Israeli Data Shows A Whopping 98% Reduction Of COVID Contraction After 2 Doses Of Pfizer Vaccine!

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Israeli HMO Maccabi has published some really encouraging data about the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. Only 20 out of of some 128,600 of their patients who have received both doses of the vaccine more than a week ago have contracted COVID afterward.

That’s just .0155% of that population, compared to .65% of the general population that would contract COVID in Israel during a given week. In other words, without the vaccine, some 836 of that group would have been expect to contract COVID-19 every week in Israel. That’s a 97.6% reduction in people who would have contracted COVID-19 that week!

Most of those 20 people are over 55 and more importantly, none of the 20 people infected were hospitalized or even had a fever above 101.3 degrees Fahrenheit.

Pfizer’s study of 43,000 people showed that their vaccine was 95% effective and Maccabi’s analysts say that these numbers appear to be even better than that!

The Israeli Ministry of Health says that 63 of 430,000 Israelis who have been received both doses have contracted COVID, or a similar .0146% of that population. 2,795 of those people would have been expected to contract COVID-19. That’s a 97.7% reduction in people who would have contracted COVID-19 that week!


That is pretty incredible and should give us hope that there is indeed a light at the end of the tunnel!

In total, more than 2.6 million out of 9 million total Israelis have received 1 dose and 1.2 million Israelis have received both doses of the vaccine.

Now, how do we get Israel to run the US vaccination program? 😀

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Finally, some good news! Thank you for sharing!


The numbers are certainly encouraging but it’s only been a fairly short period of time with both doses. It’s certainly possible or even likely that a few more people from the group will get Covid bringing the 98% down a little. Still great news though.


My mistake. I see that the numbers are being compared to the weekly normal rate for that same week.


BH good news – but the numbers are a bit higher :

“The Ministry of Health on Monday evening published data regarding cases of coronavirus that were discovered in people after they received the second dose of the vaccine.

Of the 428,000 people for whom a week has passed since they received their second vaccination, 63 have contracted the virus.

Data published on Monday evening by Maccabi Health Services and presented on Channel 12 News showed that out of more than 128,000 customers of this HMO who received the second dose, only 20 contracted the virus, most of them over the age of 55.

Maccabi said that “these data will continue to be examined on a regular basis and will be reported to the Ministry of Health. It should be noted that Pfizer data indicated an efficiency of 95% of the vaccine after 28 days of receiving the second dose among 43,000 experimenters.”

Meanwhile, since midnight, 6,015 Israelis have been diagnosed as positive for COVID-19. The number of deaths from the outbreak has already reached 4,478, of whom 23 have died on Monday.

1,174 coronavirus cases are hospitalized in serious condition, 325 of whom are on ventilators. There are 71,333 active cases of the virus in Israel.”


Easy–just have universal healthcare

Slow Joe

What does universal healthcare have to do with this?
In fact the US has universal healthcare for all intents and purposes regarding the covid19 vaccine, it is 100% funded and runned by the government. Actually that is the problem that it is universal healthcare and runned by the government, if they would allow Pfizer to sell it on the open market so many more would be vaccinated by now, there are a very many people out there that are more than happy to pay out of pocket for the vaccine.


Right, like Canada, where it’s next to impossible to get the vaccine, and people with covid are driving to Buffalo to get the antibody infusion, b/c there’s no hope of getting it there.


The question is what type of immigration will israel allow once they have herd immunity

Please beware

Please don’t be fooled by all the none sense! Why is Israel going crazy with the covid rates? It all stems from people contracting all variants of strains from the vaccine! Ask the families of ppl hospitalized and on ventilators hanging onto life, many if those were vaccinated! Let’s not be the guinea pigs for the rest of the world. Learn from the mistakes Israel made the first time around, then we were also saying “look at Israel” they had a lockdown for 2 weeks and they’re done with it! Hashem should watch his people!


I think it’s more of the fact that Israel (despite being a so-called secular state) still places a greater importance on human life than any other country in the world…
Which is why they are doing anything and everything possible to save lives.
Unless you generally look at Israel through a negative perspective you can’t possibly criticize them in their handling of the vaccination effort.
They are doing the best for their people as possible (yes, even for those citizens who routinely call the cops nazis on a daily basis) and have paid more money than so called rich countries for the vaccinations..

Israel dosen\'t care

Thanks to the elections coming up!


Actually covid is really an invasion by body snatching nano-sized Neptunians. Bill Gates is a collaborator, they gave him Neptunian technology that he used to build Microsoft, in exchange for carrying out their master plan to take over first Earth and then the universe.




But they didn’t test everyone that took a vaccine.

As opposed to Pfizer themselves that probably tested everyone on their trial even without symptoms. I may be wrong


I don’t think Pfizer tested any of their volunteers. I believe they just went off of symptom reports.

Let’s go

Yes you are incorrect. Pfizer did not do that.


Pfizer only tested people who complained of covid symptoms. The details are clear in their submission to the FDA.


I was part of the Pfizer study and I can confirm that they tested every single person every time they went in for a visit for either of the two doses or two placebos, and the follow up visits to test antibody levels


They tested for antibodies before taking the vaccine.

The results were that 2% of those who participated in the study already had antibodies.


It’s not a fair comparison; the vaccinated class is older and may be more likely to socially distance compared to the general public. But still good news.

Eric from Dallas

It is a fair comparison; they are comparing data from the same cohort – before and after vaccination.


That would be great if it’s true! Whats your source? I didn’t see that mentioned in the articles linked above.

Eric from Dallas

From the NYT:
“In the first early report, Clalit, Israel’s largest health fund, compared 200,000 people aged 60 or over who received a first dose of the vaccine to a matched group of 200,000 who had not been vaccinated yet. It said that 14 to 18 days after their shots, the partially vaccinated patients were 33 percent less likely to be infected.”

However, they do do on to say that the Macabbi data, which shows even better results, may not have been matched:
“Maccabi did not specify an age group or whether it had compared the data with a matched, non-vaccinated cohort.”

In Israel, Infections Drop Sharply After One Shot of Vaccine

Chani Kline

I don’t think the Israeli results are “better” than Pfizer’s. They perhaps do not show inconsistencies which is great but due to the differences between the way the testing is done vs the doses given, this is not an indication of “better” results.

Furthermore, comparing those who got the vaccine to the general Israeli population is inaccurate. While these indications might be favorable they do not show a 98% improvement or reduction. The total Israeli demographic versus those that got the vaccine are materially different. Where most of the spread or the 0.65% is coming from is not necessarily the demographic that received the vaccine.

Good news somewhat inaccurate statistics.


If the superspreader theory is correct, thus making cluster infections are more likely. For the numbers to hold up, we must assume that there were super-spreader events equally attended by the vaccinated and unvaccinated. Not a bad assumption but by no means a Dan standard of a pure pure stat.


“Now, how do we get Israel to run the US vaccination program?”
Israel struck a deal with Pfizer (Pfizer’s vaccine wasn’t part of the operation warp speed), paid a premium and will share all data with Pfizer. In return IL got more doses per capita than any other country. In the US we would be much further ahead if we had more vaccine. We could easily do 3M/day. We are currently not limited by arms. Yes, the initial roll out was pretty slow in the US. Well done IL.


Finally, some good news! Thank you for sharing!


A vaccine invented by a German company, owned by two Muslim scientists. Maybe there is hope for global peace and reconciliation after all.


No doubt Israel has done a good job administering the vaccine. However, when you put it in perspective, the US has administered about 23.5 million shots so far (9x the # of shots administered by Israel). Sure, it’s less when looking at the % of the population, but gotta give the US credit for administering tens of millions of vaccines. Now if only the US could get a more organized healthcare system with centralized electronic medical records like Israel (and like most developed countries), I’m sure we’d be in a much better position.




more organized healthcare system with centralized electronic medical records like Israel > Where Israel is handing over the data (who know what and how much) of their citizens without their consent to the Germans in return for being a clinical trial. One weeks results means 0. Someone already died after the second dose from covid. So many have contracted bad covid between the 2 doses (and therefore are not given the 2nd), and many to come are going to be asymptomatic carriers spreading the disease to others. And in Israel they don’t offer basic treatment to covid patients that they do elsewhere, and do not immediately check if there is an additional cause which could lead to this person’s condition requiring diff meds, leaving ppl sicker than need be, and even dying when they could have been saved.