Florida Lifts NY Tri-State Quarantine Order As NY Adds Quarantine Checkpoints

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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has finally removed the quarantine on travelers from the NY Tri-State area that has been in place since March.

Meanwhile, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio is setting up quarantine checkpoints that will collect information and remind travelers from over 30 states that they must quarantine for 14 days in NY. Violators will be subject to fines of $2,000-$10,000 and forced quarantine.

Will these new rules change your travel plans?

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22 Comments On "Florida Lifts NY Tri-State Quarantine Order As NY Adds Quarantine Checkpoints"

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Keep on mind that if you need to go for business somewhere you can continue to do so if you leaving that state less than 24 hours from when you get there. I do it 3 times a week and always show the agents my departure boarding passes and that’s it.


So all you show them is a boarding pass for the following day and they let you go without filling in the form


I know what your thinking, so good luck 😉


actually I’m talking about RETURNING to NY so I’m showing them my boarding pass from yesterday as proof that I have been out of state for less than 24


Empty threats. How do you enforce checkpoints at the George Washington bridge. There are over 276,000 cars on average that drive over it daily. It’s not physically possible. To do that would add 5 hours of traffic on the bridge


Family members came from Florida two weeks ago, when they arrived at JFK they filled out paperwork asking where they are staying and a cell phone number. The follow up was very minimal. They called a few times asking how they were doing. Asked if they wanted to use texting instead of phone calls. Pretty weak follow up. And in Newark no paperwork is filled out at all. So….


In NJ, quarantine is voluntary. It says so on their website.


“It’s worth noting that the NY quarantine doesn’t apply for people passing through NY for less than 24 hours.”
Do you mean passing through one of the states on the list?


Land in Newark and drive to NY.


Anyone know the legalities of refusing to answer? My understanding is that unless you’re being charged with something you’re under no obligation to show ID, answer questions, etc. There are lots of videos of “constitutional defenders” doing this for random stops, but I haven’t seen anyone mention it for this latest infringement.


You must identify yourself but you may remain silent and not answer other questions.


daughter just flew into LGA – all they did was ask ppl to fill out a questionnaire and submit. mine declined and no issues.


There must be experts to answer.
If you evade the stop or questions, good. My belief is that you are still mandated to quarantine. If you skip quarantine and cases are traced to you, Good Luck!


LOL! It’s all one big joke. I personally traveled from LA to NY. No one said a word.


Flew into LGA 2 weeks ago. They called me every day but I never answered their calls.
“This is Jane calling from the NYS DOH about a public health issue. My colleague or I will try calling you a different time.”

While there was someone collecting at the gate, I was not ID’d at the gate when I arrived. So…

David Magen

Good luck to Mayor Bullsh*t Billie Boy De Blablasio trying to enforce any of his “decrees” on anyone who declines to “go along” with his megalomaniacal proclamations. Mayor Blabla and Gov. Comehomo have so “fubared” this pandemic they have no credibility with anyone outside NY and with fewer New Yorkers every day. Still, we get the elected representatives we deserve so if people in NY still want these two bozos to represent them, they can pass out the plastic spoons and sit down to eating more scheiss in the coming weeks and months. Good luck with that. What could go wrong?


I just landed in Newark yesterday and drove in, no checkpoints or anything.