohio was added just before my trip, but as it was just a day trip, I was exempt from the quarantine. I had zero issues driving from Newark into Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens and was never informed about the quarantine at any point.

Perhaps its primary purpose is just an attempt to scare tourists away? Looking at the abysmal hotel occupancy rates in NYC, it appears to be working.

Have you flown to the tri-state area during COVID-19 from a state that required quarantine? Did you quarantine?

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And now you see what a farce this truly is…


As long as you stay out of the heavily Orthodox areas in NYC, you probably don’t have to worry too much about getting harassed by the local government


…or about catching Covid-19.




You clearly aren’t educated on the subject. And clearly aren’t from here. There’s no enforcing, and no way to enforce.


Correction – there’s no non-arbitrary enforcing.

There is plenty of arbitrary enforcement. Jewish neighborhoods were made “red zones” for COVID rates lower than the one we’re now ignoring from NJ


way lower


I flew from FLL-JFK on chol hamoed and nobody mentioned anything about quarantine.


Dan, the premise of your post seems to indicate that “not quarantining” is the norm when visiting the tri-state area and there is no enforcement so why bother. We have seen the worst of Covid in the tri-state area. I dont think making light of our quarantine requirements is responsible. If you visit New York, then do your part to keep us safe. We have seen too many sick and been to too many funerals already.


Ha. Just add to the crazy long list of reason why NJ sucks. If it wasn’t for the sizeable Jewish community I’d be long Long gone


Mark, I’ll echo other comments as to unsure what a “sizeable Jewish community” is and what difference it makes? Chicago, LA, Eretz Yirsroel, South Florida all have sizeable Jewish communities. Perhaps Detroit, Cincinnati, Denver– not as much, but you’ll live a much better lifestyle, and have every frum resource at hand.


@Dave LA is just as (or more) expensive as most NY Metro Jewish communities, taxes are at least as high, local politics are similar so what are you really getting? The way I see it it’s better weather but less options for chinuch.


Right off the Holland Tunnel after Ext 1 the NYPD set up a checkpoint. For anyone coming from NJ stopping cars randomly.


It’s great to hear you speaking like this Dan, on the forums you sometimes sound like you’re pro all this nonsense.


I’ve traveled from MIA to both LGA and JFK numerous times. Just like you Dan, it was only for a one day trip. On the health form on NY’s Coronavirus website (that can be filled out instead of the paper form), if you click that NY “isn’t your final destination,” it’s pretty much an automatic “free (OFFICIAL) pass” to not be required to quarantine. And they can’t really track you down with an address (bc they don’t ask for one if it’s not the final destination), nor do they keep tabs on future travel/airlines tickets.


The fact that he is unable to get data from sources such as Homeland Security and other agencies shows how illegal what he is doing is. Commie is using executive privilege (which he probably doesn’t legally have) to force whatever he possibly can on the citizens of NY. Easy to do when him and his cohorts are all thier high horses.


Washington DC has a similar rule. If I go to Florida , I’d have to quarantine for two weeks upon my return. Once I saw that the Washington Nationals flew down to play Miami and didn’t quarantine (they then played at home a few days later) I said: “F these draconian rules.”


I’m sick of all this nonsense! I need a place to move to out of the tri-state for a heimish young couple… What’s your idea?


Aside from the unnecessary inconvenience, it erodes public trust when the government acts in ways that are illogical and hypocritical. Then when they say to wear masks, get tested or take a vaccine people assume it is a bunch of fake just like their quarantine rules.


Why is this hypocrisy?
“Cost Benefit Analyses”
NY doesn’t put their neck on the line to benefit “outsiders”.
They do take risks when they feel personal benefit warrants taking the risk.


Once upon a time this was about saving lives. I guess now it’s about money.


People risk lives for money etc. “בנפשו יביא לחמו”.
Do you expect NYS to risk lives for somebody else’s money etc.?


The real absurdity is that NY is giving a pass on this issue because so many NewJerseyites work in NYC. Since when did affecting workers matter. NYC was on lockdown for months with no such concern for NewYorkers.
Quite honestly should a NewYorker cry crocodile tears for a NewJerseyite that uses NY as a daily abode and place to work but pays almost nothing to the budget? The commuter tax was ruled illegal years ago and there were no further attempts. NYC has demonstrated that NewJerseyites cause vehicular traffic, use ambulance calls, some use mass transit, essentially make use of everything in NYC but taxes.
Absurdity is making an exception to the rules for people that only cost money.


Um..if they work in NY they pay NYS income tax. If they work from home they do not have to pay NYS income tax….


yes, but!
I stand corrected regarding NYS Income tax. I live in NYC, I support all NYC services. Those living elsewhere but working in NYC do not pay anything for the NYC services. They are exempt from NYC Income tax.


All commuters who work in NY pay NY state income tax. In fact, they don’t pay NJ tax on that income, but still use NJ services as they live in NJ. So it’s NJ that’s losing out in that case.
In fact, NYS is pretty draconian in enforcing this. Even if you work from home mostly, and just come in 14 days a year to NY, you will have to pay NY tax.


“Of course it would be absurd for New Jersey to tell everyone who has been to New Jersey recently to quarantine.”

Did you mean
Of course it would be absurd for NY to tell everyone who has been to New Jersey recently to quarantine.


Cuomo never really cared. It was all a PR move to change the discussion. Every time a state is added or removed from the list he gets to make the announcement which between the lines he is saying look how great I am keeping NY safe.


How come Hasidic communities have seen infection rates go up lately and how come they don’t like to quarantine?


Who does like to stay locked up in their house for 14 days?


its not just those communitys with infections rate going up its other non jewish communitys as well and the governor not targeting them. for months there has been party flyers circulating through non jewish communitys advertising huge nightclub style partys. again no one seems to care about that.


I arrived via LGA 2 weeks ago and had to show that I filled out the online health form. I was called by a real person about every other day on average, but I don’t know if they’re actually enforcing.

I see the point that e.g. the Chicago rule is hypocritical if it prevents Illinoisans from going, but imo it still makes sense to limit the spread as much as possible by maintaining the restrictions even if certain areas get exempted.


“ Ohio was added just before my trip, but as it was just a day trip, I was exempt from the quarantine. I had zero issues driving from Newark into Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens and was never informed about the quarantine at any point.”
This is incorrect and is selfish behavior. Quarantine is only not required if you have spent less than 24 hours in a restricted state. People in states with a high infection rate do not get a free 24 hour pass to come and potentially spread Covid as they please.

Esti A

I’ve been flying regularly into ny/nj since June and never once been required to register for quarantine. On occasion they’ve made an announcement about it, but no one listened.


I’ve flown in and out and have never quarantined.
When a three-week lockdown to flatten the curve became permanent public policy, and when tens of thousands of looters (some of whom also were protesting something) were judged non-infectious, I understood that sanity had long ago flown out the window.
At this point, quarantining is silly.




I’m glad you are finally acknowledging the hypocrisy of this all. It took months- and I waited and commented continuously.

Welcome to the dark side Daniel.


I remain shocked that no court has yet struck down the NY/NJ/CT rules as being unconstitutional. The Supreme Court has repeatedly enforced the right to interstate travel.
These state laws were always legally tenuous, and now that they’re illogically enforced, they can’t possibly pass legal muster.


I flew from a European orange zone country into JFK, not a single agent at the airport asked us where we can from and where we are quarantining.
These rules are absurd as they don’t even bother trying to enforce them

Kat man

i was in Texas for the chagim and except work i stay home, however the texas rate is now lower than NY but was not taken off of the list




I live in NJ. I’ve been trying to get out for years. I don’t work in NY, but go there for various reasons. Will they stop me now when I go off the Goethals Bridge? What if I promise to agree that the Statue of Liberty is really theirs?


Wow, this site’s comments makes me see why so many of you support Trump. Always the whining victims…it must be terrible to always think (or at least SAY that you think) everyone is out to get you. G-D FORBID you take any responsibility for yourselves!

Stephanie Woods

I flew from CT (I live in MA) to Saint Thomas requiring an overnight in Puerto Rico, and back from Saint Thomas to CT. Puerto Rico required a quarantine if you didn’t have a COVID test within 72 hours before leaving, and I planned (and got one) because I was overnight ING there. MA was below 1%, and I was fine for Saint Thomas until the governor of the Virgin Islands changed the rules 3 days before I left. Both this places were ultra serious about maintaining quarantine and seeing your negative COVID test. MA has a travel rule requiring quarantine once you get back into the state from pretty much anywhere unless you have a COVID test within 72 hours of flying back. You must fill out a form, BUT they don’t make you upload the test-they rely on your word of honor! And no one did anything at all when I landed at Bradley-although they now have a COVID testing site right at the airport and it was open when we landed (close to midnight!)


I agree with all of the above. I don’t even understand how they determine the arbitrary metric. “10 COVID positive cases per 100,000 residents over a 7-day rolling average”; 10 cases per 100,000 is 1 basis point (it’s 1% of 1%).

Am I misunderstanding something? They are basically saying if anyone in a state has tested positive for Covid the state is deemed high risk? Very strange.


NJ issued in state travel “advisory”