Israel Is Now Offering Quarantine Exemptions For Qualified Entrants That Have Recovered From COVID-19 With Antibodies

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Israel’s ban on foreigners currently runs through 6/15, though it has been extended several times and seems likely to be further extended.

There are exceptions, including students and people attending the wedding of a sibling, child, or grandchild.

However, until now, Israelis and foreigners who qualify for an exception to enter Israel must go into home quarantine for 14 days.

Israel has now published an exemption process.

If you qualify for entry, already had symptoms and have a medical summary of your illness and recovery, had a positive COVID-19 test, followed by a negative COVID-19 test, and had a positive antibody test, you can qualify to bypass the 14 day quarantine.

You will have to undergo a COVID-19 test when you land in Israel and enter quarantine until the results of that test are ready. Within 3 days you’ll have the results of the test and if it’s negative, you are free to leave quarantine immediately.

Hopefully Israel will implement a COVID-19 test like the rapid breathalyzer so that the process can be streamlined further.

The real question is will Israel start to allow foreigners into the country on condition that they meet these qualifications, before they start allowing all foreigners in? And will other countries do the same?

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Have tickets to Israel in August – hoping I can go!


So even with antibodies if I don’t have proof of positive results I can’t entet?


so if I took a test in lakewood, and I have the results from mayo clinic can i getonto the 11 oclock flight tonight to make it there for shavous?


The last flight leaves at 8pm .


Can anyone please advise- for a dual American Israeli citizen flying from Israel to Nyc in June for the summer- will they face any problems

a) securing a flight
b) on entry to Jfk/Ewr
c) return to Israel Sept/Oct

Ps. he tried obtaining a Corona antibody test in Jerusalem and they are not available. Seems they’re only testing currently ill people.


Anyone can obtain an antibody best at Haddasa Hospital. (The charge 500NIS for Israelis and 700NIS for non Israeli citizens).


A. No problem
B. No problem
C. Will need to self quarantine for 2 weeks (unless policy changes by then).


Sorry Dan but this is from a Chaver Knesset what is not relevant for the health departmentץ
My sister is in Israel already for 8 days quarantine and she had the all test and she is still in quarantine. I don’t think this is correct


Regarding antibody testing alone – the false positive rate is fairly high, and thus, with a positive test, it’s only about 50-50 that you have them .


it looks a little that this is only for Israelis that have Israeli medical records


Dan, so you think it’s worth to buy tickets for a trip to Israel in August with the currently low ticket prices, or do you think ticket prices can possibly continue to drop as time goes on, while flight frequency goes up, and presumably the demand stays pretty low throughout the next couple of months?


What if you don’t have a positive test result (you never took one) but have a negative test now and have positive antibodies


Was at the airport today. Same situation. It doesn’t help- we’re in quarantine.


Will a baby also need an antibody test proof? My wife and I were tested but not drawing blood unnecessarily form my 9 month year old…?


Hi dan i have a question for u. We plan on going back to Israel next week. We have our permits. United is already flying so we booked with them. We found delta tickets that’s are substantial cheaper however they anticipate to fly by then. Do you think we should book and delta and hope they fly out? Or just be safe and go with United because they have already been flying! Thanks for all ur work.


What if I never had corona so was never tested for it? Presumably the antibodies would be negative too if I never had corona. Wouldn’t the covid test in Israel being negative, be sufficient (after I get the result 3 days later) to avoid the 14 day quarantine? Otherwise they’re excluding all people who never had corona from avoiding the 14 day quarantine. It doesn’t make sense.


Yes it does – because although it is not 100% but the assumption is that if you had it once you will not get it again in the short term.


Makes perfect sense. The people who never had it are the ones most likely to have caught it on the plane. They won’t show up as contagious immediately upon arrival- hence the quarantine.


Dan, not sure where you find he must had a ‘positive’ antibody test.


People are saying Type O+ don’t have antibodies is that true? I tested negative when my husband tested positive in March My husband took the antibody and Covid 2 weeks ago and was negative with positive antibodies. I took it last week and was negative negative. He’s Type A+


Desperate to rescue their tourism industry which is a significant piece of the economy


…except that tourists are still banned – this exemption is for Israelis. So there goes that theory.


Believe it or not, Tourism only accounts for 6.4% of Israel’s GDP.


Turns out having had covid and being wise enough to get tested is the best thing for people because now they can enter.
Does anyone know where I can catch it now? Reminds me of how parents tried to intentionally infect their kids with chickenpox when I was young.


You realize that it won’t help you if you’re not a citizen or a visa holder, right? Tourists are still not allowed to enter Israel.


Hopefully you didn’t kill anyone while you had it. 90% of people knew that the likelihood of them being seriously adversely affected by SARS-CoV-2 was quite low, and there would be advantages to immunity, yet they were careful in order to try not to be a part of killing anyone else. That’s part of (or most of) what being a good person is about.


I’m currently working on this. I am in Israel under quarantine orders due to entering the country. I have all the necessary paperwork, have tested negative in Israel. I keep on calling Misrad Habriut everyone transfers to someone else, there is no one to talk to, even though I have officially qualify to be exempt from quarantine. If anyone knows who to contact please please let me know



What if you don’t have a positive test result (you never took one) but have a negative test now and have positive antibodies


As per my experience, you currently have to show a positive corona test. A positive antibody test is not enough.


Arrived in IL today. They told us that without the positive corona + twice negative corona, you have to quarantine 14 days.


I entered israel with proof of positive and negative covid-19 tests, and got a negative on the test i took in the airport, can i just walk out or i need proof?


does anyone know what the procedure is now for a family (residents w/ a student visa) returning from the US who recently had Corona and recovered? What do they have to do in order not to have to do bidud?