Israel Ends Forced Hotel Quarantines For Israelis Returning From Abroad

Photo Credit: Askii [CC BY-SA 3.0], from Wikimedia Commons
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Since April 1st, Israel has required Israelis returning from abroad to be taken to a hotel for a 2 week quarantine 

That requirement is now lifted and returning Israelis can quarantine at home for 14 days.

Israel also recently added returning students on a student visa to the list of who can apply for permission to fly to Israel, though it’s unclear how that will work if they live in a dorm and don’t have a home to quarantine in.

Foreign nationals that don’t reside in Israel are still unable to visit the country. I’d guess that will last worldwide until the pandemic spread of COVID-19 is halted in the US, as Israel is unlikely to single out Americans as unwelcome to visit.

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Israeli citizenship

Thank G-d for it


We (US citizens) have tickets for late July.
Hopefully, all will be clear then.

Anyone know if this is specifically Israelis and they still enforcing hotels for students
OR can students quarantine in a dirah (apartment) together with others coming back together?


Does that mean if I’m an American and own an apartment there I can fly to Isreal and just have to quarantine in my own house?


Not unless you’re Israeli.


I think you are incorrect.


As of Friday 5/8 (or 8/5 for any Israeli) the consulate in DC was still saying that only people that posses an Israeli Passport will be admitted into Israel. @Raphael, it would be great if you could share the information you have!


Dc is clueless its not up to them they know nothing its all in nyc consulate


If you can get permission to enter the country, the yes, you should be able to.


Currently you must either be Israeli or returning on a student visa. No entry for people on tourist visas.


I don’t think Israel will wait until the Pandemic is finished to let in tourists but instead until they can logistically figure out a Rapid testing system for people before they leave on their flight to Israel. They are already in negations for a tourism pact and such a system with a few other countries that have good control of the virus, including Austria, the Czech Republic, New Zealand, etc.


Any idea of the status for applying for entry as a spouse of a citizen?


i believe its on the embassy website. you are allowed in, you just need to submit some documents in advance.


does anyone how long it should take to get the answer?


It says up to 5 days


Yes, you can apply as spouse of an Israeli citizen. It is on the consulate website linked above


does anyone know if I (an Israeli citizen) can bring my husband and children (non citizens) into the country with me?

United Issues

Hi Dan i had to cancel my united flight because of the strict regulations and now i want to rebook and quarantine in my apartment. Its been 3 weeks and we’re still waiting to receive our United Vouchers in order to book. They said it can still take another 2 weeks. Is there any way to expedite the process so I can book now since I need a valid ticket to apply for permission to enter Israel? Thanks


anyone now if/how i can go about applying if myself and my wife are on student visas? any chance at it?


It’s all on the counselar webiste.


What if you have an Israeli passport but no official home in israel at this time? Can you stay in a hotel?


They let my son out of the quarantine hotel this morning! He has been there for 11 days!


But to complete the 3 remaining days in home quarantine – right?




what were the conditions like in the hotel?


It wasn’t really quarantine. It was isolation. They put him in a very nice hotel room and said that he couldn’t leave for 14 days except for the twice daily half hour for ventilation. He was offered four free mindfulness therapy sessions for his mental health. Food was hotel food. A bit on the gourmet side. No complaints except that a 23 year old with a limited palate didn’t appreciate that.


Is he a student? What information did u need inorder to apply for permisdion to enter


Every state’s consulate is different. You need to check your states website. The most difficult part for us was that in order to get a permit you must first purchase a ticket. Although we had all the forms filled out on the first day it took 8 days of back and forth to finally get the permit. The permit came at 11 am and his flight was for four on that day.


I was in one of these ‘hotels’ its was terrible…Couldnt leave our dinky rooms the food was inedible and they wouldnt less us order food thank gd we are out now it was nightmearish


I spoke to Chaim V’chessed and they said that even for foreigners who have student Visa they will be allowed to observe the quarantine at their home residence