[Update: Quarantine Doesn’t Apply For Short Stays] New York Now Requires Testing And Quarantine From All States Except CT, MA, NJ, PA, Or VT

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Update: The New York Department of Health confirmed to me that, “The requirements of the travel advisory do not apply to any individual passing through New York (i.e., less than 24 hours) in the course of travel to another state. Acceptable stops within New York may include stops at rest stops for vehicles, buses, and/or trains; or lay-overs for air travel, bus travel, or train travel.”

Originally posted on 10/31:

Since June, the NY Tri-State area has required people coming from states that have a high COVID-19 infection rate to quarantine for 14 days upon their return. That includes states that have more than 10 COVID positive cases per 100,000 residents over a 7-day rolling average or have a 10% or higher positivity rate over a 7-day rolling average.

Connecticut, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania met the requirements last week, but New York exempted those states from their quarantine.

And as of the last several days, New York has been meeting their own metric for quarantine and may be subject to their own quarantine rules as of Tuesday. Of course it would be absurd for New York to tell everyone who has been to New York recently to quarantine.

Rather than adjust the metrics, Governor Cuomo announced that New York would stop tracking COVID-19 cases in each state and would remove their previous metrics for tracking which states have high COVID-19 cases.

  • Instead, starting this Wednesday, they will require everyone entering New York to:
    • Take a COVID-19 test within 3 days before travel to New York.
    • Upon arrival to New York, you must quarantine for 3 days.
    • On the 4th day you will have to take another COVID-19 test.
    • After you test negative on both COVID-19 tests you can leave quarantine. If either test comes back positive you must stay in quarantine for 14 days.
    • If you don’t take both tests you must stay in quarantine for 14 days.

I can’t wait to see how New York is going to enforce all of that…

The new rules apply to travelers to NY and NY residents returning to NY.

Travel within Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania are exempt from the new rules.

If you leave those states for less than 24 hours you won’t be subject to quarantine, but you will need to take a COVID test 4 days after arrival into NY.

Under the previous order, travelers staying in NY for less than 24 hours were not subject to the quarantine, though it’s unclear if that exemption stays in place. I have emailed the state of New York for clarification.

Officially there is a $2,000-$10,000 fine for violators. Will it be enforced?

I flew to Newark last month when Ohio was bouncing on and off the quarantine list every other week. Ohio was added just before my trip, but as it was just a day trip, I was exempt from the quarantine. I had zero issues driving from Newark into Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens and was never informed about the quarantine at any point.

Forms are collected for flights into JFK and LaGuardia, though perhaps that will just push traffic to Newark, Hartford, or Philadelphia?

Will you abide by the new NY travel rules? Do you think they will be enforced?

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Fundraising tactics!!

Just like he did to the stores and Yeshiva’s in his so called red zones he will try to collect people’s hard earned money to line his left cronies pockets.


Coumo is doing it just to show the media that he is on top of the situation and controlling it, nothing to do in reality!


By their own admission they have no metrics.


Cuomo needs to STFU now before he’s outed as a fool, or is it too late…


Cuomo is a dictator, how many books did you sell this week over your corona publicity?


New York with Coumo is and will always be one big sad joke… trying to show their dumbness to the whole world…


Where did you see the exception from quarantine for entering for under 24 hours? The only 24 hour rule I’ve seen is to exempt people who were out of state for less than 24 hours, not the other way around.


Is it going to be enforced like it was till now?


I noticed Return flights to Newark are pricier then Jfk/Lga. I think seasoned travelers have picked up on this.Last week I flew out of Lga and back into Ewr for this reason.


Lots of questions, not enough answers. If a NYS resident travels to another state for 36 or 48 hours and doesn’t have enough time to take a test there prior to flying back, then what? Until this Wednesday if you fly into NYS you still have to quarantine for 14 days? If you land Sunday and quarantine for 3 days until Wednesday when the new rules start, can you now exit quarantine and take a test instead of doing the full 14 days previously required?


Who came up with these new rules? The health department or the governor?


Impossible to enforce, but we shall see. Makes it tough on New Yorkers seeking to complete their Delta challenge. (unless they turn right around and don’t plan a purposeful/functional trip)


So to clarify, If I flew to FL in the am and return pm, I’m exempt from the above?


You still need to test on Day 4 after your return


Read the post?


All politics!!!
A day after elections, yeshivas can open and no more 14 days quarantine…


Our 1st case was from a visitor from NY, maybe we should seek compensation for all sources for spreading it without quarantine. Not pointing fingers but people, you know its out there, protect yourself, family, friends, co-workers. No parties, no gatherings, no trips to have fun, this will pass and we want all of you there when we return to normal no matter what it may be. We don’t need to be told what to do we just need to use common sense…see you out there soon.

Poopy Shmoopy

I’m going to Florida for the weekend just for the chill

Bizi Man

Is it in effect for international travelers? I am coming next Wed morning from Israel.
or is it just for the states?


International is probably 14 weeks


Practically speaking, how do you take a COVID test while in quarantine?

Also who pays for all these tests? And how?


Wow, he really is losing it! Way too tough to enforce this. They gonna block the roads and escort people to quarantine?


Dan, I don’t think it’s wildly crazy for NY to maintain travel bans when they have high Covid rates. The point is that travel from other regions is not beneficial in stopping Covid. Regarding the neighboring state exemptions, the govts decided that travel amongst themselves was important enough for business, etc. so they made exemptions.
It’s kind of like a country blocking international travel, but allowing inter-travel throughout the country.


is hawaii enforcing their own quarantine rules for visitors?


Yes they are. You cant get through the airport without QR code. Once in state, a little looser but not advised to break the rules. In August I saw police fining for the then gathering rules.

I sent a group of coworkers last week and I fly tomorrow- will post if anything new.


Unfortunately, I am confused. If I fly Wednesday before Thanksgiving to FL and return the following Monday, what would I have to do?


1. Get a COVID test while in Florida, within 3 days prior to your return flight.

2. Enter quarantine upon return to New York, for three days (through Wednesday).

3. Get another COVID test the fourth day after your return (so, Thursday).

4. Reenter quarantine. If both tests come back negative, you can then leave quarantine immediately. If not, stick out the remainder of the 14 days.


I was on INT flights and domestic flights and I can say a waste the whole rules. It’s only for the book from Cuomo. No one else is even thinking serious about it. He killed so many NY in the hospitals and Homes. He wishes that all the states will get the death rate that NY had but looks like no one is writing a book.


How is this being enforced? if we travel from FL to JFK where is information (name quarentine details or if tested etc) being collected?


hey dan have you tried huca with nys? lol!!


I flew into LGA last week from NC, and there was National Guard at the gate enforcing the forms. Although they didn’t check against your ID so ppl can easily give false information.

Ra israel

What does that mean , enforcing the forms?


So let me get this straight – if you live in a Massachusetts town right across the NY border, and drive 10 minutes into NY, you would have to quarantine.

But if you go from Pittsburgh to NY, you wouldn’t?



No. States that border New York, such as Massachusetts, are exempt.


That’s not what the headline or linked article states


I prefer to go directly to the source: https://www.governor.ny.gov/news/governor-cuomo-announces-new-guidelines-allowing-out-state-travelers-test-out-mandatory-14-day

“States that are Contiguous with New York Continue to Be Exempted from Quarantine Protocol”


What will be the rule for people coming from Montreal or Toronto?


Three more days before the Covid hoax will magically disappear on November 4, vote for the magician.


Can you take a rapid test? they don’t check if you are quarantining, will they check if you took the test?


What about antibody test? Can you show one?


Irrelevant. We know by now that antibodies don’t confer permanent immunity (there have been documented reinfections), so a positive antibody test from months ago isn’t worth much.


im confused has ny been over A 10% 7 day rolling avg>? which was the metrics for being on the quarantine list in the first place? i thought NY was around a 1.4-1.5 7 day avg..why the sudden change?


If you stop talking about covid it won’t exist anymore. NYTIMES reporting that immunity may last years to decades. Would love to see big pharma fail.


I cant wait for the COVID-19 movie. The politics surrounding are the biggest joke in modern history


We are trying to cancel a vrbo rental for thanksgiving, owner is refusing to refund or give credit to use in the future, any suggestions?




If I am coming into New York for just over 24 hours, do I need the Covid test prior? How are they enforcing this?


Do you need to quarantine if you provide proof of antibodies?


Is there any info if the tests need to be pcr or can they be rapid? I’ve done some googling and couldn’t come up with a clear answer :/ TIA!


So, if i have a wedding in new jersey, and i am flying into lga, and will be in new York less than 24 hrs, do i have to fill out the form? Am i exempt from quarantine/tests? Thank you


I filled out the form, and since i was going to new Jersey i didnt have to quarantine