Chicago Will Now Require 14 Day Quarantine For Everyone Arriving From 22 States With High COVID-19 Cases; Illinois Still Safe

Chicago. mindfrieze [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
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Update: The new list released today includes 22 states:  Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, North Carolina, North Dakota, Nevada, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, and Wisconsin.

Luckily, Illinois is still safe for now 😉

The city of Chicago added a 14 day quarantine for arrivals from 15 states last week.

Starting on Friday they will add Iowa and Oklahoma to that list, bringing the total to 17 states.

A state will be on Chicago’s quarantine list if it has a case rate greater than 15 new COVID-19 cases per 100,000 resident population, per day, over a 7-day rolling average.

The quarantine will apply to visitors and Chicago residents that spent more than 24 hours in an affected states.

You are allowed to connect in a Chicago airport even if you are coming from an affected state, but the rules are still bad news for American and United, which now have hubs affected by quarantine rules in Chicago and NJ/NY.

Individuals found in violation of the Order are subject to fines of $100-$500 per day.

Do you think more cities and states will add quarantine rules, and will they help?

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Sam Finkelstein

Wholly unenforceable.


Most quarantine and isolation rules require self-enforcement. I think the question people need to ask themselves is, “do I care about other people or just myself?”


Oooh yes what a good point. All the selfish ppl want to just get back to work but all of the good caring ppl are the ones wearing masks and isolating because they are so good and caring (and if you dont they will pepper spray you in a park)


the whole thing is a joke, this can only be inforced for those who fly. for anyone who drives cant be proven that they came from anywhere


If they have a license plate from one of the 17 states on the list, you can make an assumption.


cant make that asumption for many reasons. 1) dont know how long that persons been in that state. 2) maybe the person lives in the current state and the car is licensed in the other state. and other reasons. again seems to be only enforceable with people who fly or boat or drive through Mexico or canada


Don’t Americans care about their Fourth Amendment?


Can anyone explain why u only need to self quarantine from other states and not from other countries


Lockup tourists but not criminals. Staying inside for 14 days would be the safest way to visit Chicago.


Why stay inside? The virus is not rampant there


Chicago locks up criminals. Not sure where you’re hearing they don’t?


They also have really really strict gun laws ‍♂️


And is less than 1 hour’s drive from both Indiana and Wisconsin, whose laws are a little laxer.


odd how is a city making this quarantine vs entire state i.e. FL, NY


gr8 for me. just bought succos tkts for entire family @ $65 RT pp.


Considering Chicago doesn’t even meet that number itself. Chicago had 1278 new cases over the last week.


Probably why they want to keep more infected people from visiting.


Unenforceable: correct, but our shuls are making an attempt to enforce.
At least those that care about the lives of מתפללים


How do they plan on enforcing quarantine?


Maybe just the threat is enough to have people rethink unnecessary travel. It’s unenforceable, but we can all be a little or a lot more considerate of others with our behavior. In the scheme of a long healthy life ad meah ve’esrim, two weeks at home is possible for most people.


What happened to testing?


OK, it is unenforceable…but so is kindness towards others, honesty, running red lights…you get the point. – Unfortunately with so little (or actually, No) leadership from Washington, somehow the public needs to be reminded to do the right thing in the face of a pandemic.


The right thing is to open up and let people get back to work. The virus has no or very little effect on 99% of the population. Yes people should be kind and not go visit older ppl or the immuno compromised etc. But at this point where there is a remedy if caught early (not saying cure) and we already know who and how there is really not much of a reason for the continued locked and destruction of the economy


This is verifiable false and it’s scary that you are spouting such incorrect information. Hospitalization rates are between 5%-10% alone, to say nothing to the suffering that many people who aren’t being hospitalized are going through, nor the unknown long-term effects of the virus on people who have been sick.

I am 100% for everything opening up, but the only way we can do it is if people continue to davan to Hashem and WEAR A MASK PROPERLY. Other countries are doing just that and are basically 100% open. Unfortunately we in America are suffering due to the large number of people who are spreading false information or straight out refusing to wear masks.


Waddaya expect from a mayor named Lori Lightwit it is it Lori Lightweight or is it Lori Lighthead or is it Lori Lightbulb or is it ……


…and her “wife” is a white Jewish woman…
Just saying…


Why wife in quotes?


Why are you attacking Mayor Lightfoot for trying to keep more people from getting COVID than already do?

Calling her lightwit, lightweight, lightbulb, lighthead, isn’t very nice, is it?


Because she is a hypocrite closing down the city but going to her her hair done the next day stinks of hypocrisy


if we are flying from israel into the usa and connecting flight newark/nyc or chicago to cleveland do we have to quarantine?


I find this fascinating and I wonder what the parameters of this is, does it affect the whole Chicago area or just the city proper?
Anecdote: the highways north (into WI) were packed all Friday, haven’t seen traffic like that in months…


The recommended quarantine is in effect in the entire Cook County. The only two areas that opted out were Skokie and Evanston.


Dan, regarding your point in the last post about Chicago about herd immunity in Chicago, I would mention two points.
(1) Based on the death rate per infection, you estimated that approximately 45% of NYCers potentially had Covid. But that’s nowhere near the number of cases need to be in the herd immunity range for something this contagious. For example, the Mayo Clinic says that 94% is needed for herd immunity for measles, which is similarly highly contagious. Using that number, NYC isn’t even halfway there.

(2) The death rate in NY was much higher than most other places because of Cuumo’s abject failures regarding nursing homes. Therefore, I believe that using the base death rate per infection is off base here since Cuomo’s policies specifically put more at-risk folks in Covid’s crosshairs.

Regardless, and ignoring the gross racism from some of the posters regarding the mayor of Chicago, we all understand this quarantine idea is mostly for show. And the fact that many Frum communities (I’m looking at Lakewood specifically) are acting like herd immunity has been achieved–even though no reputable doctor agrees, and in fact–is beyond dangerous and is Chas V’Shalom, putting many more lives at risk. The fact that some people will be machmir when it comes to wearing two different pairs of tefillin, but not to wearing a mask in shul (many shuls in many cities now don’t require a mask indoors during davening) just blows my mind.


Beats MA.
MA announced a quarantine for 41 states.


This crazy politicized fractioning of the United States does not bode well for the country.
NY/NJ that have had the highest fatalities and COVID rates are now pretending that they’re controlling the virus by not allowing people to visit states they don’t like. Chicago (a city!) is penalizing travel in a stupid fashion where it will soon cut itself off from it’s own state.
How does all of this not violate the Interstate Commerce clause of the Constitution? States are not supposed to be able to close off borders like this.
Soon we’ll have a ‘red’ USA and a ‘blue’ USA that don’t talk to each other.
That has happened about 160 years ago and did not end well.


When they say less than 24 hours in a place doesn’t require quarantine, is that only for a stop over or also if you fly there and back in less than 24 hours?

Eg if I fly from NY to FL and fly back the next day do I have to quarantine?


At some point there is a concept of Tamim tihyeh im Hashem elokecha. While there was perhaps negligence in the beginning in some frum communities which might have unfortunately caused r”l more deaths than necessary, it is ridiculous at this point to still be beating this dead horse in these communities. It is obvious for whatever reason it may be that there is absolutely no spread going on in Brooklyn, Lakewood and Monsey. These communities have been completely open for close to 3 months! To not believe the blatant facts that we see in front of us, and to continue the fear mongering is irresponsible and untruthful. Hashem should help us we should never see any spread again. If ch”v it comes back we’ll be extremely vigilant. But why drive people crazy right now?!


YEA RIGHT… Impossible to enforce